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  • 15 Top Rated Places to Visit in Bali

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    15 Top Rated Places to Visit in Bali

    Bali is one of the most loved travel destinations in Indonesia. It is an arresting island that serves as the perfect vacation spot for family trips, solo trips, and honeymoons. The charm of Bali lies in its exquisite locations like the astounding temples, breathtaking landscapes, and local markets. People from across the globe visit this enchanting holiday destination to spin memorable moments.
    But we arent done with it. There is a lot more that should be explored in the land of Bali. Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are recreational spots like the gardens and adventure parks that ensnare globetrotters to spend a jolly time in Bali. For the dauntless ones, the venture of trekking can be experienced in the mountainous region of Bedugul and Tapak. In simpler words, visiting Bali for a holiday isnt a bad decision. No one, whether a couple or a family, will be disappointed after making their trip to Bali.

  • Neka Art Museum

    Neka Art Museum is well known museum in Bali

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    Our first stop is exclusively for the art lovers. Neka Art Museum is a haven for the art aficionados and houses an enormous collection of the Balinese paintings and sculptures that have been produced by the local as well as the renowned artists of Bali. Here, you will get to see the amazing and beauteous culture of Bali that is reflected in paintings. Exhibitions are held at regular intervals at Neka Art Museum that attracts art lovers on an extensive scale.

  • Jatiluwih Green Land

    Jatiluwih Green Land is a must-visit attraction located in Bali

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    Standing concrete hard as per its name, Jatiluwih Green Land is a must-visit attraction located in Bali. It is a shimmering emerald green landscape that is simply spellbinding. As far as your eyes can see, there will be greenery in profusion. The terraces of Jatiluwih Green Land can be climbed for witnessing the sun melting in the horizon. You should pay a flying visit here.

  • Tirta Gangga

    Tirta Gangga is one of the famous places to visit in Bali

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    If youre pondering over an uncanny resemblance of this name to Tirtha Ganga then you arent thinking wrong. The name literally translates to the sacred water from the Ganges. Tirta Gangga is a site of deep veneration for the Hindu sect in Bali. It is a multi-level park equipped with 2 swimming pools, ponds, and various fountains. A special feature of fountains in Tirta Gangga is their construction in the royal Balinese architecture. Being a great recreational site, it is swarmed by tourists and locals on a large scale.

  • Bali Botanic Garden

    Bali Botanic Garden is an alluring attraction located in Indonesia

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    Unfolded across 389 acres of land and beckoned by the mighty mountains of Bedugul, Bali Botanic Garden is an alluring attraction located in Indonesia. This botanic garden is natures bounty and is endowed with a serene ambiance, thus, it serves as an ideal recreational spot for people to chum around and learn about the exotic and rare flora. It includes the species of begonia and Rhododendron. Whenever you feel like rejuvenating yourself, head towards this exquisite garden.

  • Bali Orchid Garden

    Bali Orchid Garden is most visited tourist spot in Bali

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    Blessed with an ethereal ambiance, Bali Orchid Garden is a tropical garden located in Bali. It is a residence to different species of the tropical plants like Cordylines, Bromeliads, Heliconia, Aroids, Picher Plant, and much more. Due to the presence of different species that bloom in different seasons, they make this orchid garden a haven for the plant lovers. One can also spot the plant species that are found only in Indonesia. Isnt it riveting?

  • Lake Beratan

    Beratan Lake is a tantalizing lake in Bali

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    Whether you call it Beratan Lake or Pura Bratan, both the names are correct. Beratan Lake is a tantalizing lake in Bali. Beckoned by the majestic peaks of Bedugul mountains, this lake stands as a major attraction and is visited by hundreds of wayfarers throughout the year. Beratan Lake is also known for a Shiva temple that is revered by a large number of Hindus and enthusiastic tourists.

  • Mengiat Beach

    Mengiat Beach is one of the popular beach in Bali

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    A serene atmosphere, ethereal ambiance, slushy shoreline, and calm blue waters- doesnt it look like the perfect holiday destination for you? Mengiat Beach is a well-known site of attraction located in Bali. Being a popular destination, this beach is thronged by a vast number of holidaymakers. Close to the beach, there are different hotels located that can be booked for spending the holiday and spinning unforgettable moments.

  • Tamblingan Lake

    Tamblingan Lake is well known lake in Bali

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    And this is another ethereal destination in Bali that you shouldnt miss. Perching in the foot of Mount Lesung, Tamblingan Lake is an ancient caldera lake and lies close to Beratan Lake and Buyan Lake. Closer to this lake, there are some bewitching temples located from the bygone times that tell tales of the Tamblingan civilization. So, a one-day itinerary would be compelling enough for you during your trip.

  • Tirta Empul Temple

    Tirta Empul Temple is another beguiling shrine located in Bali

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    Tirta Empul Temple is another beguiling shrine located in Bali. It is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is known as an alluring water temple. Tirta Empul Temple was founded in 962 A.D under the reign of Warmadeva dynasty. Since then, it has been an active Hindu shrine till date and is flocked by thousands of devotees throughout the year. Devotees have to take a ritualistic bath in ponds that are built inside the temple premises. Tirta Empul Temple is beautifully festooned on the occasion of Janamashtami.

  • Mount Kawi

    mount Kawi is the highest peak in Bali

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    When you are in Bali, you should not miss the majestic peak of Kawi. Also known by the name of Gunung Peak, mount Kawi is the highest peak in Bali. It stands tall at a height of 8,369 feet and is surrounded by greenery. What makes it special in visiting? Hmmm, lets tell you. Mount Kawi houses 10 shrines that are entirely carved out from its boulders. People from distant places visit Bali to see these intricately carved temples.

  • St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church is one of the famous church in Bali

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    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church is a pious and a famous church located in Bali. Built in the Indonesian style of architecture, it is a frequented church that is well-known for the black figurine of Jesus on the cross. People, especially during the festivals of Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday, gather for mass prayers at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Do not forget to thank the lord during your trip to Bali.

  • Atlas Pearl Farm

    Atlas Pearl Farm is perfect tourist site in Bali

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    What strikes your mind on hearing this name? Most probably the small, shining precious balls that are known as pearls, right. Yes, that correct! Bali is renowned for its various attractions and Atlas Pearl Farm is one among them. Atlas Pearl Farm is simply a not-to-be-missed destination, especially for the female vacationers. Here, tourists can witness the hatchery of pearls till their harvesting i.e. manufacturing of the pearl jewelry. And you might be allowed to collect a few pearls from there as well!

  • Bali Adventure Park

    Bali Adventure Park is well known park in Bali

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    Time for some fun peeps, let us now rejuvenate and spend a quality time in Bali Adventure Park. Covering acres of land, it is a huge recreational destination for all age groups. It is a home to the various adventurous sports of zip lining, abseiling, and different rides for visitors. By paying a minimal fee for each venture, you can experience the thrill at Bali Adventure Park.

  • Puncak Mundi Temple

    Puncak Mundi Temple is one of the famous temple in Bali

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    Perching on the hill of Mundi, Puncak Mundi Temple is a stunning shrine located in Bali. This temple is located at a higher altitude of more than 5000 feet above the sea level in Bali. Each year, this pious site is revered by thousands of pilgrims, especially during the months of September & October. And do not forget, there are a lot of monkeys around this area so, keep your belongings safe.

  • Luhur Srijong Temple

    Luhur Srijong is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site in Bali

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    Constructed in the Balinese style of architecture and boasting the intricately carved sculptures, Luhur Srijong is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site in Bali. The Balinese Hindus flock to this temple on various occasions throughout the year. The nearby area of the temple has a serene ambiance and many devotees can be spotted in deep meditation. You can feel that devotional aura upon visiting Luhur Srijong Temple.

  • After scrolling past through the beguiling attractions in Bali, you might be fascinated. Bali is a budget-friendly travel destination for spending a holiday abroad with your love mate or family. Moreover, one can find plenty of accommodations over there so, gear up for your next vacation to Bali.

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