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  • Adventure Safety Tips

    Be it any kind of adventure trip, for instance - Trekking, Rock Climbing, Whitewater Rafting, Paddling, Rock Climbing, Snorkeling, Underwater Diving, Kayaking Or Canoeing, one should never forget the basic tips and guidelines to remain safe and healthy.

    Do contact the concerned government agency including forest service of that country; park service etc. to get all the details of the place you will be visiting for your adventure tips. Ask their advice and tips on lodging, best restaurants, sightseeing, safe routes, favorable campsites, climatic patterns, wild animals and other such basic information. Do carry mobile phones if possible. Do preview the route and obstacles in the route map and plan accordingly to overcome them.

    Before heading for any kid of adventure trip, do consider all the health risks you and your family may face. Therefore, do collect up to date information on recommended vaccinations to be taken before going to adventure trip anywhere in the whole world. You may also look for history of recurring diseases of that area and take vaccinations or medications accordingly. Do always carry first aid box and other allergy medications along with you.

    If you are heading for an adventure tour, carry several basic things for safe journey including first aid box, sunscreen lotion, sun protection hat, comfortable clothes, sunglasses, sneakers or sports shoes, money belts or hidden pouches & drinking water.


    • While Trekking, do carry sleeping bag, trekking shoes and trekking rope of about 50 meters of length for safe climbing.
    • While White Water Rafting, do arrange lifejackets, rafts, paddles and wetsuits for safe travel. Wear comfort fit life jacket, even a loose jacket will not provide any safety in case of emergency.
    • While Snorkeling, keep yourself safe by wearing snorkeling gadgets including snorkeling mask, snorkel and fins. Never go for snorkeling adventure amidst water currents, waves or complex entries inside the water.
    • While Skiing, always use poles or skiing gadgets to balance you. To be safe, do not stop or halt yourself in blind curve or beneath the hill crest.
    • While Mountain Climbing, always check safety knots before starting. Also check that the ropes are properly tied through both the harness leg loops and waist loop. Also keep in mind whether the harnesses of both the belayer's and climber's buckles are doubled back.
    • While being on Wildlife Adventure or Night Safari, never land off your vehicle to watch wild animals from too close or to click their snaps. It could turn out to be very dangerous as you may get attacked by wild animals. It can endanger your life as well.

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