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  • 8 Coolest Underwater Hotels Around The World

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    8 Coolest Underwater Hotels Around The World

    Hello, readers.
    We're back and glad to share an interesting topic again. So without wasting the precious time, let's begin with it.

    Though the sea facing hotels and resorts are regarded as a romantic destination, they've been too mainstream for all. 5 out of 12 couples prefer a sea facing resort/hotel that offers a rich view of the enormous sea. Alright, we're done here with the sea facing ones, so let's begin the hotels that are beneath the waters.

    You do not have to apply any rocket-science because you'll be tantalized after seeing the beguiling beauty of an underwater hotel. How'd you feel staying in an underwater hotel (among the marine creatures) for a couple of days along with your partner? Of course, you'll be amazed. Residing in a submerged suite is an experience in itself and millions of holidaymakers aspire to relish it. Though there are various underwater hotels in the world, we've shortlisted some astounding ones. Take a look at them.

  • Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden

    Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden - Underwater Hotel

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    If you're in Sweden (and ready to spend extra Swedish Krona) then here's the ultimate heaven for you. Known by the name of Utter Inn Hotel, this hotel is the lone underwater hotel in Sweden! Full of luxuries and essential amenities, Utter Inn is a perfect spot for spending an adventurous weekend while getting cozy with your partner.

    Specialty- Fishing, swimming, and basking in the sun

  • Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives

    Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives - Underwater Hotels

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    The islands of Maldives are considered as the perfect honeymoon destination. Alright, being unbiased, it is a remarkable choice for spending holidays. But if you're given a chance to luxuriate at Conrad Hotel, would you deny? Obviously, you would not. Utterly opulent, Conrad is one of the exquisite underwater hotels in the world. Savoring the food amid the marine creatures and in the VIP suites, some feet below the earth is simply an amazing experience.

    Specialty- The suites of this hotel have transparent walls

  • Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives

    Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives - One of the luxurious underwater hotel in the world.

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    Sipping your favorite beverage or munching a delectable dish with the sea creatures- doesn't that sound fictitious? Well, it isn't fictitious. Per Aquum Niyama is a famous underwater hotel of Niyama Group. The underwater hotel lies six meters below the island and is an intriguing place. It is a great place to spend a calm evening with the loved ones. Want to experience its lavishness, spend some Maldivian Rufiyaa to relish the luxury underwater.

    Specialty- Scuba diving and cruising in the Indian Ocean

  • Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

    Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai - Most luxurious underwater hotel in the world.

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    A vacation in Dubai is always unforgettable as you get to see the lavishness in the very nook & corner. One such jewel in the crown in Dubai is the underwater hotel by the name of Atlantis, The Palm. It is a remarkable hotel that is situated on a palm tree-shaped island. This palatial edifice is a luxurious accommodation that is known for its underwater suites. You'll always cherish the stay in this hotel. Want to know why? Umm, you should spend some days over there.

    Specialty- Visiting the Dolphin Bay, sea lion point, exploring the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and much more.

  • Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida

    Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida is one of the levish underwater hotel in the world.

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    Wouldn't that be awesome when you've to scuba dive each time to reach your room? Of course, it will be for many venture freaks that are holidaying. Let us tell you about Jules' Undersea Lodge. It is one of the famous underwater hotels in the world. Located in the United States, it is a 22 room hotel including a bar, lodge, conference hall, wedding chapel, and spa. That's indeed a cool holiday destination.

    Specialty- Scuba diving and Fishing

  • The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

    The Manta Resort, Zanzibar is one of the best underwater hotel in the world.

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    Spending a special time with your spouse is truly romantic. But what if we say you can enjoy it even better beneath the calm & crystal clear waters? Nope, we aren't high but yes, chumming beneath the water is a bonzer experience. The Manta Resort in Zanzibar is a haven for the holidaymakers, especially honeymooners that are all set for spending some special days underwater. Residing in the underwater rooms of this resort is an experience in itself.

    Specialty- Canoeing, scuba diving and fishing.

  • Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji

    Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji is one of the expensive and luxurious underwater hotel in the world.

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    It rests 40 feet under the sea! That means the corals, squids, and octies will be your neighbors. Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Fiji is an extravagant underwater hotel. It is an under construction hotel that is receiving its final touch and is set to welcome the guests from across the world. It will have an intriguing option for reaching the rooms via transparent capsule lift! Doesn't that sound astounding?

    Specialty- Scuba diving, jet skiing (as expected)

  • Lovers Deep, Caribbean

    Lovers Deep, Caribbean is one of the popular underwater hotel in the world.

    Image Source :

    The Caribbean is a holiday destination that never lets anyone down. Its underwater hotel that goes by the name Lovers Deep is an exotic destination, especially for the honeymoon couples. People have a fantasy of spending a couple of days at this underwater hotel. It has mind-boggling facilities like bar, gym, and underwater suites that'll spellbind you for sure.

    Specialty- Clubbing, scuba diving, and motor boating.

  • Whoa! That was a truly amazing and a crisp description of the underwater hotels around the world. All of the above-listed names serve as an amazing holiday destination for all. Most probably, you've selected one for your next vacation. What's next? Luggage packing, ticket booking, flying to the holiday destination, and enjoying each moment to the fullest.

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