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  • Airlines Safety Tips

    Nowadays air travel has become essential part of our lives. Be it family vacation, holiday tour, business trip or honeymoon, air travel is considered the best option for traveling.

    Every air passenger plays a very vital role in aviation safety. Therefore he/she should always take accountability for their safety. Every passenger should be familiar with certain security tips and measures while being on flight. Doing so will certainly facilitate saving your time at the airport.

    • Always choose the safest airline for traveling. Do check its previous safety track records.
    • Always pay attention to the preflight briefing about closest emergency exit door in case emergency, fastening your seat belts properly, applying oxygen masks and other important details.
    • Never ignore all important details provided by flight attendant. They are prime source of help in case of emergency and unexpected turbulence.
    • Do not hesitate to ask any query from your flight attendants as they are well versed about all the safety measures.
    • Always tag outer side of your baggage with your name, home address and contact number.
    • Avoid carrying heavy and bulky carry-on baggage's while traveling in an aircraft. Heavy carry-on baggage's can prove to be dangerous in case of emergency turbulence.
    • Do not carry any hazardous materials like tear gas, batteries, radioactive materials, fireworks, gasoline and repellants with you while traveling by aircraft. If needed, get it shipped through cargo containers.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol in an aircraft as it may affect you sturdily.
    • Try to get non stop routing flight. As non stop flight will reduce the chances of accidents while take off and landing.
    • Always be mentally prepared for any type of emergency and plan your actions accordingly.
    • In case of any emergency evacuation, stay calm and never loose your senses. Rather follow the instructions provided by flight attendant and crew members.
    • Be conscious of other passengers and never hesitate to report any suspicious commotion to a flight attendant.

    If you are carrying your pet along with you, then do ask for a safe kennel or crate from airline authorities for its safe and comfortable journey inside the plain.

    While carrying your kid along with you in an aircraft you should always ask for approved child restraint system (CRS) or harness-type restraint for seating your child inside an aircraft.

  • Pregnant women travelers should be extra careful on flights. They should avoid prolonged sitting and dehydration. Prefer carrying water bottle along with you. Increase the intake of liquids to stay fit and to avoid any kind of pregnancy complications.

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