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  • 9 Best Water Parks in Bangalore

    By: Admin | In: Adventure Places | Last Updated: 2017-10-30

    9 Top Amusement Water Parks in Bangalore

    Bangalore is not only a corporate hub but also a lively city that offers some blood-tingling activities, especially for the 'water babies'! With a gamut of water parks, Bangalore offers a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities for a well-spent weekend or vacation. Endowed with ample of changing rooms, lavatories, and lockers for keeping the valuables, these parks are systematically organized for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

    Let's take a dip to explore more about the amazing water parks in Bangalore -

  • Wonderla

    Wonderla is the most famous water park in bangalore

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    One of the largest water parks in Bangalore: Wonderla is located 28kms from Bengaluru. The expanse of 82 acres houses 56 rip-roaring rides, offering a substantial dose of amusement to every age group. The attractive add-on as the Jungle Lagoon, disco rain dance, Lazy River, and Fun Racers are utterly addictive, especially for the kids. After you finish with the meandering water slides, don't forget to curb your hunger at the amazing food joints serving a gamut of cuisines, making Wonderla a wonderful destination for a delightful weekend!

    Ticket:INR 920 onwards, Sat- Sun: INR 1840 onwards
    Timings: Mon-Fri: 11am-6pm, Sat- Sun: 11am-7pm

  • Neeladri Amusement and Water Park

    Neeladri Amusement and Water Park is one of the famous water park in bangalore.

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    The inaugural theme park in the city of Bangalore, Neeladri Amusement and Water Park is positioned on the Hosur road. Still, one of the chosen hangouts of the locals of the city, the park is spread over 30 acres of land with 45 different water and land-based rides that include the Zyclone, Water Chute, Water Slide, and lot more. These mind-numbing rides are completely safe to try, as these are operated by the trained staff of the water park.The water park is the greatest respite for the locals and the tourists from the sweltering summers of Bangalore!

    Ticket:Adult: 40 INR, Children: 20 INR.
    Mon-Sun: 11am 7pm

  • Fun World

    Fun World is one of the popular water park in bangalore

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    A short ride away from the buzz of the city, Fun World offers a plethora of rides for your little adventurer. The park is spread over an expanse of 22 acres of green landscape, nestled in the heart of Bangalore city. Loosen yourself in the Wow World of video games or Splish-splash in the exhilarating slides and wave pool of the Water World. The Pendulum, Wave-pool, Cyclone, etc. will surely get your adrenaline back to work. The indoor Snow World will surely captivate your little one, as it is a perfect way to beat the summer!

    Ticket: 550 INR onwards
    Timings: 11 am onwards

  • GRS Fantasy Park

    GRS Fantasy Park is one of the top water park in bangalore

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    Settled on the Mysore-Bengaluru highway, GRS Fantasy Park is one of the most sought-after water parks in Bangalore. It is an amusement cum aqua park that tickles the senses of all age groups. The park is popular for its wave pool, kids pool, 5 D virtual ride, dragon's den, pendulum slide, etc. The outdoor food court with a Mc. Donald outlet will surely urge you to come again and again.

    Ticket: INR 650 onwards
    Timings: 10.30am-6pm

  • Innovative Film City

    Innovative Film City has  a totally new concept as an amusement park in bangalore

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    This family-friendly park in the city of Bangalore has a totally new concept as an amusement park. This land of entertainment encompasses the most innovative activities, especially for the kids. Spread across the acreage of 50 acres, the park boasts a Wax Museum, Mini Golf, Bungee Jumping,and Fossil Museum. The fun doesn't end here! Once you have finished exploring the park, put on your swimsuit and get ready to dash and splash at the exhilarating slides in the Water Kingdom. The in-house amphitheater showcases the famous laser water shows, musical concert, and live performance at the regular intervals. Your kids will definitely love an encounter with the roaming zombies, skeletons, and ghosts at the Haunted Mansion! Go Karting, zip lining, and dirt biking will make your experience truly ethereal. Before leaving don't forget to have a Mc. Donald's burger or chill out in the Hang Out Lounge at the food-court.

    Ticket: INR 600 onwards
    Timings: 10am-7pm

  • Crazy Waters

    Crazy Waters is one of the best water park in bangalore

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    Nestled on the Bannerghatta Main road, Crazy Waters is positioned amidst the crazy rocky landscapes. Offering a hefty amount of excitement and splash, The main attractions of this park are Parachute Tower, Circular ride, Formula-2, Family slide, etc. Tunneling down from the fiber tunnels is another exciting activity to explore. The park boasts a giant water slide and half a dozen more rollicking rides. For the visitor's convenience, rented swimwear is also available here.

    Ticket: Children: 80 INR: Adults: 100 INR
    Timings: 10am-6pm on weekdays: 10am-7pm on weekends and holidays.

  • Snow City

    Snow City is a snow-themed amusement center or park in bangalore

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    A complete zone of chilled out activities, Snow City is a snow-themed amusement center that is a part of the gigantic Fun World Complex at JC Nagar in Bangalore. The best hide out from the scorching heat of Bangalore, this place houses Snow balling, Mountain Climbing, Ice skating/skiing, fancy Snow Castle, and many other beguiling activities beneath the thick layers of snow. So, if your kids are nagging for not making their vacations happening, just take them to the Snow City and be overjoyed.

    Ticket: 400 INR- Weekdays: 500 INR- Weekends (45-minute session)
    Timings: 10 to 8 pm

  • Lumbini Garden

    Lumbini Garden is one of the famous water park and tourist place in bangalore

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    With an array of water boats floating on the Nagawara Lake, the Lumbini Garden offers you some soothing moments of tranquility, unlike other water parks. Positioned around the Nagawara Lake, the garden is profusely embraced by the toddlers, who love the joy rides better than the ones that twirl or drib. Adults can take a stroll around the lush green garden or go boating while their kids are enjoyingthe toy trains, water slides, trampolines, and wave pools. And don't forget to appease your taste buds by gorging scrumptious cuisines served by the floatingrestaurant of the Lumbini Garden.

    Ticket: INR 50 onwards
    Timings: 11am-7pm

  • Bal Bhavan is one of the popular amusement park in bangalore for kids.

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    As the name suggests, Bal Bhavan is an amusement park, essentially for the kids. Named after the first Prime Minister of India Pdt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Jawahar Bal Bhavan was created as a leisure center for children in 1967. Housing the fun-filled swings, tree houses, toy trains, horse rides, dolls museum, and boating, it is one of the favorite recreational centers for the kids.

    Ticket: 10 INR
    Timings: Monday- Friday: 10:30am 10pm
    Weekends: 9:30 am 10pm

  • Dotted with a gamut of amusement parks and water parks, the Bangalore city has become a favorite tourist spot, especially for the kids. If you doubt this fact, then just try telling your kid about these water parks in Bangalore and see what happens next!

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