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  • 10 Awesome Places to Visit in Goa on a Budget

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    10 Awesome Places to Visit in Goa on a Budget

    Goa, the jamboree capital, is a beautiful state of the Indian subcontinent. It is a thronged destination, not only by Indians, but foreigners as well. Goa is the answer to many questions related to parties, booze, ethereal fun, and merry making. Youth, honeymoon couples and other age groups land at this place for witnessing the grand scale celebration of different festivals. If you are thinking that Goa is stereotyped with the booze and beaches then rethink. Theres a lot more that you must see during your enthralling trip to Goa. Here we present to you a short list of not-to-be-missed destinations in Goa.

  • Deltin Royale Casino

    Deltin Royale Casino is the perfect way to describe the atmosphere of casino in Goa

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    When you are in the gathering capital, a visit to Deltin Royale Casino shouldnt be missed. The well-furnished interiors, a lot of booze, rotating roulettes, wagers, and sultry chics- Thats the perfect way to describe the atmosphere of this luxury casino. Excursionists, especially foreigners, can be spotted trying their luck. Dont forget to pay a visit here (and try for a roulette check as well.)

  • Fort Aguada

    Fort Aguada is well known places in Goa

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    Perched on the shoreline of the River Mandovi, the fort of Aguada is a 16th-century marvel located in Goa. It was erected in Indo-Portuguese style to establish warm relations for commencing trade between India and Portugal. Later on, a lighthouse was built adjacent to it for guiding the seafarers. Today, it stands amid the prestigious heritage sites in Goa. A sizable population of this area follows the Portuguese lifestyle and it is quite interesting.

  • Chapora Fort

    Chapora Fort is one of the famous fort in Goa

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    Chapora Fort can be best described as the pride of Portuguese conquered by Marathas. This magnificent marvel, built in the 17th century, stands on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. It was constructed by Portuguese as a base for their armies but was captured by Marathas and used for providing shelter to the local people. Presently, it is flocked by tourists across the country including foreigners.

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus

    Basilica of Bom Jesus as one of the most pious cathedrals in India

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    Considered as one of the most pious cathedrals in India, Basilica of Bom Jesus is an intriguing church that is devoted to baby Jesus. Depicting the Baroque architecture at its best, this beguiling church is a World Heritage Site and contains the cadaver of St. Xavier. The astounding interiors of the church depict the holy verses from the Bible. During Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday, this church is decorated & flocked by devotees extensively.

  • Ashwem & Arossim Beach

    Ashwem & Arossim Beach is one of the best tourist spot in India

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    Any trip to Goa remains incomplete without having some fun and frolic at the slushy beaches. Since there are many beaches in Goa, we selected Ashwen & Arossim Beaches. Whether you wish to stroll on the glistening shoreline during sunrise/sunset, bask in the sun or spend some quality time, Ashwem & Arossim beaches are the right holiday goal. These beaches should be visited during the festive seasons.

  • Naval Aviation Museum

    Naval Aviation Museum is one of the most visit place in Goa

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    Inaugurated in the year 1998, Naval Aviation Museum is a military museum. It houses the gigantic replicas of the weaponry, aircraft like Sea Harrier, H.A.W.K, HL-Chetak etc. that were a part of the Indian Navy. The museum indoors is well-furnished and displays the evolution of the Indian Navy and its weaponry over the years. Naval Aviation Museum is visited by hundreds of visitors.

  • Arpora Night Market

    Arpora Night Market is must-visit place in Goa

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    Goa is reckoned amid the cities with a happening nightlife. A night-out in Goa isnt limited to the pubs and clubs. You should try out the late night shopping at Arpora Night Market. This market is set each Saturday of the month & numerous items like jewelry, carpet, apparel, food, booze, and much more are sold here. It is another must-visit place in Goa thatll give you a totally different experience of the Goan nightlife.

  • Fontainhas

    Fontainhas is well known tourist spot in Goa

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    Fontainhas is a heritage colony of Goa. Located in the beautiful area of Panjim, Fontainhas was established and developed by the Portuguese. A majority of houses in Fontainhas is constructed in Indo-Portuguese style and has colorful exteriors. It is completely artistic as one can see the typical sloping roofs and colorful buildings. Even some streets are named after dates. 18th June Street is one such street in Fontainhas.

  • Mollem National Park

    Mollem National Park is a beautiful tourist destination in Goa

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    Located on the border of Goa, Mollem National Park is a beautiful one-day itinerary destination. This national park unfolds across 110 km. sq. and is beckoned by the exquisite Western Ghats. It is a frequented tourist site in Goa because it is a home to some endangered wildlife species. The rich fauna of Mollem National Park includes tiger, leopard, bison, elephant, viper, python, cobra, and much more. Children will especially get fascinated at Mollem National Park.

  • Mangeshi Temple

    Mangeshi Temple is one of the most popular temple in Goa

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    Mangeshi Temple is an intricately carved ancient temple located in Goa. A shrine devoted to Lord Mangesh, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is a major Hindu temple in Goa. At the entrance, a vivacious statue of Nandi bull carved out of white marble can be seen. Lord Mangesh is depicted here in the form of a Shivalinga and this temple is ornamented beautifully on the occasion of Mahashivaratri and Navratras.

  • We told you that there are different splendid destinations here. Goa is a place for fun and fun exists in various forms. Whether it is a slushy beach full of people, a pious cathedral or temple where you can evoke the inner peace or any random pub where you can celebrate, Goa has something for all. Since you have come across some awesome travel goals in Goa, gear up to visit them as soon as possible.

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