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  • Camping in Manali: An Incredible Experience to Relish For The Adventure-Enthusiasts

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2019-11-19

    Camping in Manali for the adventure enthusiasts

    Be it with your loving family or with your friends and lovers, the experience of visiting Manali and enjoying life there can be a real bliss. The place is often termed as the abode to the adventure seekers too because of the varied activities which this place offers its visitors to enjoy. So, if you are planning for an ideal spot of hanging out with friends on a short escapade, nothing can beat the idea of taking up riverside camping in Manali.

    Well, if you are thinking about which place to visit in this vacation, it is time to tick the experience of visiting this beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. Here is a guide, which can help you to enhance your experience of camping in Manali, telling exactly where to start and what to do this vacation.

  • Kullu Valley

    The Kullu Valley is also called the Valley of the Gods'. If you want to do some Manali camping there then get ready to find some of the most
    wonderful spots.
    Depending on your preferences, you can find both adventure and tranquillity in Kullu valley. You will find many camps in Manali.
    You can set adventure camps in Manali and enjoy activities like, paragliding, trekking, rafting, rock climbing etc.

  • You can arrange for various types of camps in Manali

    camping in Manali

    Image Source :

    1: Highlander Camp
    2: Riverside Camps
    3: Adventure Camps
    4:Wild Himalayas Camps
    5:Summer Camps in Manali
    6:Natures Outpost Camps
    7:Tall Trees Camps
    8:Deodar Camp
    In short, the different variety of adventurous encounters which this land of Himachal Pradesh provides its tourists even in December can be termed as the most awesome experience, worth enjoying. So, if you are thinking of experiencing the real flavor of adventure in Manali, start planning for your getaway this winter and live your heart out in this beautiful land of snow-capped mountains and valleys.

    There are a number of your advisors who provide pocket-friendly Manali honeymoon tour packages at affordable prices to fit in your budget.

  • Ideal Places for Camping in Manali

    Those days are gone when the idea of camping consisted just of pitching a cute looking tent and watching the beautiful sunrise from the tip of the mountain, sipping some cold beer. This practice of camping has its charm and peace but compared to this, the idea of snow camping in Manali has an entirely different experience.

    It offers quite more than you can imagine. Starting from the adventure of camping at a beautiful location amidst the snow-capped mountains at night to enjoy the fantastic thrills of camping by some riverside, this hill station offers a great range of experience which is filled with the flavors of surprises in every bite.

    Well, if you are looking out for the best places for camping In Manali, the top three places of attractions which you can choose for are:

  • Beas River:

    Beas River Camping in Manali

    Image Source :

    Nothing can beat the fantastic experience of being in a beautiful blend of nature, watching the majestic hills and listening to the sound of the gushing streams. Manali adventure camp can never be a better experience without having a campsite near the Beas River. The River Beas originates from the Beas Kund reaction which is located in the lap of Himalayas. The river cascades from the Himalayas to the Sutlej Basin in the state of Punjab.

    The river stretches for around 470 kilometers. The camp near the river is considered as the most preferred sites of riverside camping in Manali because of the wide range of activities and breath-taking views which it provides.

  • Solang Valley

    Solang Valley Camping

    Image Source :

    Located above the beautiful valley of Kullu, the mesmerizing Solang Valley offers its visitors the most stunning Manali summer campsite which is located at a distance of about fourteen kilometers from the heart of the city. This valley is named after the adjoining village.

  • The Kothi Village

    The Kothi Village Camping

    Image Source :

    Providing proximity to the highway of Lahaul, Spiti, and Leh for the visitors to enjoy, there can be a place more ideal for trekking camp in Manali than Kothi. The place can be described as a small quaint town which is located at a distance of about sixteen kilometers from the heart of Manali. This place is quite famous for its amazing views of the famous gorge.

  • Tips for a Perfect Manali Camping Trip

    Tips for a Perfect Manali Camping Trip

    As per TourTravelWorld, to have a satisfactory trip gathering amazing memories from Manali trekking camp; it is advised to keep a minimum of three days in hand to enjoy the real flavors of trekking. It is directed to blend the idea of camping with Adobe tire activities to enhance your overall experience.

    It is recommended to customize the tour package according to your preferences so that it can pay you back the better value of the Manali camping price. Ensure packing all your essentials in a bag pack and avoid carrying the excess load. Always wear sturdy shoes while trekking and explore the beautiful land of the Himachal.

  • The Ideal Time for Camping in Manali

    The Ideal Time for Camping in Manali

    Image Source :

    The weather of Manali can be better described as:

    1 : The summer season starts roughly from March and continues till June with its average temperature ranging between 10C to 25 C.
    2 : Next comes the monsoon season which starts from July to the mid of September. The average temperature range during this time stays between 11C to 15 C.
    3: Winters start from October continuing up to February with an average temperature range of -15C to 12C.

    The period between May to June is considered as the best time for camping In Manali, the most enthralling land of Himachal. Focusing on the idea of camping, well, it can be said that going in for treks and camps in Manali in December is the best idea. It is because the camping experience of this season provides a wide range of wonders which you can cherish all your life.

    Be it the magical snowfall or witnessing the most soul-touching sunrise and soaking yourself in the exotic views of the snow-capped Himalayas, the idea of camping could not be better. So, if you are more of an adventurous spirit, you should better go in for trekking camps in Manali during the winters and enjoy the activities like skiing, paragliding, etc. by taking up Manali camping packages.

  • Average budget for Manali Adventure Camp

    Average budget for Manali Adventure Camp

    Image Source :

    The Manali trip cost depends entirely upon the different factors like season you are visiting in, the duration of your stay, the inclusions and the exclusions.

    At an average, the budget For Camping in Manali for a day ranges roughly between 1500 INR to 2500 INR for each person. This basic package provides the following options:

    Shared Accommodation is based on double or triple sharing options. (Taxes excluded)
    Three courses of meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    A basic adventure package which includes activities like repelling, rock climbing, crossing the valley, flying fox, and other related activities.
    Apart from this, if you are visiting Manali from some city near to it like Delhi, the cost of the Manali Holiday Package will vary greatly based on the mode of transport the traveler is opting for. The average cost of traveling to Manali can be described as:

    Via flights: The cost of flight from New Delhi to the Kullu Manali Airport can cost around 5000 INR for each person in case of a round trip. This cost avails if the booking is done about 45 days before the date of departure.

    Via Train:for going to Manali, the nearest railhead which would take you there is Jogindernagar Railway Station. As there are no direct trains available in ten routes from Delhi to this place, the cost of the break joiner can cost you a rough amount of 2000 INR for one way journey.

    Via Bus: The option of road transport is the cheapest and convenient way to reach the beautiful tourist attraction site of Himachal, Manali. The average cost of the one way journey of the bus can cost you around INR 1000 for each person via the HRTC state buses or via the private Volvo buses.

  • Bhuntar

    People who do not like to be around too many people, and like staying in a less crowded, isolated region then Bhuntar is the perfect destination for
    Bhuntar is located in Manali's isolated regions. In this place, you will find the best adventure camps in Manali.
    This place is a pretty basic campsite where you can find almost everything which is required for surviving in the woods. The majority of all facilities
    will be found here in the woods.
    Visiting this place will give you a different experience of Manali camping. Situated right next to a river which will provide you with an absolutely
    unique experience of camping.

  • Sethan

    If you are a person who loves offbeat travelling then Sethan is the most perfect campsite for you. If you want to enjoy Manali adventure camp, away
    from the hustle-bustle and the crowd then Sethan is the best venue for you.
    It is situated in the depth of restricted area in Manali. This location is great for enjoying your Manali camping package. Also, this place is almost
    800m above Manali. You can enjoy a stunning view from of the whole Kullu valley from the top
    The adventure camps in Manali are surrounded by some fresh organic farms. This camp is located 15kms away from Manali and has apple farms all
    around it.
    Also, not many people know about this place hence, it is not made dirty by other travellers.

  • Tirthan Valley

    Tirthan valley is Himachal's best secret which is enriched with a delightful view. Along with that, you can also enjoy some Manali trekking, at an
    altitude of around 1600 ft.
    If you want to enjoy nature at its finest then Tirthan valley is perfect for providing you with that. You enjoy both the gorgeous views and the
    The Manali camping groups visit this valley as they can experience some of the best adventures here. And then for taking a break from all the noise
    then trek up to enjoy the calm and peaceful environment.

  • Village Sarsai

    Village sarsai is situated in the Sarsai district. It is a beautiful, pristine place for setting adventure camps in Manali.
    It is just 20 minutes from Manali. This wonderful campsite is placed on Kullu-Manali bypass. There is lush greenery everywhere.
    There are Manali camping groups who have luxury tents and campsite houses. There are greenery, snowy mountains and a peaceful environment,
    which is a perfect place for a campsite.

  • Bhanu Bridge

    If you are looking for some adrenaline rush then you must visit the Bhanu bridge in Manali. You can enjoy Manali camping under the stars, have fun
    in the Riverside camping.
    You can spend some time lying there in the heart of beautiful hills and listen to the gushing sounds of the waves.
    You can find some of the best Manali adventure camp in Bhanu bridge. Along with that, you can also go for river rafting.

  • Tentsville Camping

    Tentsville camping is situated in district Bhanupal in Kullu. It is one of the best sites for setting up camps in Manali.
    You can experience both luxury and adventure in this Manali camping package. This place is shadowed by waterfalls, wildlife, valleys, gorgeous
    mountains and tall pine trees.
    You can have the best Manali camping experience in Tentsville camping because both its day and night are equally lively. The bonfire, along with
    the twinkling stars, everything would seem perfect.

  • Haripur

    If you want to have a luxurious Manali camping then Haripur is the best place for you. This place is for such people who want to have some
    adventure but they also can not leave their comfort zone.
    Haripur has kept you sorted then, as you will find some of the most impressive cottages and well-furnished tents there.
    Apart from just Manali trekking you can also enjoy a few other activities, like doing yoga or fishing.

  • Into wild Himalayas camp

    If you want to enjoy riverside camps in Manali then Into wild Himalayas are perfect campsite for you.
    You will find Swiss tents with luxury furnishings. Along with that, you will also be offered with LCD TVs and attached bathrooms. Make sure you go
    for this Manali camping package if you need to spend some alone quality time.

  • Kia Camps

    You will find the Kia camps set amidst the wonderful landscapes which will make your trip to the mountains worth it.
    In this campsite, you will find some of the cosiest accommodation along with music, bonfire and delicious meals.
    This Manali camping package will also provide you with some adventurous activities like rappelling, trekking, flying fox etc.

  • Apart from being just a popularly visited hill station, Manali can be described as an awe-inspiring place that has gained a new reputation with the trend of camping trips in Manali has gained popularity. Just from being a summer capital, it has got itself transformed into the most visited hill station which can offer you the best memories with your friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which are the best adventure camps in Manali?
    Manali is considered as a haven for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. People from all over the world are going for camping in Manali. The best adventure camps during visit to Manali and other tourist places in Manali are Himtrek camps, waterfall camping, hermits camp and café, soli-tree camps, Footloose camps, tentsville Manali, etc. These are considered to be the best adventure camps where you can enjoy all types of adventure in Manali.
  • How to book a camping tour in Manali?
    To visit the camps in Manali you need to go to the website of Goibibo, Makemytrip, TripAdvisor, etc to book the camps. There are lots of camps available in Manali. You can book camps through luxurious hotels or directly through travel websites, making payment online, and enjoy the place for a lifetime experience. However, you can book Manali visiting places online and enjoy your trip.
  • Which are the best camps in Solang Valley?
    There are several camps in Solang valley which attracts tourist for enjoying the beauty of nature along with various activities which are popular in Manali such as river camping, trekking, river rafting, etc. However, some of the best camps in Solang valley are Hamta Village popular for snow camping, Shang Road Apple Orchard camping, Sethan Village camping, Bijli Mahadev Trek, Tentsville, Highlander Camp Manali, Atithi Camp, and Village Resorts, etc.
  • Which are the best places for visiting to camps in Manali?
    Manali has no dearth for sites for pitching a tent, lighting a bonefire, and spending a night under the clear gaze of twinkling starlight. Manali tourist place offers tons of camping options from jungle camps, trekking camps, and riverside camps. However, some popular camping places are Tirthan Valley, Solang Valley, and Bijli Mahadev. You have the option to choose the camping which you like and prefer in this beautiful hill station that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush greenery everywhere.
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