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  • 15 Best Destinations for River Rafting In India

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    15 Best Destinations for River Rafting In India

    The waters have always fascinated mankind. Whatever maybe the activity, people feel unique (and superior) when they indulge in aquatic activities. One enthralling water activity is river rafting that never fails to catch the attention.

    Rafting through the gushing water stream and making way through the strong waves can make anyone feel enthralled and alive. Over the years, river rafting has emerged as a popular activity enjoyed by the people. As the summers approach, people start planning their vacations and the lucky ones plan a trip where they can enjoy this venture. Take a look at the popular river rafting sites in India.

  • Indus River

    Indus River  is a popular point for enjoying the thrill of river rafting

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    Gushing down from the glaciers, the Indus River or Dariya-E-Sindh is a well-known water body. It passes through the beautiful as well as isolated locations in the North Indian subcontinent. The river is seen as a popular point for enjoying the thrill of river rafting. Comprising of all the 5 rapids, the adventure lovers along with their rafts visit the Indus River to push themselves to extreme limits.

  • Kullu-Manali

    Kullu-Manali is one of the perfect places for river rafting in India

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    Lets admit it; Kullu-Manali is the place that is stereotyped as beguiling & enchanting honeymoon destination. Honestly, the place has had enough of these tags. Heres something different about it. Kullu-Manali is a destination where you can romance in a different way, like holding the oars firmly and crossing the rapids. The enthralling river rafting venture can be luxuriated in Kullu-Manali as well. Sailing through the waters of Beas River is an experience in itself.

  • Yamuna River

    Yamuna River is an ideal spot for river rafting

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    Surprisingly, river rafting can also be enjoyed over the River Yamuna. Since the waters of the river do not have a wild current, it is an ideal spot for the novice rafters to learn the basics of river rafting. Yamuna River gloats 2 stretches that comprise of the grade I-III rapids. These rapids are scaled on the medium level that doesnt require much effort to be tackled.

  • River Ganga, Rishikesh

    Rishikesh is the haven for river rafting in India

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    Like always, Rishikesh cannot miss its mark. Rishikesh is the haven for river rafting in India. The holy river Ganges rages down from the mighty Himalayas through serpentine paths and is considered as a challenge for rafting. The virility of the waters increases as the rapid level is increased; however, one shouldnt cross level 3 as the river turns wild after 3rd rapid. One can select the stretch from various routes.

  • Tons River, Uttarakhand

    Tons river is the perfect places for river rafting in Uttarakhand

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    Tons River flows through the pristine land of Uttarakhand. It is known was its roaring waters that gush down in a labyrinthine manner through the enchanting hills. Seeing the flow of the Tons River, an individual will think a thousand times before jumping into it. It takes only the fearless to conquer the rapids of Tons River. If youre a daredevil then bring your gang and try battling the currents.

  • Lohit River

    Lohit is famous for river rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

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    The North Eastern part of India is a natures bounty in true words. The entire North East is endowed with captivating surroundings and streams in within its boundaries. One such river called Lohit is famous for river rafting in Arunachal Pradesh. Rafting over the currents of turquoise blue waters is ensnaring as well as adrenalin boosting. It offers III grades of rapids to tackle.

  • Spiti River

    Spiti River is one of the famous river

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    The beguiling Spiti River flows through the magnificent Spiti Valley. Though the alluring valleys of Spiti are deserted, but they never fail to ensnare the visitors. If you wish to witness the breathtaking charm of the valley then river rafting is an option. The routes for rafting in Spiti River take the enthusiasts through the sight catchy places of Spiti Valley. It sounds good, balancing amid the roaring waters while glancing at the beauty of Spiti, doesnt it?

  • Kameng River

    kameng river is the perfect places for river rafting in India

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    Meandering through the rocky valleys, Kameng River is a beautiful water-body that flows through Arunachal Pradesh. Kameng River originates from the glacial peaks of the Himalayas and is completely navigable. It flows calmly for first few kilometers, but turns wild after it crosses the boundary of calmness. The visitors and rafting aficionados visit Kameng River and try to defend themselves from the ferocious rapids.

  • Zanskar River

    Zanskar River is one of the famous places for river rafting in India

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    What else you need if you can trek on the river as well as enjoy rafting at the same price! Zanskar River is the amazing destination that offers these two combos. The river freezes during winters and turns back to its normal state during summers. Oaring amid the icy cold waters in perplexing surroundings is worthy to be called as an adventurous vacation. So, plan the next trip during the summer season.

  • Barapole, Coorg

    South India has its own flavor of enjoying river rafting in Barapole

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    So heres the entrant from the southern hemisphere. South India has its own flavor of enjoying river rafting. It doesnt matter whether youre a professional or novice, the waters of Barapole River welcomes everyone. If you adore the waters rushing and spilling down at a great speed then you should pay a visit to Barapole River in Coorg. Making your way through the wild waters is a challenge. Will you accept it?

  • River Bhagirathi, Uttarakhand

    Bhagirathi is the famous river to enjoy river rafting

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    Are you daring & want to conquer the rapids? Meet the waters of River Bhagirathi that rush down straight from the majestic Himalayas. These icy cold white waters do not halt at any point and keep flowing aggressively. This is something that draws the attention of every river rafting devotee. If this has drawn yours too then call your people and get ready to enjoy a friendly battle with the rapids of Bhagirathi.

  • Alaknanda River, Uttarakhand

    Alaknanda River give an unforgettable moment of river rafting

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    Alaknanda River is a river that flows through Alaknanda. It promises to give an unforgettable dose of the thrill to the river rafting buffs. The waters of Alaknanada River cascade with a great speed in the rapids and bash through the boulders. This makes quite hard for the rafters to maintain a steady balance. If you have faith on your balancing skills, youre welcome at Alaknanda River.

  • Kundalika River, Maharashtra

    Kundalika River is famous for river rafting in Maharashtra

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    River rafting in the Western Ghats is a good idea to kill the stress. The Kundalika River flows through the Sahayadri ranges in Maharashtra. It is the place where one can enjoy the venture without any hassle. The waters emanate through the dam constructed on the river that controls the turmoil of water. Offering till grade III rapids, river rafting in Kundalika can be enjoyed at amid the year especially during monsoons.

  • Teesta River, Sikkim and Darjeeling

    Teesta River is one of the famous places for river rafting in Sikkim

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    Hemmed in the marvelous landscapes, the conflux of rivers Teesta & Rangit is the point where river rafting can be enjoyed. The place is apt for those who wish to enjoy river rafting in calm rapids. Teesta River offers grade II-III rapids that do not require much effort. The novices and children can enjoy the thrill of river rafting. As you approach the grade IV rapid, youll meet the ferocious side of Teesta River. So, are you ready to take this challenge?

  • Brahmaputra River Rafting, Arunachal Pradesh

    Brahmaputra River  is a popular point for enjoying the thrill of river rafting

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    The waters dashing through the boulders and flowing with a great speed is something that a normal person will not approach. It takes the valiant ones to step into the roaring Brahmaputra. Flowing in a rage through Arunachal Pradesh, the river rafting in the Brahmaputra is not less than controlling a bull. The currents of water have the potential of spilling the raft upside down. What are your thoughts daredevil?

  • The sport of river rafting has always drawn attention of the adventure enthusiasts. Whether the route covers short distances that can be covered in a couple of hours or require a full day to complete, the hardcore river rafters will do anything to make their endeavor worth..

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