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  • 13 Secret Places to visit Near Indore in Your Next Trip

    13 Secret Places to visit Near Indore in Your Next Trip

    Indore is a famous and city that lies in the Heart Of The Country Madhya Pradesh. It received the fame owing to its rich heritage that includes the palatial structures that once saw the majestic emperors, their pluck, and the lavish lifestyle led by them.

    As the times advanced, the modernization touched each corner of the city and Indore emanated as a well-planned city of Madhya Pradesh. It became the home to various industries and is tagged as the Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh.

    But, we arent here to discuss the business sector. We are here to talk about the beguiling travel attractions located in Indore. The city of Indore is a major tourist attraction. It is dotted with the astounding places of interest that lure globetrotters on a large scale. Here we present to you a list of must-see tourist destinations in Indore.

  • Lal Bagh Palace

    Lal Bagh Palace is an eye catchy building located near Indore

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    A palatial grandiose never fails to catch the sight of people. Similarly, Lal Bagh Palace is an eye catchy building located near Indore. The royal family of Holkars resided in this lavish palace. The foundation stone of the palace was laid by Tukoji Rao Holkar in the 18th century. Till 1978, the royal descendants used to live here but moved away later on. Presently, Lal Bagh Palace has been converted into a museum that houses an amazing coin collection and luxuries led by the Holkar dynasty.

  • Annapurna Templ

    Annapurna Templ

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    Adorned with the intriguing sculptures on the exterior walls, Annapurna Temple is a well-known shrine located in Indore. It is devoted to Devi Annapurna, the goddess of food in Hinduism. This alluring temple is bedecked with labyrinthine carvings that resemble the majestic Meenakshi temple of Madurai. During all Hindu festivals, especially Navratri, Annapurna Temple is festooned exquisitely and is visited by tourists and devotees on a large scale.

  • Bada Ganpati

    Bada Ganpati is famous Hindu shrine in Indore

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    Ganapati Bappa, Morya is the chant that can be heard as you step in the area of Bada Ganpati temple. An ancient shrine constructed in the 18th century, Bada Ganpati is also known as the Pride of Indore. The tale behind its name goes like this- the idol of Lord Ganesha inside the temple is known as the largest Ganpati idol in the world. The entire idol is constructed out of the mixture of jaggery, limestone, soil, and the holy water collected from the different Ganpati shrines all over the country.

  • Kanch Mandir

    Kanch Mandir is well known attraction near Indore

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    If you thought that this temple is constructed entirely out of glass then youre absolutely right! Kanch Mandir is another well-known attraction located in Indore. This shrine was constructed by an affluent trader, Seth Hukumchand Jain. The interiors of the shrine are made up of glass and boast the intricate carvings from the Jain scriptures. The sanctum of this shrine is the place where the enchanting idols of the Jain Tirthankaras are flanked by mirrors.

  • Krishnapura Chhatris

    Krishnapura Chhatris is one of the famous tourist spot near Indore

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    Krishnapura Chhatris are cenotaphs that are built in the memory of the Holkar dynasty. These cenotaphs are carved in a serpentine manner and depict the royal courtiers, musicians, soldiers, and the gallantry displayed by the Maratha warriors in the battleground. These chhatris are a popular tourist attraction and hundreds of visitors swarm here, especially on weekends. Do not miss to get yourself clicked at Krishnapura Chhatris.

  • Gommat Giri

    Gommat Giri is one of the famous tourist attraction near Indore

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    Gommat Giri or Gommateshwar Hill is a renowned Jain pilgrimage site located in Indore. This hill is a sacred pilgrimage site because there are 24 bewitching temples devoted to the 24 Tirthankaras located here. Each temple is built in a unique manner and is carved in a unique manner. On the occasion of Jain festivals like Gyana Panchmi, Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushana etc., the Jain community doesnt miss a chance to pay a visit to the pristine Gommat Giri.

  • Rajwada

    Rajwada Palace is one of the famous tourist spot near Indore

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    Rajwada is an awe-inspiring grandeur that is located in the city of Indore. Reflecting the skillful Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, this palatial structure lures people on a large scale. The huge corridors, luxurious rooms, grand halls, and balconies portray the lavishing lifestyle led by the Holkar dynasty. At present, this palace is looked after by the Archaeological Department of India and can be used as a photo shoot location by taking a prior permission from the respective authorities.

  • Khajrana Temple


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    Khajrana Temple aka Khajrana Ganesha Temple is a popular and a frequented destination located in Indore. This temple is dedicated to Lord Lambodar, another name for Lord Ganesha. The shrine of Khajrana was built by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar to protect the idol of Lambodar from Aurangzeb, the cruel Mughal ruler. According to legends, this temple is the place where a childless couple is blessed with a child if they visit this shrine for 3 consecutive days.

  • Sarafa Bazaar

    Sarafa Bazaar is well-known market near Indore

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    Though Sarafa Bazaar is usually related to the jewelry, the one that exists in Indore is known for its street food delicacies. Yes, the well-known market known by the name of Sarafa Bazaar is a must-visit place. With the onset of dusk, the shutters of the jewelry shop are closed and the streets echo with the voices of vendors selling mouth-watering delicacies like jalebi, samosa, khopra patty, pani poori, tikkis, and much more. You shouldnt miss visiting this place.

  • Kamla Nehru Park In Indore

    Kamla Nehru Park is one of the oldest recreational park in Indore

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    Kamla Nehru Park is one of the oldest recreational places located in Indore. It is an ideal place to relish some time away from the noises of the city and relish some moments with Mother Nature. This park houses a local zoo where the furry pals like the tiger, elephant, bear, and a variety of avifauna, though the breeding of tigers is the major highlight of Kamla Nehru Park.

  • Patalpani Waterfall

    Patalpani Waterfalls is a beauteous destination near Indore

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    Hemmed in the tranquil surroundings, Patalpani Waterfalls is a beauteous destination in Indore. This waterfall is set amidst the lush green surroundings and falls from a mighty height of 300 feet. Patalpani Waterfall draws tourists and nature lovers on an extensive scale due to its serene ambiance. During the monsoon, the charm of Patalpani Waterfall is simply ethereal as its width doubles up.

  • Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

    Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is a popular Hindu shrine located in Indore

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    Set on the banks of the River Narmada, Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is a popular Hindu shrine located in Indore. It stands amid the 12 jyotirlingas in India and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is constructed in the Hindu style of architecture and is carved intricately. The interior walls of the shrine are adorned with the psalms from Shiva Chalisa and the sanctum houses the supreme Shivalinga. Blessed are you if you get a chance to visit this temple on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.

  • Tincha Falls

    Tincha Water falls is one of the famous waterfalls near Indore

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    Located in the quaint village of Tincha, the waterfalls of Tincha are an arresting site for the visitors. Surrounded by the towering trees and rocks, Tincha Falls are blest with a serene ambiance and the waters cascade down from a whopping height of 275 feet. People flock to this place in order to reinvigorate their tired senses. The nearby jungle is a perfect location for camping and enjoying the venture of trekking, thus, visiting Tincha Falls is a perfect combo of serenity and fun.

  • And these were some of the major tourist attractions of Indore. Whether its a shrine, waterfall, hillock or a local astir market, these above-listed places will definitely gift you beautiful memories.

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