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  • 9 World's Most Luxurious Buses

    9 World's Most Luxurious Buses

    How are Yall? This time, were here to talk about luxury and it doesnt include any kind of castles, palaces, or hotels. The new and interesting topic for the day is about the luxury buses. First of all, if youre thinking that it would be about Volvos, the answer is a no. Though Volvo buses are luxurious, youll get to know something more than Volvo.

    Just imagine, wouldnt it be dumbfounding if you get a chance to live inside a bus that exactly resembles an executive suite of a seven-star hotel?
    Thats entirely true, the new dawn of the luxury arrived long back and its magical touch gave a wonderful makeover to the buses as well. Many automobile companies designed and launched their super luxury buses that are equipped with the modern day amenities. Even the vanity vans arent anywhere to be seen in front of them. Roll the drums and raise the curtain, here is the look at some super luxury buses in the world.

  • The Vantare Platinum Plus

    The Vantare Platinum Plus is one of the luxurious bus

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    Seriously, this bus is not less than a house on wheels. We arent lying because this bus is spacious enough to accommodate a king size bed, plasma television, alluring interiors, tipple cabinets (oh yeah), and a washroom as well! Even a vanity van is not equipped in this manner. Traveling in The Vantare Platinum Plus is a home like an experience in true words.

    Cost- 2.5 million USD

  • Prince Sultan Bin Fahds Bus

    Prince Sultan Bin Fahds Bus is one of the luxury bus

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    Thats a sheikhs bus and you can expect anything (excluding the supernatural). Prince Sultan Bin Fahads Bus is the personal property of the rich Arab, Sultan Bin Fahad. His decker bus is a mini-hotel. If you do not believe, let us tell you that it has leather interiors, a lounge, and 2 royal bedrooms. This might sound unrealistic but is entirely true. Moreover, special attendants have been hired for the maintenance of the bus. Ostentatiously opulent!

    Cost- 3 million USD (approx)

  • Country Coach Magna 630

    Country Coach Magna 630 is a super luxury bus

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    If you are a sports car freak and adore carrying that beauty every time then this coach is designed exclusively for you. Country Coach Magna 630 is a super luxury bus that has posh interiors. This bus has an inbuilt garage that can carry the sports car without any hassle. Ultra modern interiors of the rooms equipped with the latest plasma television- this bus simply excels in terms of the aristocracy over the modern touch!

    Cost- 4.95 million USD

  • Unicat Amerigo International

    Unicat Amerigo International is a luxury bus

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    Its exteriors might give an impression of it being a garbage truck but do not believe what your eyes see. Unicat Amerigo International is a luxury bus that is owned by the affluent class. UAI is equipped with solar panels from where it derives its power. Not only this, it also has a huge gas tank, a kitchen, and a customizable master suite. Whoa! Thats enough to explore the less explored destinations without leaving the comfort zone.

    Cost- 5 million USD

  • 2015 Monaco Dynasty 45P

    2015 Monaco Dynasty is a jaw-dropping luxurious bus

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    2015 Monaco Dynasty is a jaw-dropping luxurious bus. If you havent seen a lounge that travels places, you do not own a model of this bus. The ostentatious porcelain interiors and the ceiling fitted with the LED lights give the feel as if youre sitting in a lounge. Interestingly, the furniture can be customized accordingly. The couch can be turned into a bed as well for a good nights sleep.

    Cost- 5.58 million USD

  • The Newmar King Aire

    The Newmar King Aire is one of the best luxury bus

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    The Newmar King Aire is one of the best luxury buses that rule the roads like an emperor. This bus is powered by 600 HP turbo diesel engine and has made an appearance on the Indian roads as well. Talking about the interiors, they are awe-inspiring. This bus carries wooden cabinets attached with sofas and a mini kitchen. Even we are imaging the same.

    Cost- 4 million USD (approx)

  • 2014 Country Coach Prevost

    2014 Country Coach Prevost

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    Here comes the Big Daddy. Country Coach Prevost has a praiseworthy repertoire in the automobile industry. Country Coach Prevost is adorned with all the facilities that you can imagine, wait, you cannot. It is a 5-star hotel equipped with the sofas, LED lights, bedroom, kitchen, and a liquor cabinet. The interiors of the bus are customizable. What else do you need?

    Cost- 8 million USD

  • 2015 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach

    2015 Foretravel IH-45 uxury bus is superior bus

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    The striking features of this luxury bus are superior to the interiors of a limo. Foretravel IH-45 Motor Coach is truly a home on wheels. This luxury bus is equipped with the 20,000-kilowatt generator that operates the AC and interior lightening. Moreover, the floor of the bus is adorned with the wooden floor, decorated walls, and soundproof mirrors. It never fails to turn heads whenever it runs on roads.

    Cost- 1.30 million USD

  • The Prevost H3-45 VIP

    The Prevost H3-45 VIP is one of the super luxury bus

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    Covering a journey in the Prevost H3-45 VIP is an experience in itself. It is similar to visiting places while being at home. Its spectacular porcelain roof fitted with the LEDs, marble floor, an extra space for windows etc. makes it an outstanding personal luxury bus to be owned. Even the vanity vans are nothing in front of the Prevost H3-45 VIP.

    Cost- 1.60 million USD

  • This is what you call a king-size lavish ride. The luxury buses like this are manufactured on a large scale but, are owned by the opulent class. Their rich interiors and modern amenities make them a great home like stay, even if a person is traveling places!

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