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  • Best Season To Visit Goa

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    Best Season To Visit Goa

    Excitement gushes through our veins when we hear the name Goa. Be it summer, winter or monsoon, Goa has its own charm that draws a number of tourists towards it. A fun and frolic person can visit this state at any time of the year. Even then, if you want to dig deep so as to know the Best Time to Visit Goa, then it would preferably be during winters due to its cool weather. However, visitors also acclaim that balmy springs and redden summers are the best time for the honeymooners to enjoy their private time.

    Music, dance, entertainment, sightseeing, and much more; Goa diaries is full of pulsating and unforgettable moments.

    Read more to know about the Pearl of the Orient in detail.

  • Goa Weather & Temperature

    December and January are considered to be the most suitable months for visiting Goa

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    December and January are considered to be the most suitable months for visiting Goa. Zero rain, cool mornings & evenings, tranquil beach weather are all you can revel in during these months. The temperature during winters usually goes down to 21C (68F) at night and rises up to 28C (84F) during the day.

    As it is positioned near the Arabian Sea, Goa usually experience hot and humid climate all year round especially in the month of May (35C/95F). A pleasant break from the heat is experienced with the onset of monsoon climate in the month of June (30.3C/86.54F).

  • Best Time to Visit Goa

    Best Season to Visit Goa

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    If you want to get a tan on your body, then the ardent summer sun rays of Goa will be perfect for you. But, if you are already fighting from the scorching heat in your own city then do not prefer this season. Monsoon, however, is not meant for those who are looking for adventurous activities. For them, winter would be the best time to visit Goa.

  • Peak Season to Travel Goa

    Peak Season to Travel Goa

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    October-January is the preferred season to sign up for a Goa excursion. This tourists paradise is at its best during the festive season. To be a part of the celebrations like Christmas, New Year, and sunburn festival, December is the best time. Remember, this is the peak time and you will have to book a hotel in advance. Also, accommodation prices rise up during this time.

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