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  • 10 Stunning Waterfalls Near Bangalore

    10 Stunning Waterfalls Near Bangalore

    Mother Nature has bestowed its beauty everywhere on this planet. The snow laden peaks, enormous water bodies, scenic landscapes and much more that cant be described by using words. One such marvel of nature is the waterfalls. The splendid waters that gush down from vivacious heights are simply breathtaking & catch the sight. Those who seek some time away from the hustle & bustle of the city flock to these alluring and calm places. If you are planning a trip amid nature then heres a short list of most stunning waterfalls near Bangalore.

  • The waterfalls are a perfect (and less expensive) destination to spend some relaxing time amid nature. Gazing at the alluring waters gushing down from a height and listening to its rhythm is unambiguously tranquil. You will succumb yourself to the serene Mother Nature after heading towards these magnificent waterfalls for an ethereal experience.

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