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  • Bangalore To Coorg Road Trip: Plan Your Trip With This Definite Guide

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2022-09-22

    Bangalore To Coorg Road Trip: Plan Your Trip With This Definite Guide

    If you're one of those with a voracious hunger for something new, you unquestionably comprehend the enthusiasm to go out traveling in a weekend. Furthermore, while discussing trips, nothing can beat the excitement of going by street, correct? So why not add an excursion from Bangalore to Coorg to your bucket list of must-dos? Here are the subtleties of heading out from Bangalore to Coorg distance by a street that you want to be aware of before you kicked it into high gear and get rolling.

    Essentials To Know About Bangalore To Coorg Road Trip

  • Coorg: The Emerald Landscape

    Coorg is a grand slope station in Karnataka

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    Envision awakening to the smell of espresso and flavors drifting through the dim air even as the sun rises lethargically to spread its light that is Coorg, the place where there is Kodavas, in the entirety of its essential pith. There isnt any best time to visit Coorg in particular. The place looks amazing and travelers visit it throughout the year. For more details about the trip, visit TourTravelWorl and get the best Coorg tour packages from Bangalore for your upcoming trips.

    Formally known as Kodagu, Coorg is a grand slope station in Karnataka favored by nature's overflow. The spot is known for its verdant espresso manors, sweet-smelling zest gardens, cool environment, wild streams, exquisite cascades, elevated slopes, and moving valleys, all of which deserve the title 'the Scotland of India'.

    Aside from these rich regular resources, Coorg is likewise a social mother lode and a wayfarer's pleasure with a lot of touring and traveling choices. One more key component of the locale is its various homestays where you can rest and partake in a portion of the fine kinds of Kodava cooking.
    Examples, are pandi curry (pork curry), akki roti, and kadambattu (rice balls). Madikeri is the base camp of Coorg and the focal center point of exercises. The distance between Bangalore to Madikeri can be easily covered by a car.

  • How To Complete Coorg Distance From Bangalore By Road?

    Situated in the immaculate Western Ghats, Coorg lies a good ways off of around 245 km from Bangalore. Since the ways to Coorg are very much kept up with, making a trip from Bangalore to Madikeri distance via vehicle or bicycle can be a lovely encounter.

    Best of all, you will want to stop freely and partake in the regular joys of the route. There is beyond what one route you can take to arrive at Coorg. You want around 6 hours to cover the distance, however contingent upon the route you select, the traffic, and the speed of the vehicle, your movement time can differ.

    1: Coorg Distance from Bangalore is 267.9 km if you follow NH75.
    2: Coorg Distance from Bangalore is 248.4 km if you follow NH275,
    3: Coorg Distance from Bangalore is 276.3 km if you follow via NH948 and NH275.

  • Well Known Routes From Bangalore To Coorg

    Well Known Routes From Bangalore To Coorg

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    The best thing about going on a street outing is that you can absorb the magnificence of the traveling route and investigate the puts that fall on the way.
    There are three well-known routes that you can take to venture out from Bangalore to Coorg by street, each with its attractions.

    Highway 1: The Kushalnagar Route
    Highway 2: The Channarayapatna Route
    Highway 3: The Nagarhole Route

  • Highway 1: The Kushalnagar Route

    Here, you will be taking the Mysore-Madikeri Highway to arrive at your objective. You will begin from Bangalore and pass through Ramanagara, Madya, Kushalnagar, and Madikeri, and lastly arrive at Coorg, in around 6 hours. Remember to look at a couple of the vacation spots spotting this route, like the Bhagamandala Temple, Abbi Falls, and the Namdroling Tibetan Monastery. You can likewise visit the Dubare Elephant Camp.

  • Highway 2: The Channarayapatna Route

    Your Coorg trip from Bangalore via vehicle in this route will require around 7 hours. Beginning in Bangalore, the route follows Channarayapatna, Hassan, and Sakleshpur before you arrive at Coorg. Among the traveler features on this route are Chennakesava Temple, Manjarabad Fort, Bisle Ghat, and Belur and Halebeedu. You can likewise investigate the excellence of the Mallalli Falls, one of the charming cascades close to Bangalore.

  • Highway 3: The Nagarhole Route

    Your Coorg trip from Bangalore on this route will likewise require around 7 hours. Here, you will arrive at Coorg employing Ramanagara, Mandya, Nagarhole, and Gonikoppal. This is the ideal route for any individual who needs to partake in nature's excellence while out and about. The Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve and the Nisargadhama Forest are the two puts to visit on this route to Coorg from Bangalore.

  • Best Time To Visit Coorg

    Plan your Coorg tour at the best time that starts in October and ends in March month. Avoid your tour between June to September because it is more likely to be heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall creates trouble in a better traveling experience.

  • How To Go From Bengaluru To Coorg?

    If you are traveling to Coorg by road then you can opt for any one of the options depending upon your mindset.
    1: By Your own car or hired taxi
    2: By Bus

  • How Much Time Is Needed In Coorg?

    If you have enough time to spend then plan a trip for 4 days. one day spent traveling and any other 3 days will be utilized to explore the sightseeing places in Coorg. In a tight schedule, you can go with the 3-day trip plan but becomes a hectic schedule.

  • What Are The Best Places To Visit In Coorg?

    Coorg considers a part of the most famous end-of-the-week escapes close to Bangalore and justifiably. The spot has various attractions - from strongholds and sanctuaries to cascades, castles, and manors - which you can cover in a 2 days excursion to Coorg from Bangalore.

    Read Now To Know Best Places To Visit In Coorg : Spots to Visit in Coorg

    Here is a rundown of 2 days excursion to Coorg from Bangalore.

  • Madikeri Fort

    Madikeri Fort Coorg

    Image Source :

    Madikeri Fort is famous for its glorious history. The famous design is among the many strongholds that were built or revamped by Tipu Sultan. This verifiable construction presently houses the Madikeri Fort Museum which shows an abundance of weaponry and different relics.
    On your road trip from Bangalore to Coorg, do not miss the chance to visit Madikeri Fort.

  • Nalknad Palace

    Nalknad Palace Coorg

    Image Source :

    Nalknad Palace was the last home of the King of Kodagu, Chikka Veerarajendra before the pioneer rulers removed him. Situated close to the Yavakapadi town, the castle gloats of a remarkable mandapa present in the middle. It is accepted that the castle has an underground passage that interfaces it to Madikeri.

  • Raja's Seat

    Raja's Seat - top vacationer focal points of Coorg

    Image Source :

    One of the top vacationer focal points of Coorg, Raja's Seat is a captivating occasional nursery that brags of beautiful wellsprings. Yet, it is the all-encompassing vistas and the great dawns and nightfalls seen from this vantage position that makes it so famous among sightseers.

  • Chelvara Falls

    Chelvara Falls - 40 km away from Madikeri

    Image Source :

    This regular cascade, which is framed by a little stream, is otherwise called Embepare Falls and is around 40 km from Madikeri. Situated inside a forested region, Chelvara Falls presents a perfect image of white water hurrying down against a set of vegetation. The best opportunity to visit the cascades is during the storm season.

  • Bhagandeshwara Temple

    Bhagandeshwara Temple Coorg

    Image Source :

    Viewed as over 1000 years of age, the Bhagandeshwara Temple is devoted to Lord Narayana, Lord Bhagandeshwara, and Lord Subramanya. It remains at the intersection of three waterways, in particular Cauvery, Kannike, and Sujyothi, and draws in guests because of this very reason.

  • Mandalpatti

    Mandalpatti, Coorg

    Image Source :

    Mandalpatti is a ridge and a famous place of interest that has large amounts of regular excellence. Since it is situated at a level of 1600 m, the spot gives entrancing perspectives on the dawn and dusk as well as the encompassing regions.

  • Conclusion

    As you, at last, leave your home after months and begin winding your direction towards this famous slope station in the South, picturesque vistas on the way will mitigate your eyes and your exhausted soul. Some Coorg tour operators provide private cars for hire to reach Coorg from Bangalore. One can also choose Bangalore to Coorg bus to reach their destination and enjoy nature.

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