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  • 16 Best Places to Visit in Mauritius

    By: Admin | In: Honeymoon Destination | Last Updated: 2017-11-30

    16 Best Places to Visit in Mauritius

    Vacationing on islands is blissful. The entire destination is surrounded by azure waters of the Indian Ocean, is blessed with the scenic surroundings, and is dotted with various other attractions that never fail to impress the holidaymakers.

    A single visit to this country will spellbind your senses and you'll fall in love with it immediately. Its beaches, resorts, forests, and historic places are frequented on an extensive scale. Mauritius is most preferred holiday destination for the honeymoon couples and the reason is well-known. Oh wait, do not forget the delectable Mauritian cuisine.

    All in all, this island country serves as an ideal holiday destination. Throughout the year, its vibrancy is relished by all those that flock there.
    After reading a decent intro of Mauritius, wouldn't you like to visit the place and rejuvenate yourself? Do not forget to carry this pocket guide along because it will be helpful further.

  • Trou Aux Biches

    Trou Aux Biches is one of the renowned places to visit in Mauritius.

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    Trou Aux Biches is a renowned beach in Mauritius. The sight of its mushy shoreline and crystal clear waters provides calmness to eyes. Holidaymakers, on an extensive scale, swarm to Trou Aux Biches for escaping from the stress of the hectic schedules of the life. The activities like swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed here as well. After a tiring day, get your limbs reinvigorated at the spa with the same name.

  • Belle Mare Plage

    Belle Mare Beach is one of the must-see places in Mauritius

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    Belle Mare Beach is one of the must-see places in Mauritius. Welcoming the guests from all over the world, this famous tourist hot-spot never lets anyone down. The shallow bay of Belle Mare Plage has the crystal clear waters that are apt for experiencing the thrill of snorkeling and scuba diving. And yes, do forget to enjoy the bumpy ride of the jet-ski.

  • Ile Aux Cerfs

    Ile Aux Cerfs is one of the best tourist places to visit in mauritius

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    If you belong to the breed that adores spending a good quality time with the combo of sun & sand, Ile Aux Cerfs is the right place for you. It is a privately owned island that lies on the Eastern coast of Mauritius. Tourists, especially the honeymooners, prefer this place for enjoying a romantic holiday without any disturbance. The beach restaurant located here serves lip-smacking dishes and without savoring the taste of a yummy dish, your day remains incomplete!

  • Pereybere

    Pereybere beach is an eminent tourist attraction in Mauritius

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    Pereybere beach is an eminent tourist attraction in Mauritius. Standing among one of the unsullied beaches, Pereybere is a place full of amazing views (wink). It is a widely preferred destination for enjoying the activities like swimming and scuba diving in the calm waters. When you're done with these activities, the sports like parasailing, kayaking, and deep fishing should be tried as well.

  • La Cambuse

    La Cambuse is another famous beach in Mauritius

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    Strolling with the love-mate hand in hand, at the shores, whilst the cool waters kiss your naked feet- doesn't that sound romantic? Of course, it does. Alright, imagine meditating near the shores and feeling the soft kisses of the sunrays on cheeks. It is ethereal as well! La Cambuse is another famous beach in Mauritius and is less spoilt by the visitors. We're sure that a visit to La Cambuse will not let you down.

  • Le Morne

    Le Morne is one of the top tourist place in mauritius

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    Have a soft corner for the aqua sports? Adore bashing against the waves? Come, Le Morne beach is waiting to give you a hug. Le Morne beach is the beach for you if you love to tackle the raging waves in your own style. Umpteen surfers, parasailing lovers, kiteboarders etc. visit this beach and display their skills. If you're one of them, visit Le Morne ASAP!

  • Black River Gorges National Park

    Black River Gorges National Park is must visited places to visit in mauritius

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    This one is for nature enthusiasts out there! If you are dying to cuddle in the laps of Mother Nature, remember the name of Black River Gorges National Park. Surrounded by the beautiful nature in profusion, this national park spans an entire area of 68 sq. km. The appeal of BRGNP is a fascination for the shutterbugs that leave no chance of ensnaring this pristine beauty in the lens of their camera. This park is a great place for hiking and overnight camping.

  • Casela World of Adventures

    Casela World of Adventures is a picture-perfect destination in mauritius

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    Mauritius also offers a great opportunity to meet the furry pals with hooves and claws. Casela World of Adventures is a picture-perfect destination for interacting with the beasts. In this adventure cum safari zone, visitors can experience the thrill of meeting the king of the woods, feed other animals, and relish the other ventures like zip lining, hiking, ATV biking, bungee jumping etc.

  • Parc Francois Leguat

    Parc Francois Leguat is one of the famous tourist places in mauritius

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    Best known by the name of the Turtle Park, Parc Francois Leguat is a place that will not disappoint you. Located in Rodrigues Island, this park serves a habitat for turtles. The park authorities look after the injured turtles, pregnant female turtles, and young turtles. Here, you'll spot various turtles of different age groups and to feed them is fun. Do not miss doing it in the reserve.

  • Trou Aux Cerfs

    Trou Aux Cerfs is one of the best tourist places to visit in mauritius

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    Would you believe if we say that there's an alluring volcano in Mauritius with a well-defined cone & crater? Most probably, a majority of you won't. Alright, what we just said previously was true. Trou Aux Cerfs is an amazingly exquisite, but, a dormant volcano in Mauritius. It is surrounded by the green vegetation in abundance. It has emerged as a prominent site of interest and is visited extensively. The best way of exploring the region is via jeep tours.

  • Tamarind Waterfalls

    Tamarind Waterfalls is a beguiling tourist attraction located in mauritius

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    First of all, the water of these falls doesn't taste like tamarind. Tamarind Waterfalls is a beguiling tourist attraction located amidst the tropical forests in Mauritius. Cascading down from a humongous height of several feet, the white waters of these falls pave their way through the cliff and form a pool. Paying a flying visit to this place isn't a bad idea, guys.

  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

    SSR Botanical Garden is an ancient botanical garden in Mauritius

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    Established in the seventeenth century, SSR Botanical Garden is an ancient botanical garden in Mauritius. This garden is popular for the big, no, giant water lilies in its pond. They are bigger than the usual water lilies. Also, SSR Botanical Garden is a home to more than eighty-five species of palms, ebonies, sugar cane, spices etc.

  • Eureka House

    Eureka House is one of the major tourist attractions in mauritius

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    No other place than Eureka House is better to know about the colonial era in Mauritius. Constructed in the year 1830, Eureka House is a commodious mansion that served as the residence of the former aristocrats from England and France. It is the largest house on the island and has 109 doors and windows! The museum is located in scenic surroundings and has galleries dedicated to the music, art, cartography, and the hardware of India and China.

  • Photography Museum

    Photography Museum is one of the best tourist places to visit in mauritius

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    History of certain things, including the photography, has always fascinated umpteen people. Gathering the knowledge about it is always fun, so to do the same, the next stop is the Photography Museum. It is the place where you'll get to know about the earliest cameras that were used for ensnaring the photographs. Not just this, the development procedure of photos is explained pretty well. Make sure you visit it.

  • Sugar Museum

    Sugar Museum is an intriguing tourist attraction

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    If you thought that Sugar Museum was built of sugar, you read a lot of fairytales. Sugar Museum is an inseparable part of the Mauritian heritage. It is an intriguing tourist attraction that narrates the story of processing of sugar in the ancient times when there was no machinery as compared to the ones that exist today. A short tour of the museum will leave you speechless!

  • Blue Penny Museum

    Blue Penny Museum is one of the top tourist places to visit in mauritius

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    Standing amid the hustle & bustle of the capital city of Mauritius, Blue Penny Museum is not less than a haven for the history lovers. Blue Penny Museum is a home to the postal stamps that were used during the three different colonial periods- British, Dutch, and French. This home of the rarest stamps never ceases a chance to catch the attention of the onlookers. And yes, the museum authorities will confiscate your camera if you tried to be smart.

  • And some of the prime highlights of Mauritius scrolled past the screen. Believe it or not, the visual appeal of these above-listed locations is simply that cannot be defined in words! It can only be experienced by visiting, so gear up peeps because Mauritius awaits you.

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