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  • Bus Travel Tips

    There's something "zen" about long bus trips, being an anonymous face in the sea of travelers, being away from all the stresses and distractions of your every day life, losing yourself in a good book or allowing yourself to kick back and "zone out" as mile after mile rolls by you may be for days, demanding patience and affording leisure time that you will rarely find elsewhere. This is how travelling in bus is like and is also inexpensive and flexible.

    But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while making a trip in bus. We present to you these tips

    • All possible options for the best deal should be looked into, before purchasing the ticket. Students, seniors, military people and children can get discounts. Also, always purchase tickets in advance as it is usually cheaper than buying at last minute.
    • Be sure to inquire about limited time specials that might be running, even if you are making a round trip. Keep in mind, however, that tickets purchased for limited sales usually have traveling limitations, such as blackout dates during which the ticket will not be honored.
    • Rules regarding baggage are very strict, so it is to your benefit to make certain that the amount, size and weight of your luggage are within required limits to avoid hold ups at the terminal. Carry on bags must fit in the overhead rack or under your seat. Contact the bus company for specifications in case you want to carry items like skis and bicycles. Remember that, when transferring buses, you are responsible for claiming your baggage when you leave one bus, keep it with you and check it when you board another bus.
    • Reach at the terminal well before your time of departure, especially when traveling during busy seasons. Since the seats are not assigned, therefore if you arrive early you get more seating choices as boarding is usually on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    • When choosing a seat, always check your comfort. Choose the seat which is most suitable to you and your habits. Also, if there is a bathroom in the bus, avoid taking a seat near to it as it can make your journey quite unpleasant.
    • Always befriend the bus drivers, its going to work for your own benefit. Take a moment to talk with them before departure or during brief stops. If unexpected layovers occur, or if there is any confusion, you will find it easier to get their help or get information from them.
    • During maintenance stops, when the bus is cleaned and serviced, everyone is required to aboard the bus. You can leave your carry on bags, jackets, etc on the coach but keep in mind that the bus companies are not responsible for any missing item. Don't drop anything on the floor as the clean up crew will mop it out without even bothering to check.

  • Whenever the bus stops and you get down, make sure that you come back within the scheduled time, otherwise the bus will leave without you. Also, if something like this happens your luggage will be carried away with bus. So make it a point, anytime the bus stops come back within the scheduled time so that you don't miss it!

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