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  • 10 Must-See Hill Stations In Karnataka This Year

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    10 Must-See Hill Stations In Karnataka This Year

    Set along the shoreline of the mighty Arabian Sea, Karnataka is an amazing state located in India. This state is well-known for housing the intricately carved ancient shrines and other buildings that have seen the times of Badshahs and Begums. Tourists usually flock to Karnataka for witnessing the amazing ancient buildings. But is that all this state is known for?

    Well, dear readers, Karnataka is beyond the historical stuff. Not every tourist is interested in gathering the knowledge about those emperors whom they've never seen or the buildings that just stand as a showpiece. In simpler words, there are more destinations that can be seen and visited in Karnataka.

    The state of Karnataka is a home to some of the greatest nature's bounties in the country. There are unique hill stations that are scattered all over this state. Blest with the delightful geography, these hill stations are frequented extensively in Karnataka. Take a look yourself and know more about them.

  • Nandi Hills

    Nandi Hills is one of the famous hill station in karnataka

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    Nandi Hills is not less than a haven for nature lovers. Endowed with an empyrean ambiance, Nandi Hills is an arresting quaint hill town. This beauteous holiday destination nestles in the Chikkaballapur region of Karnataka. The astounding hillocks are the major attraction where you can succumb to nature and rejuvenate yourself. A Shiva Temple is also located on the top of these hills that can be reached after enjoying a small venture of trekking. From the hill-top, you can witness a marvelous view of the local villages.

  • Coorg

    Coorg is the most popular hill station destination in karnataka

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    Coorg is a fascinating hill town that ensnares tourists on a large scale. This tantalizing hill station in Karnataka resembles the garnet green gemstones in a kaleidoscope. Known for its exquisite landscapes that sprawl over acres of land, Coorg has emanated a famous holiday destination among the prime excursion spots in Karnataka. Tourists, especially the honeymoon couples, swarm to Coorg extensively. Were sure that a trip to Coorg would be simply unforgettable.

  • Chikmagalur

    Chikmagalur is one of the famous hill station in karnataka

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    Shrouded in the misty hills of Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur is another must-visit hill station in Karnataka. This arresting hill town is like a painting of nature on the canvas because of the picturesque landscapes it houses. There are beautiful forests and hills that define Chikmagalur as a picture perfect destination to spend some time away from the noises of the city. When you plan a trip to Chikmagalur, do forget to be a part of the forest camping activity.

  • Agumbe

    Agumbe is one of the beautiful hill stations in karnataka

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    Agumbe is a hill station that is known for its scenic surroundings. The intriguing rainforests and exquisite waterfalls of Agumbe spellbind tourists that visit this place. The beguiling rainforests of this enchanting hill town is a home to some exotic flora including medicinal herbs and fauna like lion-tailed macaque, giant squirrel, dhole, barking deer, and a variety of birds as well. Even the well-known TV show Malgudi Days was shot in the nearby area of Agumbe.

  • Biligiri Hills or BR Hills

    Biligiri Hills is one of the most visited hill stations in karnataka

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    Though their original name is Biligiriganga Hills, they are fondly known as the BR Hills. That name sounds classy! The alluring Biligiri aka BR Hills is the ideal trekking destination in India. Located on the outskirts of the Western Ghats, the BR Hills do not cease a chance to ensnare holidaymakers. Its beauteous geography makes it a flawless weekend getaway. The dauntless trekkers from different directions throng to Biligiri Hills to challenge their potential. So, trekkers, you hear that call?

  • Kemmanagundi

    Kemmanagundi is one of the famous hill station in karnataka

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    Kemmanagundi is the appropriate destination for the adventure lovers as well as nature enthusiasts. Nestled in ethereal surroundings, the hill town of Kemmanagundi is the home of Mullayagiri, the highest mountain peak in Karnataka. The beautiful waterfalls, springs, and, gardens ensnare tourists on a large scale. If you adore spending time with Mother Nature, do not miss the hill station of Kemmanagundi. A stroll amid the woods of Kemmanagundi will make you fall in love with this place.

  • Gangamoola

    Gangamoola hill station is a must-visit place in Karnataka

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    Gangamoola is a prepossessing hill range that belongs to the murky Western Ghats. Endowed with a serene ambiance, this hill station is a must-visit place in Karnataka. Here's the reason- Gangamoola is an appealing ecosystem and is a residence of the exotic fauna because it lies closer to Kudremukh Sanctuary. One gets to see the various animals like the Indian gaur, Tahr, jaguar etc. Moreover, Gangamoola is the origin of 3 different rivers known as Bhadravathi, Tunga, and Nevrathi that are navigable.

  • Kundadri Hill

    Kundadri Hill is a frequented tourist place in Karnataka

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    Kundadri Hill is not only a hill station but it is a renowned Jain pilgrimage site as well. Located in the district of Shimoga and beckoned by the Western Ghats, it is a frequented place in Karnataka. This pious hill houses an intricately carved temple dedicated to Lord Parshwanatha. The beguiling interiors of this temple are adorned with the stone carved statues of Jain sages. You can sense the spirituality once you reach the top of Kundadri Hill.

  • Yana

    Yana is an enchanting tourist destination in karnataka

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    This one is exclusively for the zealous hikers. Yana is an enchanting destination hemmed in the lush green hillocks. The 2 majestic monolithic rocks are surrounded by greenery and are considered as holy by locals. One depicts Lord Shiva, whereas, the second one represents Goddess Durga. During the pious occasion of Mahashivaratri, Yana is festooned exquisitely and is revered by locals as well as tourists on a large scale.

  • Kodachadri

    Kodachadri is one of the famous hill station destination in karnataka

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    Kodachadri is an alluring hill range located in the Western Ghats. Blest with the beauteous surroundings and an enormous garnet green carpet of grass, this place is portrayed as the perfect hill station for enjoying a blissful honeymoon. The hills of Kodachadri have been declared a natural heritage site by the government of Karnataka. Thus, the serene ambiance of this place never fails to lure tourists throughout the year.

  • As we promised, we told you about some must-visit attractions in Karnataka. Karnataka isn't known for its rich cultural heritage but also for these astounding holiday destinations. If you are reading this line, it means that you have gathered enough knowledge about the beautiful hill stations in Karnataka. So, get ready the enthusiastic trekkers and nature lovers, Karnataka is calling you.

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