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  • 7 Delicious Sri Lankan Foods You Should Try

    Sri Lanka's food resembles South Indian food, but still it carries its own form of cuisine. After trying a few Sri Lankan dishes, certain things about them can easily be uttered. Sri Lankans, for example, love to use spices in their dishes, crave deep fried and largely use coconut as an ingredient. Sri Lanka is an island, and therefore, foods like fish, crabs, shrimps, coconuts are easily available.

    Sri Lanka's common food which is mostly eaten at homes is rice and curry, but other dishes are also very yummy. So, dont forget to try a variety of dishes when you're planning to Sri Lanka tour. Find out seven deliciously yummy dishes to enjoy in Sri Lanka.

  • Kottu Roti

    Kottu Roti

    It's common to see kottu roti maker on the streets in Sri Lanka. It's, in general, a stir-fry which came up as a simple way of utilizing leftovers. To prepare kottu roti, pieces of bread (roti) are mixed together with pieces of meat or finely cut vegetables, ginger and garlic, spices and soya sauce on a flat, hot iron skillet.

  • Dhal Curry

    Dhal Curry

    Rice and curry is one to the usual foods of Sri Lanka. To prepare Dhal curry, red lentils (masoor dhal) is cooked in coconut milk with tomatoes, Onions and green chilies. Various spices like cumin seeds, fenugreek, turmeric, pandan leaves and mustard seeds are also used in it. Dhal curry is served with rice, roti (bread) or with other dishes.

  • Egg Hoppers

    Egg Hoppers

    Egg Hopper is a traditional breakfast food and has a bowl kind of shape. Ingredients which are used to make egg hoppers are coconut water, coconut milk, sugar, yeast, brown rice flour, salt, soda water, eggs and rapeseed oil. They are served with a spicy sambol a spicy sauce made from chili peppers and other ingredients.

  • Sour Fish Curry (Fish Ambul Thiyal)

    Sour Fish Curry (Fish Ambul Thiyal)

    The origin, in Southern Sri Lanka, of this dish is somewhat interesting as it emerged as a method to preserve fish. Cubed fish, basically tuna, is mixed with a variety of spices such as cinnamon, garlic, curry leaves, pandan leaves, turmeric and black pepper and sauteed. The most important ingredient which is used in this dish is goraka (a tamarind-like fruit), which gives a distinctive flavor to the fish.

  • Watalappan


    Watalappan is a sweet dish and made of coconut milk and jaggery sugar cane is used to prepare jaggery. Jaggery provides an excellent flavor and color to this dish. some of the ingredients which are used in this dish are thick coconut milk Or coconut cream, jaggery, salt, mixed spice powder, cashews, brown sugar, water and butter. Many people use brown sugar in place of jaggery. Watalappan is very popular in Sri Lanka.

  • Chicken Curry (Kukul mas curry)

    Chicken Curry (Kukul mas curry)

    In Sri Lanka, it's a common household dish. Chicken curry is cooked in a variety of ways because of the region and taste differences. Some of the ingredients which are used in this dish include chicken, curry powder, coconut oil, water, tomato paste and various spices. Coconut contributes to making the curry thick, tasty and providing a good texture.

  • Wood Apple

    Wood Apple

    At the last but not the least, wood apple is a Southeast Asian fruit. Walking through a market or streets you might come across the aroma of wood apple as the sellers selling its juice can be found at these places. However, wood apple can also be eaten by removing its shell, many people prefer to its juice.

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