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  • 13 Beautiful Places To Visit In Nainital

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    13 Beautiful Places To Visit In Nainital

    Located in the pious land of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand, Nainital is a mesmerizing hill station. Describing it as natures bounty wont be wrong because there are numerous destinations that can leave you astonished with their natural beauty. Murky hills, snow-clad peaks, alluring valleys, holy shrines, and an exuberant flora & fauna, this place has everything to grab your attention for sure. No wonder, this bewildering hill town is tagged amid the frequented hill stations. Just like other hill stations, Nainital also houses delightful travel goals. So heres a quick guide of the top 13 must-visit places in Nainital.

  • Nainital Lake

    Nainital Lake is one of the famous lake in Nainital

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    Encircled amid the beautiful hillocks, Nainital Lake, commonly known as Naini Lake, is an alluring water body located in Nainital. It is a navigable sweet water lake that acts as a major source of the supply of water in nearby areas. Endowed with an ethereal ambiance, Naini Lake is an ideal spot for recreational activities. Wayfarers, as well as locals, flock to Naini Lake for spending a quality time.

  • Naina Peak

    Naina Peak is the highest point located in the enchanting hill town of Nainital

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    Naina Peak is described as the highest point located in the enchanting hill town of Nainital. Perched in the lower range of Kumaon Himalayas, Naina Peak is a perfect spot for adventure aficionados that adore the venture of trekking. During the winter season, this mountain range gets cloaked under the shimmering snow and becomes a thronged skiing destination for all. One can witness the panoramic view of Nainital from the top of Naina peak.

  • Dorothy's Seat -Tiffin Top

    Tiffin Top is a frequented travel attraction located in Nainital

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    Dorothys Seat, or Tiffin Top, both names are fine for this enticing spot. Ensconced at a height of more than 6000 feet above the sea level, Tiffin Top is a frequented travel attraction located in Nainital. This point got its name Dorothys Seat because of the renowned British painter Dorothy Kellet. She used to sit at this place and paint the beauty of nature on the canvas. An awe-inspiring view of the snow-clad Himalayas can be witnessed from Tiffin Top Point.

  • St. John In The Wilderness Church

    St. John In The Wilderness Church is the perfect tourist spot in Nainital

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    Reflecting the skillful Neo-Gothic style of architecture, St. Johns Church is the church that is perched amid woods in Nainital. It is an astounding structure carved out of stones brought by the English. It is surrounded by towering deodar trees and is the final resting place of Lord Elgin, the British viceroy who looked after the construction of this church. This church is ornamented beautifully on the festival of Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday.

  • Nainital Zoo Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo

    Nainital Zoo is amazing tourist spot in Nainital

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    If you wish to see the exuberant species that are spotted in the hilly region, then head towards Nainital Zoo. Also known by the name of Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo, this amazing zoo is counted amid zoos that are located at a high altitude. It rests at a height of 6,889 feet above the sea level and is a home to some exotic mammals like the Himalayan bear, red panda, civet cat, Brahmani eagle, barking deer, wolf, and much more. Try to pay a visit here and youll not be disappointed.

  • Nainital Governor's House

    Nainital Governor's House is famous tourist site in Nainital

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    Am I allowed to visit a governors residence? Yes, you are! But, what lies riveting in a governors house? Well, rethink because this isnt an ordinary residence. Constructed in the Victorian-Gothic style of architecture, Nainital Governors House is not less than a 5-star hotel. It constitutes 113 well-furnished rooms and a huge lawn with an emerald green carpet of grass. The interiors of the house contain accolades and other paintings of all British governors. Hundreds of visitors throng to Nainital Governors House on a large scale.

  • Eco Cave Gardens

    Eco Cave Gardens is perfect places to visit in Nainital

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    What are cave gardens? To know them precisely, one should visit Nainital. Eco Cave Gardens are the interconnected network of 7 caves that acts as the perfect recreational spot for kids as well as adults. What about animals? Relax, they can be seen in the form of video clips and paintings. Since each cave is dedicated to an animal, one can gather immense knowledge about these animals. A small amount of fee has to be paid for the entry.

  • Snow View Point

    Snow View Point is the picturesque spot to witness the snow falling in Nainital

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    What if we say that youll be tranquilized on visiting the snow view point of Nainital? You dont believe? The snow view point is a frequented tourist attraction in Nainital. It is the picturesque spot to witness the snow falling and covering the enormous peaks of Himalayas. Located 3 km from the main town, this spot is the place to witness the panoramic view of Nanda Devi Mountains, Trishul Pahad, and Nanda Kot Mountains.

  • Khurpa Taal

    Khurpa Taal is one of the ideal place for taking a stroll amid nature in Nainital

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    If you adore places that are natures bounty then heres another addition to the list. Surrounded by the huge pine and cedar trees, Khurpa Taal is not less than a paradise. It is elevated at a height of 4000 feet and is a fresh water lake. Khurpa Taal is considered as an ideal place for fishing and taking a stroll amid nature. Do spend some time at Khurpa Taal to reinvigorate your senses.

  • Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

    Kilbury is a well-known bird sanctuary in Nainital

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    How about trekking and watching avian species together? If you are ready to exploit your limbs to ensnare photographs of the exotic friends with feathers, then move towards Kilbury Bird Sanctuary. While Pangot is a reckoned trekking zone, Kilbury is a well-known bird sanctuary. Endowed with the beauty of nature in profusion, Kilbury is the home of various avian species including migratory birds. You can spot the hornbill, hoopoe, cuckoo, sparrow, and much more.

  • Kainchi Dham

    Kainchi Dham is one of the famous pilgrimage site in Nainital

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    If you are seeking a place to evoke the inner peace then no other place can be suitable than Kainchi Dham. Shrouded amid the hillocks and blessed with a tranquilizing ambiance, Kainchi Dham is a pious pilgrimage center in Nainital. It was established by a saint Maharaja Neem Karoli in the year 1942 and till date, it has undergone numerous structural renovations. Many people visit Kainchi Dham throughout the year.

  • Saria Tal

    Saria Tal is an amazing  tal in Nainital

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    Saria Tal is another destination for recreational activities in Nainital. It is encircled in the beautiful hillocks that mark this location as the perfect photography spot. Saris Tal is a navigable water body and visitors enjoy the activity of boating here. There are numerous guest houses nearby where you can relax your limbs and hog on delectable snacks. Try to take out some time and visit Saria Tal to make your vacation even memorable.

  • Gurney House

    Gurney House is famous places to visit in Nainital

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    You might have heard the famous name of Jin Corbett, the national park for the feline predator tiger. The one who established the park has a mesmerizing cottage located in Nainital. Known by the name of Gurney House, this cottage is surrounded by alluring flora. Since it is looked after by the state government, it has well-furnished interiors and some paintings of nature painted by Jim Corbett himself. Tourists do not miss visiting this place as a part of their journey in Nainital.

  • In true words, Nainital is a beautiful holiday destination. Whether you visit it with your family or with friends, this serene place will never disappoint you. Visiting this tantalizing hill town is like treating yourself to a blissful vacation. Gear up and get ready to explore more places than these above-listed locations in the exquisite hill town of Nainital.

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