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  • 12 Best Places to Visit in Kutch

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-08-09

    12 Best Places to Visit in Kutch

    Hey there, how are you doing? We have recently relished a vacation, at a destination where...alright, now you have to guess about it. Here are some hints:-
    A. Its sands are white & gleam in the moonlight
    B. The annual fest is celebrated with a zest
    C. Stands close to the border and maintains law & order
    So, by the time you read this line, we are sipping a glass of wine. If you are not able to guess it right then allow us to reveal about it.
    We spent a holiday in Kutch, a tantalizing holiday destination that nestles amid the snow white sands. The Rann of Kutch, aka White Deserts, is a superb holiday destination in India. It lies in the Indian state of Gujarat and shares its borders with Pakistan. Kutch is known for various things and jotting them down is not possible. Apart from the white sands, there are art galleries, forts, museums, and many other places that should be visited whilst holidaying in Kutch. So, heres a small list of the tourist places in Kutch.

  • Narayan Sarovar, Kutch

    Narayan Sarovar is one of the famous places in kutch

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    Lets begin the expedition by taking a holy dip in the pious waters of Narayan Sarovar. Narayan Sarovar is a village and a sacred site for the followers of Hinduism. The place houses the astounding shrine of Lord Vishnu that is swarmed by numerous devotees daily. After bowing in front of the supreme power, you can also pay a visit to Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary located nearby.

  • Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Kutch

    The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is a renowned attraction in Kutch

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    Ass Sanctuary! Really! Yes. The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is a renowned attraction in Kutch. This place is the home to wild asses and other mammalian species including the carnivores like jackals as well. This place protects the endangered Indian Wild Ass that is vulnerable species in the animal kingdom. It is an intriguing place and will not disappoint you.

  • The Prag Mahal, Kutch

    The Prag Mahal is one of the famous mahal in Kutch

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    Standing tall in the Italian-Gothic style of architecture, this enticing edifice is a must-visit place in Kutch. Prag Mahal is named after Rao Pargmalji II, the one who commissioned its construction. This 19th-century palatial structure depicts the regal lifestyle that was led by the royal clan that resided in this alluring palace. Its rich interiors are adorned with the magnificent paintings, chandeliers, and taxidermy sculptures etc.

  • The Kutch Museum, Kutch

    Kutch Museum is the most visited sites in Kutch

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    The Kutch Museum is a fascinating building that will surely make your jaw drop. Formerly known by the name of Fergusson Hotel, this intriguing museum is a place that houses astounding collections that belong to the bygone era. Here, one can witness the astonishing ancient musical instruments, tribal artifacts, weaponry, postal stamps etc. The Kutch Museum has gained an immense fame amid the guests and has become one of the most visited sites in Kutch.

  • Mundra Port, Kutch

    Mundra Sea Port is one of the oldest active sea port in Kutch

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    There is something special that makes Mundra Port different from other ports. Facing the Laccadive Sea, Mundra Sea Port is one of the oldest active sea port on the Eastern side of India. Owned and managed by Adani Group, it is Indias biggest cargo port as it handled over 100 million tons of cargo in a single year. Cargo in bulk is exported and imported from Mundra Port. (Psst, they are billion dollars)

  • Tera Fort, Kutch

    Tera Fort, is one of the mot visited places in Kutch

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    So, who said that architectural grandeurs, especially the forts are found only in Rajasthan? Heres a colossal fort in Kutch that draws the attention of visitors each moment. This edifice was built by the Jadeja rulers and still captivates the sight of onlookers immediately due to its charm. In the previous times, it faced major devastation due to earthquakes. Rebuilt many times, it stands as an ideal spot for conducting photo shoots.

  • Aina Mahal, Kutch

    Aina Mahal is a major attraction in Kutch

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    Aina Mahal is another splendor and a major attraction in Kutch. Standing next to Prag Mahal with a monstrous height, Aina Mahal was built during the reign of Madam Sinhji. Its rich interiors comprise the stunning mirror work that is an amalgamation of the Indo-European artwork. Anyone can be bewitched on seeing the enchanting interiors of Aina Mahal.

  • Rann at Dhordo, Kutch

    Rann at Dhordo Village is the best tourist spot in Kutch

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    If you want to witness the glinting white sands, no other place than Rann at Dhordo Village is the best. Spread over sprawling acres, the white Rann at Dhordo allows witnessing the intriguing side of the white deserts. This village is seen apt for relishing the camping under the countless stars, participating in the different activities etc. Interestingly, this village rests near the Indo-Pak border, so can greet the BSF soldiers as well.

  • Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan, Kutch

    Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan is a cultural center in Kutch

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    Want to take a look at the Kutchi Culture from the turf? Lets head towards Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan. Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan is a cultural center that houses an amazing collection of the traditional Kutchi folk art & craft including the tribal artwork. Apart from the art & crafts, the gallery of this center displays the textile arts and archaeological specimens.

  • Banni Grasslands Reserve, Kutch

    Banni Grasslands Reserve is one of the renowned attractions in Kutch

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    Unfolded over 3,847 sq. km., Banni Grasslands Reserve is one of the renowned attractions in Kutch. These grasslands are known for a rich biodiversity and are situated on the Southern edge of the Rann of Kutch. One can spot the animals like the Chinkara, Indian Hare, Golden Jackal, fox, and cheetah etc. And yes, if you are dauntless then try visiting these grasslands at night to witness Chir Batti or the dancing ghost lights (at your own risk). Thats eerie.

  • Fossil Park, Kutch

    Fossil Park is the must-visit tourist places in Kutch

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    If you think that all rocks are alike, except Dwayne The Rock Johnson, then its time to rethink. A rock can be a fossil as well and to know about them, you can pay a flying visit to the Fossil Park in Kutch. Listed among the must-visit tourist places in Kutch, this place is not less than a haven for the ones that have a special taste in Paleontology. There is a high surety of finding the oldest of the old fossils, maybe some belonging to the era of dinosaurs as well!

  • Kutch Diaries are simply enchanting. As we flipped the pages, the holiday destinations and their specialties were revealed. Kutch offers something for all and thus, you can relish an astounding holiday here. So, to make your visit worth a million dollars (or more), follow this small guide and enjoy.

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