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  • A Compete Guide For Camping In Mussoorie

    By: Palak Jain | In: Weekend Getaways | Create Date: 2021-05-19

    A Compete Guide For Camping In Mussoorie

    Camping is among the most exquisite ways for our families and friends to enjoy nature. It is fun and encourages to discover the places in the fullest possible way. Camping is a must for various types of travelers thanks to warm fires, quiet silence, and light mornings.rnrnMussoorie is among the best campsites that friends and family could visit. It is at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level, alternatively known as "Queen of hills." Thus the weather is always nice and cold all year round, which tends to make it even more exciting for camping in Mussoorie. It's always a delight to camp with Mussoorie Holiday Packages from TourTravelWorld.

  • 3 Best Camping Sites In Mussoorie

    Here are the three best-camping sites in Mussoorie

    1: Mussoorie Camp Resort
    2: Northern Adventure Camp & Cottages
    3: Camp Carnival Kanatal

  • Mussoorie Camp Resort

    Mussoorie Camp Resort

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    Enjoy a sparkling, luxury camping experience. You can appreciate the lap of the natural world at the Mussoorie Camp-Resort. Feel the tranquillity as you enjoy different camp activities, including some laps of a swimming pool. The employees are also incredibly loving and beneficial and make your stay as happy as possible.

    Location: Kempty Road, Charleville, Uttarakhand - 248179

  • Northern Adventure Camp And Cottages

    Northern Adventure Camp And Cottages

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    It is among the pleasant and comfortable campgrounds. The best activity for individuals is trekking and natural walking. There are also recreational things like camp games. The nighttime bonfire with groovy tunes, which tends to attract so many individuals, for Mussoorie adventure camping.

    Location: George Everest road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand - 248179

  • Camp Carnival Kanatal

    Camp Carnival Kanatal

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    This is one of Mussoorie's most magnificent campsites. This hamlet in Uttaranchal has been well known. The view of the Garhwal Himalayas is indeed pleasurable and fantastic. There are interesting and exciting activities, like Climbing, Rappelling, Crossing of the valley, Burma Bridge, Commando net, Monkey crawling, Under drum, Parallel rope, Jumaring. There are also other sports including cricket, table tennis, football, volleyball, etc. Amusements include a feast, music with DJs, which tends to attract many other people in a Mussoorie camp resort.

    Location: 10 kilometers away from Chamba, 10 kilometers away from Dhanaulti.

  • List of 4 Camping Locations for Adventure Junkies in Mussoorie

    Camping Locations for Adventure Junkies in Mussoorie

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    Here are four Camping Locations for Adventure Junkies in Mussoorie

    1: Kempty Falls
    2: Nag Tibba Trek
    3: Mossy Falls
    4: Dhanaulti

  • Kempty Falls

    Kempty Falls Mussoorie

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    Kempty Falls is one of the most famous destinations and camping attractions in Mussoorie, locating along the way between Dehradun-Mussoorie roads, in Ram Gaon, Tehri Garhwal. The Kempty Falls is set at an altitude of approximately 4500 ft above sea level and surrounded by high mountain cliffs. The bottom of the falls formed a pool which makes an excellent place to swim and bathe.

    The name of Kempty Falls comes from the terms "camp and tea" which implies the extensive tea parties that were held in the evening, leading to the local Kempty name. Because of its captivating environment and beautiful scenery, it was created by John Mekinan as a camping destination. It splits into two main falls with a beautiful view of a water flow from a large height.

  • Nag Tibba Trek

    Nag Tibba Trek Mussoorie

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    Nag Tibba is a fairly unknown and exuberant walking trail located close to Mussoorie. Recognized as one of the finest treks among the visiting places in Mussoorie for the weekend, this site offers a 10,000 ft climb in the snowy mountains.

    Also known as the Serpent's Peak, Nag Tibba is the tallest mountain in the 9915 m high Nagtibba region and the home of Nag Devta. The tour is also extremely fascinating and impressive and embellished by rich flora and fauna as well as rustic Gharwali lifestyles and oak and deodar forests, which contain wildlife and exotic birds.

    The highlight of the tour is the wonderful view from Nag Tibba over the highest point of Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath Peak, the highest point of Gangotri, and the Doon Valley. The hike is open to those who want to spend a weekend away from the business of the city and enjoy a relaxing and relaxing adventure.

  • Mossy Falls

    Mossy Falls Mussoorie

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    Mossy Falls is a well-guarded secret of the hill town of Mussoorie, cozily nestled among the torrid mountains and the exhilarating woods. Mossy Falls was named after moss-loaded rocks around the waterfalls, 7 km from the main town on Bala Hisar Road. The fascinating cascade offers a euphoric view of the traditional chaos and din in the city.

    The charming Mossy Waterfalls can be accessed from a moderately rough terrain, literally covered by the view. The main attraction is a Shivalinga hidden near the fall, bathed by the water that constantly flows, which creates a surreal sight.

    Lake Mossy is a picturesque hotspot for tourists, as the path offers easy to find, reasonable to difficult walks. Moreover, due to its rich landscape and minimal human interactions, it is a place for photographic lovers. It is also a favorite among the visitors who require a quiet picnic in natural surroundings. All in all, Lake Mossy's consistency mixed up with the occasional waves of birds and a melodious tree-like chiming in blazing waters are forced to give you a much-needed break.

  • Dhanaulti

    Dhanaulti Mussoorie

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    This small town in Uttarakhand is an offbeat location at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level, close to Chamba and Mussoorie. The Mussoorie adventure hiking is a popular entertainment. Treks, rafting, climbing, and foresting are organized by hundreds of companies such as local and national companies. The Burma Bridge is an ideal camping site for campfires. The Bandarpoonch and Gangotri glaciers are distant to be seen. Adventurers and photographers often take a trip offbeat from Dhanaulti to some of these peaks.

  • List Of Events You Can Enjoy While Camping In Mussoorie

    The following is a list of events you can enjoy while camping in Mussoorie. See and make your holiday more interesting and enjoyable.

    You Will find many hiking trails everywhere you hit your tent in Mussoorie. In your rhythm, you can start exploring natural beauty, appreciate the lovely mountains and play close to the waterfalls.

    Another incredible activity you can choose is rafting by the Mussoorie River. The rapids are ideal for this event from Damta to Yamunas Bridge.

    This is not as forceful as climbing and can be accomplished by anyone with medium strength. Rappelling lets people discover the rough terrains of Mussoorie.

    Valley Crossing
    You should and would like to challenge yourselves with if you want your heart to snap out of your chest and then choose a valley crossing, a way to cross among two high peaks by ziplining.

    Commando Net
    Commando networks can easily be used for a simple but rewarding activity, which is commonly used as a training aid for climbers. It is usually used during Mussoorie summer programs.

  • Tips For Camping

    Here are some tips to take into account in Mussoorie camping. This helps you stay smooth and buttery!

    1: Bring always a bottle of water, medications, torch, repellent, and other products.
    2: Carry protective gear, socks, sweaters, caps.
    3: Consider taking an umbrella or a raincoat, as downpour may occur occasionally.
    4: Wear comfortable boots while walking, because inconvenient trekking shoes will be severely causing some damage
    5: During camping, trekking, or other tasks, do not leave any pouches or plastic products.
    6: Inform the camp responsible if you feel dizzy or have a breathing problem. This can be caused by dehydration or disease of altitude.
    7: Take proof of your identity forever.
    8: Prepare yourself when you move to remote areas because modern amenities are not obtainable in remote locations.
    9: Avoid hiking in bad weather and can cause severe damage.
    10: Always be careful with the instructions of the camp leader.

  • Best Camping Time In Mussoorie

    Taking into consideration the weather at the destination, it's often best to plan your trip. Choose the place in Mussoorie where you want to camp.


    The ideal time to travel Mussoorie is summer. Because snow melts and the fields are always green mostly during the summer period. It, therefore, gives the campers a memorable experience of camping near Mussoorie.

    The period between July to September is the rainy season. Horseback riding is a perfect business throughout that time. It's a couple of weeks for photographers too.

    Winter is appropriate for snow-lovers, as the snow is completely covered. The winter season takes place between November and February.

  • If your friends and relatives are searching for some places in your life, Mussoorie camping is the wisest option. Here is everything you need to understand before experiencing it yourself. Camping is one of the ways of spending time with friends and family. So, Mussoorie is calling you for it now, if you delayed this activity! Call your buddies, plan a Mussoorie holiday, and be prepared literally to get to earth. These campsites in Mussoorie provide everyone with incredible experiences.

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