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  • 10 Impeccable Place To Visit In Puri You Must See

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    10 Impeccable Place To Visit In Puri You Must See

    Resting along the shores of the colossal Bay of Bengal, Puri is a famous temple town in Odisha. It is a pious destination that is famous for the legendary Jagannath Temple, the festival of Rath Yatra, the place that houses a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    This is the usual introductory image of Puri. Apart from the major tourist's attractions listed above, there are many other places that lure visitors. The architecture, legends, and the rituals of the holy shrines are compelling. Moreover, one doesn't have to spend a huge amount of money. Thus, Puri portrays a perfect destination for spending a vacation with family.

    To make your expedition even memorable, we have compiled a short list of some must-see tourist attractions in Puri.

  • Puri Beach

    Puri Beach is a picture perfect recreational tourist destination in Puri

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    Resting along the slushy shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, Puri Beach is a picture perfect recreational destination in Puri. The soft sands of this beach shimmer as the rays of the sun fall on them during the sunset and sunrise. This beach is a major tourist attraction in Puri and serves as an ideal spot to chum around with the other half. And yes, you can also meet the famous sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik at Puri Beach.

  • Konark Sun Temple

    Konark Sun Temple is one of the famous place to visit in puri

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    Konark Sun Temple is an awe-inspiring finesse. This temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is thronged by countless visitors throughout the year. Constructed in the South Indian style of architecture, this temple resembles a gigantic chariot and is dedicated to the Sun God. It is built in such a manner that the time can be calculated accurately near the wheels that are actually the sundials. Wouldn't you like to try that?

  • Lord Jagannath Temple

    Jagannath Temple is one of the popular tourist place in puri odisha

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    Magnificence and grandness are described at its best at Lord Jagannath Temple. Enshrining Lord Jagannath, Subhadra, and Balbhadra, this Vaishnava temple is one of the prime places to visit in Puri that dates back to the 12th century. Each day, hundreds of devotees visit this temple to bow in front of the supreme power. The annual festival of Ratha Yatra is celebrated here with a great zest and interestingly, foreigners are not allowed to visit this temple.

  • Chilika Lake

    Chilika Lake is a must-see place in Puri

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    How can we miss Chilika Lake? It is a must-see place in Puri that attracts people from nearby regions as well. This lake is a brackish water lagoon and an astounding wetland as well that is the residence of the birds like the heron, hawk, Brahminy eagle, kite, stork, sand-piper etc. Well, the presence of a distinguished avifauna makes Chilika Lake a heaven for the birdwatchers.

  • Chandrabhaga Beach

    Chandrabhaga Beach is one of the best place to visit in puri

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    Known for its religious significance, Chandrabhaga Beach lies 3 km away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Konark Sun Temple. The soft sands of this beach meet the waters of the enormous Bay of Bengal. According to the folklore, this beach got its name because of Chandrabhaga. She was a comely lady but killed herself in order to protect herself from getting married to the Sun God. An annual fest is organized to commemorate her sacrifice.

  • Gundicha Temple

    Gundicha Temple is one of the famous tourist spot in puri

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    Surrounded by the beguiling green surroundings, Gundicha Temple is a famous Hindu temple in Puri. The serenity in its ambiance cannot be described in words. Gundicha Temple is located few km away from the shrine of Jagannath and is a stoppage for the Rath Yatra. Each year on the occasion of Rath Yatra, this temple is adorned beautifully and is visited by devotees on a large scale.

  • Raghurajpur Artist Village

    Raghurajpur Artist Village is mus visit tourist place in puri, odisha

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    Anyone can be dumbfounded after visiting Raghurajpur Artist Village. As per the name, this locale well-known for Pattachitra paintings and other heritage art & craft in Puri. You can witness the amazing sculptures, masks, toys, paintings etc. a substantial number of paintings include Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra, and Subhadra. You can collect souvenirs from Raghurajpur Village to bedeck your house indoors.

  • Golden Beach

    Golden Beach is a famous tourist attraction in Puri

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    Known for its warm and soft sands, Golden Beach is a famous tourist attraction in Puri. It is perched along the slushy shoreline of the Bay of Bengal and is bordered by the towering palm trees. It is a delightful stress-buster place and is flocked by tourists on a daily basis. Apart from chumming around the beach, you can also treat your taste buds by hogging on the delectable seafood served at the beach shacks.

  • Nalabana Bird Sanctuary

    Nalabana Bird Sanctuary is a popular tourist place to visit in Puri

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    Nalabana Bird Sanctuary is a wetland that was declared a bird sanctuary in the year 1973. A popular tourist place to visit in Puri, Nalabana Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for the bird watchers because it is the residence for the numerous species of the domestic birds like the ibis, stork, heron, lark, dunlin wader etc. and the migratory birds like the flamingo, spoonbill, Peregrin falcon, pelican etc. are spotted in this sanctuary.

  • Gulmi Waterfall

    Gulmi Waterfall is a beauteous tourist attraction in Puri, odisha

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    Gulmi Waterfall is a beauteous tourist attraction in Puri. Blest with a pious ambiance and beguiling surroundings, the waters of this waterfalls cascade down from a great height. The sight of witnessing the waters of Gulmi Falls gushing down is truly enchanting. It is a nice place where one can succumb to nature and can also relish the venture of rock climbing.

  • The holy town of Puri is flocked by millions of people annually. Whether it is the famous Rath Yatra or the mushy beaches, the charm of Puri never fails to attract visitors. Now, it's your turn to witness the charm of Puri yourself.

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