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  • 12 New Indian Passport Rules For 2017

    12 New Indian Passport Rules For 2017

    A passport is a small document that can open the gates for you to travel across this Blue Planet. The pages of this document tell the most compelling stories that you can experience yourself. But, do you think applying for a passport is an easy process?

    If talked about the previous procedures, it was a disaster. Applicants had to fulfill each single detail and submit the essential forms. This created a chaos and caused inconvenience to applicants. Thus, the Ministry of External Affairs announced some modifications that aim towards the ease of the process of issuing passports to applicants.

    These modifications have provided an ultimate relief as the filling of annexure is reduced, the choice of mentioning the name of any parent, submitting any single ID proof with DOB etc. The ministry has also promised that applicants will face no issues further. Read on about new modifications.

  • Happy Birthday

    We would love singing the birthday song for you but the passport authorities do not like this monkey business because:-

    • The Old Rule Said- All those who were born on or after 26th January 1989 had to submit the Birth Certificate as the authentic proof for the date of birth. This was a real problem for many because not everyone had their birth certificate with them.
    • The New Passport Rule Says- The hassle of submitting the birth certificate has been terminated. If you do not have your birth certificate or it has been misplaced, just calm down. There are other solutions like:-
    • Submitting the copy of school leaving/transfer certificate/ issued by the recognized educational board where DOB is mentioned
    • Copy of the PAN card where DOB is mentioned
    • Copy of AADHAR Card containing the DOB
    • Copy of driving license issued by the transport department of the state government that has the DOB of the applicant
    • Copy of the Voter ID card
    • Policy bond issued by the LIC having the DOB of the applicant
    • Copy of the extract of the service record of the applicant (Only if he/she is a government employee)

  • Name of The Single Parent/Guardian

    There were many cases where the applicants were not willing to fill the name of their father/mother. This also led to the issuance problems for issuing the passport to the children with a single parent.

    • The Old Rule Said- Previously, it was mandatory to fill the name of both the parents in the application form. Not following the norm led to the cancellation/rejection of the application
    • The New Passport Rule Says- The amendment in the procedure allows filling the name of the single parent/legal guardian of the child. This has increased the level of ease for both the issuing authorities and applicants

  • Reduction of Annexure

    Filling the essential sections and getting them attested with the personnel was mandatory. Though, the procedure of attesting has to be carried but, there is a new amendment in this as well.

    • The Old Rule Said- An applicant that has applied for the Indian passport has to fill the 15 annexure and this was mandatory for all
    • The New Passport Rule Says- The good news for you is that the annexure has been deducted to 9. Annexes A, C, D, E, J, and K have been removed and others have been merged with them

  • Attesting- A Hassle No More

    Visiting the office of the SHO, Magistrate, Notary etc. (whom you hardly meet) suddenly becomes necessary because the passport issuing authorities want you to do so. The government has kicked this tedious issue aside as well and paved a smooth path.

    • The Old Rule Said- All annexes required to be attested by the Judicial Magistrate/Notary /Executive Magistrate etc.
    • The New Passport Rule Says- An applicant can self-attest the mandatory annexes with a declaration for the same on a plain paper. Thus, a lot of time is saved

  • Are You Married? Prove It

    Married passport rules for 2017

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    Another big problem, especially faced by the couples/divorcees that apply for the passport is showing the real proof of being married. This was found ridiculous, so it was executed as well.

    • The Old Rule Said- All married couples had to show an authentic proof of their marital status
    • The New Passport Rule Says- As per the new passport rule, theres no such requirement now for showing the proof of your love story.

  • A Relief For The Divorced/Separated

    Nope, were not going to discuss your sad story. Were just going to tell you about the relief youve got.

    • The Old Rule Said- It was compulsory for a divorcee to provide their divorce decree and the name of their ex-spouse
    • The New Passport Rule Says- The application will be accepted even if you do not fill the name of your ex-spouse and do not provide the decree

  • Why Deprive The Orphans

    An orphan child also has the same set of fundamental rights and just to simplify it, an amendment came into existence.

    • The Old Rule Said- An orphan child required to submit any proof of DOB like the birth certificate, matriculation certificate, or a declaratory certificate by the court that mentions the DOB
    • The New Passport Rule Says- No more visits to the court. The proof of DOB can be submitted on the letterhead of the orphanage that contains the DOB and the signature of the head of the orphanage

  • Passport For The Adopted Kids

    Just like the adopting procedure requires an appropriate documentation and undertaking, the procurement of the passport for the adopted kids requires the same.

    • The Old Rule Said- The applicant had to submit the registered adoption deed to apply for the passport
    • The New Passport Rule Says- Applicants need not attach the registered adoption deed. They can give the declaration that authenticates the adoption in order to procure the passport

  • Children Not Born Out of A Wedlock

    New passport rules for children not born out of a wedlock

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    To cease this matter, our government has taken a praiseworthy step.

    • The Old Rule Said- Filling all annexure were mandatory for the children that were not born out of the wedlock
    • The New Passport Rule Says- This compulsion has been removed and Annexure G is the only mandatory requirement that needs to be fulfilled

  • The Requirement of NOC For Government Employees

    The No Objection Certificate created a major chaos, especially for the government employees that applied for an Indian passport because

    • The Old Rule Said- Submitting the copy of the original NOC from the company was a must for all government employees
    • The New Passport Rule Says- A government employee can seek the passport by submitting the declaration under the Annexure N. He has to state that a prior intimation has been given to the concerned department head about the passport application

  • For The Babas and Gurus

    The renowned sages that travel across the world for conducting their workshops and pravachans will not be facing more chaos in obtaining the passport.

    • The Old Rule Said- They have to follow the whole procedure like fulfilling each and every detail in order to apply for and procure the passport
    • The New Passport Rule Says- If sanyansi wishes to mention the name of his/her guru, he/she has to submit a copy of the document like the Voter ID, PAN Card or the AADHAAR Card that holds the name of the Guru

  • The Name of Mom & Dad

    Not everyone wants to mention the name of their both parents. Not following the procedure usually rejected the application. All this happened due to:-

    • The Old Rule Said- Mentioning the name of mother and father was essential
    • The New Passport Rule Says- This section has been amended and an applicant can fill the name according to his/her choice. They can add either add the name of father or mother

  • We are sure that many people have taken a sigh of relief after going through it. Since various hurdles have been cleared by the Indian government, especially Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, we express our gratitude towards them. What now? Go on and apply for the passport.

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