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  • 10 Best Places To Visit in Alleppey

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    10 Best Places To Visit in Alleppey

    Alleppey is a mesmerizing township located in Gods Own Country Kerala. It is endowed with the enchanting hillocks, landscapes, lakes, beaches and the lagoons. Such amazing destinations tag Alleppey as a popular tourist destination in Kerala. Amid the year, Alleppey is visited by hundreds of the tourists. The visitors arrive here to succumb themselves to Mother Nature.

    Apart from the beaches, there are different other attractions like the historical churches and the temples that hold engaging stories. The tourists, including the nature lovers and the adventure aficionados, visit Alleppey to re-energize themselves. If you are planning a trip to Alleppey then do not forget to take a look here.

  • Kuttanad Backwaters

    Kuttanad Backwaters is most famous places in Alleppey

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    Located in the beautiful surroundings, Kuttanad is a beguiling landscape in Kerala. This captivating tourist site consists of the shimmering lakes and the rivers that ensnare the visitors on a large scale. The region of Kuttanad is beckoned by the hillocks of the Sahyadri ranges and that serves the scenic vista to its guests. This place is a popular picnic destination where the boating can be enjoyed by the tourists.

  • St. Mary's Forane Church

    St. Mary's Forane Church is one of the perfect destination in Alleppey

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    St. Marys Forane Church is one amid the pious and tantalizing destinations in Alleppey. Constructed in the ancient times, this church is a renowned center of pilgrimage that boasts the grand events of St. Marys feast as it is devoted to the Virgin Mary, St. Sebastians feast and Christmas. It is said that praying in this church brings prosperity in the lives of the people and hundreds of devotees pay a visit to this church daily.

  • Krishnapuram Palace, Alleppey

    Krishnapuram Palace is well known tourist spot in Alleppey

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    Krishnapuram Palace is an architectural marvel that was erected in the 18th-century. Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma built this grandeur and it reflects the South Indian style of architecture. At present, it has been converted into a museum where the visitors can gain an insight into the culture and the lives of the earliest inhabitation in Alleppey. Krishnapuram Palace is visited by the visitors on a large scale.

  • Alleppey Beach

    Alleppey Beach is amazing tourist spot in Alleppey

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    Set along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, Alleppey Beach is the place to spend some time away from the stress of the city. Its glistening sands, shimmering waters and the enchanting view of sunset & sunrise make this beach a frequented destination in Alleppey. The stretches of this beach make it even mesmerizing. The water activities like boating can be enjoyed at this beautiful beach.

  • St. Andrew's Basilica Arthunkal

    St. Andrews Basilica is a popular church located in Alleppey

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    Constructed in the Roman-Catholic style of architecture, St. Andrews Basilica is a popular church located in Alleppey. The Portuguese missionaries built this church in the 16th-century and dedicated it to Fr. Fenocio,. According to the legends, he claimed the magical powers of healing the ailments. Every year, St. Andrews Basilica is visited by the hundreds of devotees during the festivals like Christmas & Easter.

  • Karumadi

    Karumadi is one of the beautiful village in Alleppey

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    Located a few kilometers away from the town of Alleppey, Karumadi is an alluring village. Encircled by the palm trees, the village of Karumadi has a tranquil ambiance. This village is also famous because Buddha visited this place to preach Buddhism. The followers of Buddhism in Alleppey placed a granite statue of their religious figurine. An interesting fact about the idol is that it is said to claim some natural powers. Those who seek blessings by touching the feet of Buddhas idol get cured immediately.

  • Alappuzha Beach

    Alappuzha Beach is a charming tourist attraction in Alleppey

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    Entrenched on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, Alappuzha Beach is a charming tourist attraction in Alleppey. With the slushy sands and the tantalizing sea, Alappuzha Beach never fails to lure the tourists as well as the visitors. The grand events like the sand art festival and the New Year parties are organized at this beach. The people can be spotted basking in the sun as well as indulged in the playful water activities like jet-skiing and boating. The liveliness of the beach cannot be defined in words.

  • Marari Beach

    Marari Beach is best  places to spending some quality time in Alleppy

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    Spending some quality time with your loved ones can be enjoyed at the calm Marari Beach. Facing the Arabian Sea, it is hemmed in the beautiful palm trees and has an ethereal ambiance that can make one succumb to nature. This beach is a popular tourist site that is swarmed by the tourists on a large scale. The events like the New Year party and beach fests are organized in which the people participate with a zest.

  • Andhakaranazhi Beach

    Andhakaranazhi Beach is most popular beach located in Alleppey

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    Facing the Arabian Sea on its west, Andhakaranazhi Beach is another popular beach located in Alleppey. This beach stands amid the frequented tourist sites in Alleppey and is also the place where a majority of Malayalam films have been shot. One can witness the numerous tourists that are indulged in the different activities on Andhakaranazhi Beach. The annual beach fest is held every year at this beach.

  • Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

    Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is a famous Hindu shrine located near Alleppey

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    Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is a famous Hindu shrine located near Alleppey. This temple was constructed in the 15th-century. The interiors of the Ambalappuzha temple are carved in a labyrinthine manner with an enchanting idol of Parthasarthi (Lord Krishna) placed in the sanctum. Every year, the devotees in a large number, flock to Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple on the occasion of Janamashtami and Chambakulam Moolam.

  • Enchanting, ensnaring, delightful, astounding and hundreds of adjectives will be less to describe the soulful Alleppey. The awe-inspiring township of Alleppey offers a bouquet to tourist attractions to its visitors. Right from the pious pilgrimages sites to the crazy beach parties, Alleppey has something for all. Hopefully, youd plan a trip after reading this.

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