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  • Adventure Guide Tips

    Adventure Guide Tips

    From a first time traveler to an adventure freak, everyone is fond of adventure trips. It not only recharges your inner soul but at the same time gives you immense pleasure and feel of thrill.

    All kind of adventure sports carry at least some amount of risk and obstacles, therefore always be prepared for it and have guts to overcome them.

    Do your homework; choose the best adventure location to visit beforehand. Beginners and Newbies should avoid choosing adventure spots which are risky and where no one has dared to step. If traveling with a family and kids, plan to go risk free and comfortable location.
    Always be prepared for emergencies in advance, especially on an adventure tour. Just be cautious to avoid such emergencies.
    Here is the list of adventure travel tips and guidelines which every traveler should be alert of, whether traveling alone or with family.

  • Trekking, Climbing, Cycling And Biking

    Always wear proper trekking & climbing shoes while heading for trekking and climbing tour. Uncomfortable pair of shoes can badly injure the feet and can lead to serious foot injuries. Prefer wearing synthetic blended socks to preclude feet sweat and moisture. While cycling and biking try to move at a constant speed. Keep a close check on its speed. Be alert to see all kinds of obstacles coming in your way.

  • Aero Sports- Ballonning, Hang Gliding, Para Gliding

    Before heading for any kind of aero sport prefer joining a training course or aero sports club to get the hang of that particular aero sport. Try to be physically strong and mentally prepared for aero sports.

  • Water Sports- White Water Rafting, Snorkeling, Underwater Diving & Canoeing & Kayaking

    Be it any kind of water sport including whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, underwater diving or snorkeling, all involve some amount of risks. Therefore, always hire an experienced water sport guide and follow all the instructions provided by him.

    Do choose water sport which seems appropriate to the age group you fall in. Children and old age people should not try much riskier water sports.

  • Wildlife And Safaries

    Do research on wildlife and their habitat before commencing the trip. Visit wild life sanctuaries and safaris where you can view maximum number of wild animals and birds. Always treat wild animals with care and respect. Never make fast movements and loud noises as it can disturb and irritate them. Be cautious and try not to disturb them or come in their way as they can pose a threat to your life.

  • However, whichever adventure sport a traveler would like to experience, it is advisable to observe and follow all the safety tips and measures to avoid any kind of risk or hurdle.

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