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  • Cozy Cottages In Mussoorie For An Unbeatable Delight This 2021

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    Cozy Cottages In Mussoorie For An Unbeatable Delight This 2021

    Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is a perfect destination for planning a trip in the blazing summer and winter seasons. It is home to numerous trekking trails, tranquil mountains, and scenic beauty. The serenity of this place provides peace and relief to the body apart from the hustle of the world. This place gives the best opportunity to be lost in the beauty of nature.

    Various tour companies provide a wide array of Mussoorie travel packages generally for 4 days and 3 nights. The holiday packages include nearby places to Mussoorie also such as Rishikesh, Haridwar, Nainital, etc. The Mussoorie travel package offers you the best cottage you can afford according to your budget.

  • Cottages In Mussoorie

    Cottages are perfect for individuals who enjoy feeling cozy in small and traditionally built houses. The family cottages in Mussoorie are great for spending vacations with families with a little more privacy. You can find the best cottages in Mussoorie by TourTravelWorld. Mussoorie offers sweet nostalgia and beautiful charm.

    These holiday homes in Mussoorie are available at affordable ratings. So here are some of the best cottages in Mussoorie which provides you an enthralling vacation.

    1: Nature Cottages
    2: Tabor Cottages
    3: The Brigadiers Cottages
    4: Windflower Cottages
    5: Kamal Cottages
    6: Deodar And Oak Cottages
    7: Holiday Homes

  • Nature Cottages

    Nature Cottages In Mussoorie

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    These are superb places to stay, relax and enjoy a perfect vacation. These nature cottages are near Gun hill which provides a supreme view of nature including the tall trees and mountains touching the clouds. These cottages in Mussoorie with rates of around Rs 1800 provide free parking, an outdoor dining area, and wake-up services. Nature cottages are the best to enjoy the serenity.

  • Tabor Cottages

    Tabor Cottages In Mussoorie

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    The Tabor cottages in Mussoorie are the ideal alternative for travelers who want a colonial feel in their rooms. The cottages have classic traditional furniture and old decors making it one of the best and classy places to live in Mussoorie. These cottages are also equipped with modern facilities. They provide travelers with speedy internet access, laundry, and parking services also. The cottages cost around Rs 2000. The tabor cottages are generally found in the Landour Cant, Mussoorie. Landour is around 7 km away from Mussoorie and is known as the calmer version of Mussoorie. So tabor cottages in Landour Cant are also very suitable to spend a trip in Mussoorie. A famous haunted house is a nearby place to the cottages.

  • The Brigadiers Cottages

    The Brigadiers Cottages Mussoorie

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    These are one of the finest cottages in Mussoorie which provides a perfect vintage experience. The cottages are built around acres of greenery, beautiful loans, and barbeque places. They provide outdoor bonfire areas forming a lot of memories. Generally, they have three rooms with a lounge, dining hall, indoor games, and housekeeping services. These cottages are just 2 minutes away from the famous Kempty falls. Thus attracts tourism in large numbers. It usually costs around Rs 4300 to stay in the Brigadiers cottages.

  • Windflower Cottages

    Windflower Cottages Mussoorie

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    As the name of the cottage suggest that the windflower cottages make you feel the earthy fragrance and aroma of the beautiful, blossoming wildflowers. These are constructed amidst the oak trees providing lots of warmth and comfort from the mother earth. These let you feel the mesmerizing beauty and natural aura of Mussoorie. The chirping of the birds in the morning on the nearby oak trees just makes your day afresh. With the scenic view of the beauty of nature, these cottages in Mussoorie provide various facilities to travelers. Such as cultural tours, adventure activities, outdoor fireplace, and multi cuisines restaurants. The windflower cottages are available at n affordable rating of Rs 3100 approximately.

  • Kamal Cottages

    Kamal Cottages Mussoorie

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    The very famous Kamal cottages perfectly match the saying home away from home. These Kamal cottages in Mussoorie provide you with all the facilities and environment which give you a home-like feel. They give the travelers private kitchens, terraces, balconies, and all the modern basic amenities. They are ideal family cottages in Mussoorie. These cottages also provide a separate game room and TV area. It costs around Rs 5000. The Kamal cottages are located near Jharipani giving you the perfect view of Jharipani waterfall and Mossy falls.

  • Deodar And Oak Cottages

    Deodar And Oak Cottages Mussoorie

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    The Deodar and Oak cottages are other beautiful cottages in Mussoorie which offer you a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature. They are surrounded by lush green forests and flowers fitted by all the modern amenities in the rooms. It, therefore, provides a cheerful, cozy, and comfortable experience. They also provide live music with a bonfire enhancing your mood. The oak cottages are best suited for budget travelers as they cost around Rs 1200 only.

  • Holiday Homes

    Central Government Holiday Home in Mussoorie

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    All the cottages act as holiday homes for travelers. But a special cottage named Central Government Holiday Home in Mussoorie is designed for the central government employees. They are very much cost-effective and provide meals and basic amenities facilities. It costs just Rs.50 to Rs.100 for the government employees. So if any central government employee wants to plan a trip to Mussoorie, these holiday homes could be the best alternative for them.

  • Conclusion

    This is not the limit there are a number of other cottages built in a specific way and for specific travelers as per their budget. Tour Travel World provides you with more detailed information about these and some other cottages. Sometimes these cottages are provided by the travel agencies as per your travel packages. There are a number of visiting places in Mussoorie. All the places are the spot for the attraction of tourists and can also be visited with family and friends. Places such as Lal Tibba, Jharipani Fall, kempty falls, gun hill, George Everest house, etc.

    The cottages in Mussoorie have their own charm and beauty. You can enjoy the beauty of the Queen of Hill Stations called Mussoorie with the best cottages. It provides a beautiful and quality time in the lapse of nature and to get lost in its beauty, serenity, and charm. Mussoorie is worth visiting.

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