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  • 10 Best Spas in Delhi

    By: Admin | In: Others | Last Updated: 2017-10-11

    Top Spas in Delhi

    Residing in Delhi means a full dose of almost everything that includes the food, fun, luxury, and yes, that baddie as well known as 'stress'. This demon haunts everyone in some or the other way. Whether your issue is big or small, this demon adores feeding over peace and happiness which, as a result, makes you (maybe) go disturbed.
    As the stress is taking over people's mind, it has really become essential to look out for the shield that protects from the attack of this demon.
    Hey, wait! that's not necessary that you should take a spa when the demon of stress haunts you. Taking a spa to pamper oneself is a great option to seek relaxation. The soul-soothing ambiance, the pleasing aroma in the room, a masseuse, and a couple of minutes for rejuvenating the tired limbs- that's a perfect way for defining a spa. The Spa industry has burgeoned all over the 'Political Capital of India' and is seen as the righteous way of distressing yourself. Apart from the traditional and 'Big Daddy' Ayurveda Spa, there are numerous other spas that can provide an ethereal relaxation to you. So here's a short list of some best spas in Delhi. Take a look and choose yours.

  • ESPA, The Leela Palace

    ESPA, The Leela Palace is one of the best spa in delhi

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    One of the best spas in Delhi, ESPA at The Leela Palace, absolutely compliments India's magnificent traditional legacy with the benefits and luxuries of modern spa chambers and sophisticated rejuvenation practices. Spread over two floors, the spa offers the steam, sauna, a fitness studio, caf, therapy chambers, couple's spa suite, etc. The visitants can relish a moment of tranquility and an assortment of signature therapies to harmonize the mind by taking the services of this spa in Delhi-NCR.

  • The Imperial Spa and Salon, The Imperial

    The Imperial Spa and Salon is one of the best place for ayurveda spa in delhi

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    Spread over 16,000 square feet, The Imperial Spa and Salon hosts an intricate architecture influenced by the Moghul era. It encompasses the luxurious chambers and rejuvenating therapies, which offer a perfect getaway from the austerity of the daily life. The unique spa packages, authentic Ayurvedic therapies allow you an ultimate indulgence of cleansing and recuperating your body and mind.

  • The Oberoi Spa, The Oberoi

    The Oberoi Spa is one of the popular spa centre in delhi

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    A perfect amalgamation of the rich practices from the East and West offers a memorable experience of pure reviving and recreation in the placid ambiance of The Oberoi Spa. Boasting the elite therapeutic suites, expansive vanity zone, cardio stations, and a 65-foot indoor heated lap pool, the spa guarantees an ultimate ecstasy. An outright instance of absolute living with a truly Asian feel!

  • The Lodhi Spa, The Lodhi

    The Lodhi Spa is one of the famous ayurvedic and contemporary spa in delhi

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    The Lodhi Spa offers solitude, harmony, and a plethora of therapies and practices varying from Ayurvedic to the contemporary international treatments. Guests can handpick their therapists out of the lot of highly proficient professionals, who target a holistic revival by relaxing both the body and mind. The commodious private rooms include steam, sauna, and comfortable massage tables for a soul-calming experience.

  • Amatrra Spa, Ashok Hotel

    Amatrra Spa, Ashok Hotel is one of the most esteemed destinations for spa in delhi

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    One of the most esteemed destinations for all body and beauty essentials, Amatrra Spa is a symphonic amalgam of private therapy chambers, yoga, Vichy Showers, and the therapeutic touch of Ayurvedic elements and procedures amidst lily pools, in an appeasing haven, spreading over a stretch of 20,000 ft. Wow! What makes it exclusive is a new add-on, The Island Bar, which is a unique health joint that sources its culinary practice from the ancient Ayurveda, which syndicates equal courses of nourishment and pleasure.

  • Aman Spa, Aman Resort

    Aman Spa, Aman Resort is one of the famous spa centre in delhi

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    A complete replenishment and relaxation abode for the elite of the city, the Aman spa offers an extensive gamut of body treatments. The revitalizing yoga session amidst the renowned & appealing Lodhi Gardens will definitely reinvigorate your body and soothe your mind. Do not miss a chance to relish it guys.

  • Kaya Kalp Spa, Intercontinental Hotel

    Kaya Kalp Spa, Intercontinental Hotel is one of the luxurious spa in delhi

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    An idyllic place for soothing your muscles and mind, Kaya Kalp Spa boasts opulent interiors and rejuvenating therapies. The state-of-the-art beauty hub's specialized therapists cater numerous spa services, massages, and beauty treatments to your personal fitness and beauty requirements. The elegant decor of the spa is also captivating. So, get ready to pamper yourself.

  • Aura Spa

    Aura Spa is one of the best spa in delhi

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    Featuring the therapies varying from conventional Indian massages to the oriental therapies, Aura spa is a place where tranquility embraces you and the borders of reality and fantasy amalgam in-congruence! Hosting the lavish relaxation rooms, saunas, meditation zones, and a contemporary gym, this spa in Delhi is the perfect spot for advanced health and beauty therapies.

  • Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center

    Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center is one of the best ayurvedic spa in delhi

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    Run by a family that is proficient in the holistic Ayurvedic treatments for over 25 years now, the Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center is the pioneer in Ayurvedic therapy centers. Unlike other spas, The Treatment Center has a simple dcor with a tranquil ambiance and natural lights. Being one of the most affordable spas around Delhi, the Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center has a busy line of schedule too!

  • Jiva Spa, Taj Hotel

    Jiva Spa is one of the luxurious spa in delhi

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    Embark on a personalized journey towards relaxation and rejuvenation by visiting Jiva Spa. It is the haven of harmony that will make you forget that you are in the heart of a busy city. An ode to luxury, this spa offers services such as a Jacuzzi, sauna, steam baths, swimming, and yoga inside the renowned Taj Hotel. Trust us! This one will surely re-energize and revitalize you. Indulge in the luxurious environment and pamper yourself with the holistic Ayurvedic therapies like never before.

  • Whether you need to shoo away that baddie called stress or want to replenish yourself with peace, embark a journey to any of these spas and enjoy the aesthetic experience of a holistic rejuvenation of senses.

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