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  • When To Visit Andaman Islands

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    When To Visit Andaman Islands

    foot of Bay of Bengal, Andaman is an archipelago that is widely popular for its dense forests, scenic beauty and adventurous water sports. Andaman Islands boast a variety of flora and fauna that lure the travelers to this picturesque destination. Over the years, this place has emerged as a popular honeymoon and a vacation spot. There are many people that eagerly want to visit these beautiful islands and admire the beauty, walk on beaches while listening to the oceans music. Not just that, Andaman is visited by the tourists around the calendar for enjoying the thrills of snorkeling and scuba diving.

    So for what are you waiting for? Just go through this guide before you pack the bags for vacationing in Andaman Islands.

  • You Can Reach By

    Airways are the best option for reaching this picturesque spot. Port Blair is well connected by the metropolitan cities and daily flights are available from these cities. Commuting within the city of Port Blair can be done via taxis, autos, cycles, motorbikes etc. Reaching Andaman Islands via seaways is also an option for those staying near the coastal areas, though it takes a longer time, probably 3 days, to reach the islands.

  • And The Delicacies Include

    The cuisine of Andaman Islands is exotic. The staple diet of Andaman Islands is non-vegetarian diet and majorly comprises of dishes that include poultry and sea food like lobsters, crabs and fishes. The increasing number of tourists has also led to opening of restaurants that serve Indian, Chinese and other dishes. So dont worry about your meals.

  • Best Time To Visit Andaman - The Weather Of Andaman Islands

    Andaman Islands one of the most visited islands

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    The scenic beauty of Andaman Islands cannot be described simply by words but its temperatures can be defined easily. As we all know that it is a range of islands, the weather here remains moderate throughout the year. Summers at Andaman Islands are warm; the mercury touches 30o during daytime. Better carry the sunscreen and lotions to protect the skin from the rays of sun.

    Monsoons, on the other hand, restrict the visitors from water sports. The season is not right for any kind of boating. But this doesnt mean that beaches arent accessible. Tourists can be seen on the beaches enjoying the rainfall as well.

    Winter season, or better call it vacation season, is the time of the year when maximum number of the tourists visit the Andaman Islands as the climate remains moderate during the winter season. Winters arent chilli here, but cool sea breeze uplifts the mood during winters the day. The season is suitable for enjoying the thrilling water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • And The Award For The Best Season Goes To

    Andaman Islands is a budget friendly and picturesque destination in India

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    The winter season grabs this award. Winters are not chilling as compared to most of the parts of India and tourists experience a moderate weather of 22o-30o during day. Unlike summers, winters have cool days and nights. Tourists can enjoy the outdoor activities like basking in the sun, spending a nice time on beaches, enjoying the sports like paragliding, trekking etc.

  • Conclusion

    Andaman Islands are magnificent. The archipelago is a home to flora and fauna that are exclusively found near and in the sea. Tourists from all over the country visit this place, especially during winters, as the tourism fest takes places during that time. If youre also planning a trip to the scenic archipelago of Andaman, youve made a correct decision to explore the beauty of Andaman Islands. A budget friendly and picturesque destination awaits your arrival.

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