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  • 23 Popular Places To Visit In Jaipur

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    23 Popular Places To Visit In Jaipur

    Jaipur, a repository of history and tradition reflects the true essence of the royal life led by the Maharajas of the bygone era. The spellbinding architectural marvel of the magnificent palaces, forts and mahals will leave you craving for more. The museums showcasing the costumes, ornaments, armors and paintings serve as a reminder to the citys close connections to the Rajput clan. But wait, thats not all; this pink city offers much more than just the rich royal heritage to all the travelers.

    The melodious sound of folk Rajasthani songs and the mouthwatering cuisines will awe your senses and the sacred temples will serve your devoutness. The busy markets and street lanes will attract the shopaholic in you whereas the enticing lakes will provide an escape from the busy city lives. The pink hue that pervades throughout the city will paint you in its color and reinvigorate your mood.

    Given below is a list of tourist places that will serve as the perfect itinerary for your next escapade to Jaipur. Check it out so that you dont miss any of the exciting places of the city.

  • Amber Fort

    Amer Fort is the most popular Place in Jaipur

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    Popularly known as the Amer Fort, this fort palace located atop a hill, is a masterpiece of architecture and beauty. With an average of 5,000 visitors a day, this fort is one of the major tourist attractions in Jaipur. Travelers talk highly of the elephant ride that takes you inside the fort in a royal manner. The sound and light show are a must watch when visiting this magnificent fort. The ticket fare for Indian nationals is Rs.25 and for foreigners is Rs.150 per head. Elephant ride and Light-Sound Show cost Rs.550 and Rs.200 per head respectively.

  • Jantar Mantar

    Jantra Mantrais the most popular Place in Jaipuar

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    Largest among the five astronomical observatories built in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II, Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is also entitled as the largest sundial of the world. Jai Singh, being an avid philosopher, designed this astronomical unit to view the position of various celestial bodies with naked eye. A tour of this intriguing and fascinating monument is a must while visiting Jaipur. The entrance ticket for Indians is Rs.20 and for foreigners is Rs.100.

  • Hawa Mahal

    Hawa Mahal is the most famous place in Jaipur

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    The landmark of Jaipur, the magnificent Hawa Mahal, is one of the most picturesque monuments of the city. This five-storey building was constructed by Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 for the women to have a view of the busy lanes of Johari Bazaar without being noticed by the locals. The magnificent Palace of Wind was constructed using pink sandstone to give it the typical pyramid color and look. The entry fee for this magnificent Mahal is Rs.10 for Indians and Rs.50 for foreigners. If you are a photography buff, then you need to pay additional charge for taking camera inside the premises.

  • City Palace

    City Palace is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Once the ruling seat of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the majestic City Palace complex is converted into museum to preserve the artifacts and other items of the good old times. The Chandra Mahal and the Mubarak Mahal are the major attractions among other fascinating courtyards, gardens and edifices of the palace complex. The Virendra Pol, Udai Pol and the Tripolia Gate, the three entrance gateways to the palace, are a true sight to behold. A tour of this palace costs Rs.40 for Indians and Rs.300 for others. Extra payment of Rs.50 needs to be made to take a camera along with you into the palace complex.

  • Jaigarh Fort

    Jaigarh Fort is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Housing the worlds biggest cannon on wheels, a rich museum and an amazing armory, the Jaigarh fort is one of the most popular places to visit in the pink city of Jaipur. This fort, unharmed by the raging weather and rampage done by humans, stands majestically atop the Cheel ka Teela or Hill of the Eagle. It offers great panoramic view of the pink city. One can easily get lost in the tranquil and peaceful environs of the fort complex. The entry fee to this fort costs Rs.25 for Indians and Rs.75 for foreign nationals.

  • Nahargarh Fort

    Nahargarh Fort is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Nahargarh or abode of tigers is the name given to the splendid fort built atop the Aravalli Hills by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734. Connected to the majestic Jaigarh fort, this fort complex was built to defend the city from any foreign threat. This fort is an example of great Indo-European architecture. It also houses two temples; one, of deity of Jaipur rulers and the other of Prince Nahar Singh. An entry fee of Rs.10 for Indians and Rs.30 for foreign nationals need to be paid before visiting the magnificent fort complex.

  • Panna Meena Ka Kund

    Panna Meena Ka Kund is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    This eight storey deep step well is popularly known as the Panna Mian Ki Baoli. Going by the local rumors, an individual cannot descend and ascend back the same flight of stairs more than once. The stairs constructed in a zigzag manner provide this age-old monument a very distinguished look. The best time to visit this step well is during the monsoons when it is filled with water and offers an amazing picturesque view.

  • Jal Mahal

    Jal Mahal is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Translated as the Water Palace, the magnificent Jal Mahal was constructed by Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. This palace is built using red sandstone and displays a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. This five-storey high palace has its four storeys submerged in water and only the top most is visible floating in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. Visit this palace to have an incredible view of the floating Water Palace at the cost of Rs.50 only.

  • Royal Gaitor Tumbas

    Royal Gaitor Tumbas is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Located at the foothills of Nahargarh Fort, about 15 km. from the city, is the mausoleum of the Royal family of Jaipur. This quiet complex houses two main courtyards where the cenotaphs of Royal Maharajas are erected. The cenotaph of Maharaja Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur, is distinguishably made using white marbles and impressive carvings. Visit this funerary complex to spend some quiet time away from the noisy city life.

  • Albert Hall Museum

    Albert Hall Museum is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Albert Hall Museum is the oldest museum of Rajasthan, which was opened for public viewing in the year 1887. Acting as a showcase for the rich history of ancient civilizations, this museum houses many paintings, stonework, carpets, sculptures, costumes, jewelry, crystal works and many other things. This museum is a heaven for the art lovers and a trip to this iconic museum will definitely impart knowledge about the rich culture and ancient ways of livelihood. The ticket fare is Rs.20 for Indians and Rs.50 for foreigners.

  • Anokhi Museum Of Hand Printing

    Anokhi Museum Of Hand Printing is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing, as the name suggests is a gallery displaying the traditional Rajasthani block printing technique in large number. This three storeyed museum is lined with numerous textiles and fabrics printed in unique designs and patterns. The major attraction of this museum is the haveli in which it is housed. The entry fee for this culturally rich museum is Rs.30 for adults and Rs.20 for students.

  • Central Park

    Central Parkis the most famous palace in Jaipur

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    Central Park is literally in the center of the city. Start your day with a morning walk and spend a peaceful evening in the lush green park. The attractions of this park are the 5 km long jogging track and musical fountains that transform your dull and boring day into a calm and quiet outing. Bird lovers can also visit this park to catch a glimpse of the migratory birds that flock this park around the year.

  • Sisodia Rani Garden

    Sisodia Rani Garden is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Located about 6 km away from the busy city life, the Sisodia Rani Garden is a must visit place for all those in search of some quiet time in the lap of nature. This multi-storeyed garden is dotted with fountains, watercourses and pavilions. On top of the terrace is a two-storeyed palace that houses the paintings depicting the life of Lord Krishna.

  • Man Sagar Lake

    A dam was constructed to obstruct the natural flow of Dharbavati River in the year 1610 by Raja Man Singh to give rise to this amazing artificial lake called Man Sagar Lake. Travelers from different part of the city visit this place to capture the picturesque view of this clear blue lake encircled by hills and the Jal Mahal floating majestically in the center. Visit this serene lake to spend some time away from the hustle bustle of the city in the symphony of migratory birds that flock this lake.

  • Jawahar Kala Kendra

    Jawahar Kala Kendra is the most famous place in Jaipur

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    Jawahar Kala Kendra, a complex for cultural activities, was started in the year 1983 to display the culture and tradition of the rich Rajasthani heritage. It has three performing areas namely Madhyavarti, Rangayan and Krishnayan. This theatre is an initiative by the Government of Rajasthan to bridge the gap between the old culture and the modern views. Visit this Kala Kendra to have a closer look at the paintings, handicrafts, artifacts and other things that are a displayed in this museum.

  • Jaipur Zoo

    Jaipur Zoo is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Opened in the year 1877, this age-old zoo should be a must visit place in your travel list while holidaying in Jaipur. A ghariyal breeding farm was set up here in the year 1999, which is the fourth largest breeding farm in the country. There are as many as 50 different species of birds and animals in this zoo, making it one of the best zoos in the country. The entry ticket for Indians is Rs.15 per head whereas for foreigners it is Rs.150 per head. It is open on all days of the week except Tuesday.

  • Birla Mandir Temple

    Birla Mandir Temple is the most famous place in Jaipur

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    The magnificent white marvel set amidst the lush greenery provides respite to the travelers from the busy lives of the city. This temple echoes with the tunes of Lord Vishnus prayers all the time and provides religious bliss to the mind and the soul. This Birla Mandir is located at the base Moti Dungri hill on an elevated ground. Visit this pious Lakshmi Narayan Temple to loose yourself in the spiritual aura of this place.

  • Govind Devji Temple

    Govind Devji Temple is the most famous place in Jaipur

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    Located in the City Palace Complex, the Govind Devji Temple is a sacred temple constructed in the name of Lord Krishna by Emperor Akbar. The idol of Govind Devji, an incarnation of Lord Krishna, is said to resemble the image of the actual god completely. Visit this sacred temple to attain spiritual peace and upliftment of the soul.

  • Rambagh Palace

    Rambagh Palace is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    Rambagh Palace served as the seat of the Maharajas of Rajasthan in the past. This royal palace built in 1835 is now transformed into a luxury hotel comprising of 78 suites and extravagant rooms. This palace is still donned with hand-carved marble jalis, chhatris, sandstone balustrades, and lavish Mughal gardens. It is a popular location for hosting events on a grand scale in Jaipur.

  • Raj Mandir Cinema

    Raj Mandir Cinema is the most famous place in Jaipur

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    If you are a movie buff and want to spend some time watching the latest Bollywood movies, then Raj Mandir, located on the Bhagwan Das Road is the apt location. One of the largest movie theaters in the country, Raj Mandir is famous for its modern architecture and opulent interiors. It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance, as this movie theatre is jam packed even on weekdays.

  • Chokhi Dhani Village

    Chokhi Dhani Village  Of Indology is the most popular place in Jaipur

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    If you want to experience the true essence of Rajasthani culture, their food, costumes and dance forms, then Chokhi Dhani is the best location for you. The idea behind this artificially created village is to bring the modern generation closer to the roots of their culture and make them aware of the lifestyle of a typical Rajasthani village. The entry fee for adults is Rs.600-Rs.900 and for children below 3.5 feet is Rs.350- Rs.650.

  • Dolls Museum

    Dolls Museum is the most amazing place in Jaipur

    Image Source :

    The Dolls Museum is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for children and even adults. Located near the Albert Hall, this Museum houses a large variety of dolls and puppets that will fill you with nostalgia. This one of its kind museum attracts tourists from across the country for its splendid collection of dolls and other figurines.

  • The Monkey Temple

    Monkey Temple is the most famous place in Jaipur

    Image Source :

    The Monkey Temple is in the complex of the Galtaji Temple. Situated at a distance of 10 km from Jaipur in the town of Khania Balaji, this temple got its name from the large tribe of monkeys that have inhabited this temple complex. The monkeys or rhesus macaques of this temple were featured in the show Rebel Monkeys aired on National Geographic Channel. Visit this temple to have an interesting encounter with numerous monkeys and have real fun.

  • Conclusion

    Having read that, the people of the pink city welcome every traveler with open arms. Jaipur, the city of palaces will serve the traveler in you that you might have lost due to the busy schedule of your daily life. Pack your bags and get going because Jaipur is waiting for you.

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