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  • 10 Incredible Places to Visit in Nagpur

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    10 Incredible Places to Visit in Nagpur

    Nagpur is a renowned city in Maharashtra. This city is fondly known as the Orange City because of the extensive yield of oranges. Apart from oranges, one can also get a variety of cuisines, apparels, traditions, and much more.

    Ok, that was all that others say. In our opinion, the amazing city of Nagpur has transformed a lot over the years. It is the place where you can meet affectionate people, find fashionable dresses, hog on scrumptious food, and do much more things. Not just this, there are various other places that lure people. The lush green landscapes, recreational parks, shopping complexes, intriguing religious places, and much more are the must-visit places in Nagpur. So, before you gear up and leave for the vacation, do not forget to take a look at the 10 places that we have compiled for you.

  • Deekshabhoomi

    Deekshabhoomi is one of the famous tourist spot in Nagpur

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    Deekshabhoomi is also known by the name of Dharma Chakra Stupa. It is an architectural splendor that stands at a height of 120 feet. It is entirely built of sandstone, marble, and granite. This place is a sacred pilgrimage site for Buddhists and has a capacity to accommodate 5000 pilgrims at a time. Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism at Deekshabhoomi on 14th October 1956. To commemorate him, mass gatherings on Ashok Dashmi are organized at Deekshabhoomi.

  • Futala Lake

    Futala Lake is one of the beauteous lakes located in Nagpur

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    Futala Lake is one of the beauteous lakes located in Nagpur. This lake was constructed by the Bhosle dynasty 200 years ago and spreads across 60 acres. Futala Lake is known for its breathtaking beauty and the fountains that are the major highlight here. These fountains illuminate with halogen lights and look stunning. Futala Lake is an ideal picnic destination for locals of Nagpur.

  • Telankadi Lake

    Telankadi Lake is must-see tourist attraction in Nagpur

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    Telankadi Lake is another must-see tourist attraction on the outskirts of Nagpur. This region is known for its breathtaking sight of the sunrise and sunset. This lake is entirely navigable and visitors do not miss to take delight in the activity like boating. Close to Telankadi Lake, a shrine of Lord Hanuman is located. According to legends, this temple is the place where the self-emanated idol of the lord is located. It is visited by devotees extensively.

  • Bohra Masjid

    Bohra Masjid is well known mosque in Nagpur

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    Bohra Masjid in Nagpur is a well-known mosque. This beguiling mosque is built for the Dawoodi Bohra community and has a soul-calming aura. Just like other mosques, Bohra Masjid is a frequented mosque for the followers of the Shia sect of Muslims. Bohra Masjid is utilized for performing the daily namaaz and for other communal meetings and gatherings. Eating a meal provided by this mosque is considered as auspicious.

  • Lake Garden Sakkardara

    Lake Garden Sakkardara is one of the

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    The gardens of Sakkardara Lake are simply enticing. Located 5 km. from Nagpur, Sakkardara Lake is another lake that was constructed during the reign of Bhosle dynasty. Initially, this lake and the gardens were utilized by the royal family as a recreational spot. In the present day scenario, they serve the same purpose to the locals of Nagpur. Spending a day at this place will rejuvenate your senses.

  • Shukrawari Lake

    Shukrawari Lake is well known lake in Nagpur

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    People call this lake by the names of Shukrawari Talab, Gandhi Sagar Lake, and Jumma Lake. This huge lake is a major attraction in Nagpur and was built 275 years ago by Chand Sultan, a ruler of Nagpur. This lake was built in a manner where its water could be diverted to the reservoir located nearby. At present, a Shiva Temple is located on an artificial island in the middle of Shukrawari Lake. This lake stands among the top alluring places in Nagpur.

  • Ramtek Fort Temple

    Ramtek Fort Temple is must visit temple in Nagpur

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    Ramtek Fort Temple is a marvelous and a must-visit place in Nagpur. Ramtek is said to be the place where Lord Rama stopped to take some rest during his exile. This place houses an intricately carved temple devoted to him. Ramtek Temple stands on an elevated hillock and is constructed in the Hindu style of architecture. Ram Navami is a major festival that is celebrated at this temple with a great enthusiasm.

  • Ambazari Lake and Garden

    Ambazari Lake is one of the famous attraction in Nagpur

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    Ambazari Lake is an exquisite attraction that lures visitors on a large scale. This lake is the point from where Nag River begins. The calm blue waters of this lake are simply enchanting. Close to the lake lays a beguiling garden with the same name. Adorned with beautiful surroundings, it is a frequented place by all. People can be seen jogging in the morning and evening. Kids would love to visit this park as theres a separate section for them as well.

  • The Dragon Palace Temple

    The Dragon Palace Temple is well known temple in Nagpur

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    The Dragon Palace Temple is a Buddhist temple located at Nagpur-Jabalpur Road. Built in the Indo-Japanese style of architecture, this grandeur is the sign of the flourishing friendship of India and Japan. The Dragon Palace Temple is blest with an ethereal ambiance and has emanated as a frequented tourist attraction. Locals, as well as tourists, visit this shrine on a large scale.

  • Fun N Food Village

    Fun N Food Village is one of the famous places in Nagpur

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    Finally, its some time to have fun! Fun N Food Village in Nagpur is an ideal recreational spot for many. Holidaymakers never miss thronging to Fun N Food Village to bust the stress of the hectic schedule of life. This place is packed with numerous rides and lip-smacking dishes that will make your visit worth here. Bring out the child inside you by enjoying the day at this recreational park.

  • You just scrolled past the enticing places in Nagpur. Globetrotters throng to the above-listed places quite often because they simply attract them. We hope that there was enough information for you. Enjoy your excursion to Nagpur.

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