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  • Top 13 Places to Visit in Mussoorie You Can't Miss

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-07-04

    Top 13 Places to Visit in Mussoorie You Can't Miss

    The people can never miss spending a vacation with their family and friends. Alright, sometimes it may happen, but let it go. To spend an indelible holiday, people make their plans to visit a destination that is far from noises of the city and cradles in laps of nature. Mussoorie is a beguiling hill station located in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. Hemmed in the snow-clad Himalayas, it serves as the flawless travel goal for spending a holiday amid nature. Since the summer vacations are approaching, a sizable populace will be shifting to this tantalizing hill town. If you have made the plan for visiting Mussoorie, do not forget to take a look here. We have compiled 13 exquisite tourist attractions for you in Mussoorie. Read on and gather some info about these locations.

  • Shedup Choepelling Temple

    Shedup Choepelling Temple is most famous buddhist temple in Nainital

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    Shedup Choepelling Temple is an ancient and an intricately carved Buddhist Temple located in Mussoorie. Constructed in the Tibetan style of architecture, Shedup Choepelling Temple was built and managed by the Tibetan community of Mussoorie. It is nestled in the quaint Happy Valley. The serenity of the temple will make you succumb to the divinity. You should visit this pious place during your excursion.

  • Gun Hill

    Gun Hill is the 2nd highest peak in Mussoorie

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    Relax, there are no illegal ammunitions sold here. It is just the name of this hill. Located close to the Mall Road, Gun Hill is reckoned as the 2nd highest peak in Mussoorie. Beckoned by the snow-clad Himalayan peaks, this is a quaint location in Mussoorie with a soul-soothing ambiance. Hundreds of holidaymakers throng to Gun Hill amid the year. The local market of Gun Hill is a must-visit place, so better try to pay a short visit there.

  • Library Bazaar

    Kitaab Ghar, is a famous market located in Mussoorie

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    Library Bazaar, or Kitaab Ghar, is a famous market located in Mussoorie. This market is known for selling all kinds of books. Right from comics & novels to dictionaries & encyclopedias, you can find each book at a reasonable price. People, especially book-worms, can be spotted purchasing the book of their interest. This market also serves as the local taxi and bus stand. So theres no hassle of boarding a bus or taxi.

  • Happy Valley

    Happy Valley

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    The name itself sounds so jovial of this alluring valley. Happy Valley is a picturesque holiday destination snug amid Nag Tibba and Jaunpur mountain range. It is endowed with a tranquilizing ambiance and lush green surroundings that make this beauteous place perfect for camping and trekking. Apart from admiring the beauty of Happy Valley, you can take a tour of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy Of Administration, a well-known IAS academy. The nearby Tibetan monasteries also lure excursionists on a large scale.

  • Mussoorie Heritage Center

    Mussoorie Heritage Center is one of the famous heritage centre in M

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    Wouldnt you like to know about the ancient culture of the mesmerizing Mussoorie? If yes, then our next destination is Mussoorie Heritage Center. The foundation stone of this building was laid in the year 2013. The motive behind establishing Mussoorie Heritage Center is to educate tourists about the cultural heritage of this hill town and the popular travel attractions that are located here. A sizable number of visitors visit this center and gather more facts about Mussoorie.

  • Camel's Back Road

    Camels Back Road is a popular tourist attraction in Mussoorie

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    Camels Back Road! But we were taught that the back of a camel is its hump. Lets collect some info about this location. Another thronged destination, Camels Back Road is a popular tourist attraction in Mussoorie. Spanning an area of 3 kilometers, this road is named Camels Back due to the shape of rocks like a camels hump. You can enjoy an amazing view of the sunrise and sunset from this location.

  • Jharipani Falls

    Jharipani Falls are a perfect destination in Mussoorie

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    Waterfalls never fail to ensnare anyone. It is always astounding to see the water spilling down from a great height as it paves its way through hillocks. Located in Jharipani village, 7 km from Mussoorie, Jharipani Falls are a beguiling waterfall. Snug in the lower Shivalik ranges, Jharipani Falls are a perfect destination for enjoying a one-day itinerary. Do not forget to take your camcorder along to capture photographs.

  • Mall Road

    Mall Road is one of the amazing place in Mussoorie

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    And this is the key attraction that remains flooded with globetrotters throughout the year. The Mall Road is the central hub of fun and has happening markets. None forgets to visit this amazing place in Mussoorie. You will find an extensive number of shops, restaurants, and hotels. This is the right place for collecting the souvenirs that will remind you an enchanting trip to Mussoorie. So, make sure that you do not miss visiting the Mall Road.

  • Mussoorie Lake

    Mussoorie Lake is well known lake in Mussoorie

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    People fantasize about spending some quality time close to a lake that is hemmed in enormous peaks. Sounds fictitious? Well, it isnt fiction. Mussoorie Lake is a splendid lake that is located near Mussoorie-Dehradun road. Endowed with an ethereal ambiance, it is the destination that will make you say I love Mother Nature. If you want to rejuvenate yourself and spend some time away from the trekking sites then this is the apt destination for you.

  • Bhatta Falls

    Bhatta Falls are an enchanting waterfall located in an isolated area of Mussoorie

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    Bhatta Falls are not less than a haven for nature lovers. Encircled in the tantalizing green surroundings, Bhatta Falls are an enchanting waterfall located in an isolated area of Mussoorie. The area of Bhatta Falls is blessed with a serene ambiance and has emerged as a frequented travel site. Hundreds of tourists swarm to Bhatta Falls to spend a relaxing one-day itinerary amidst nature.

  • Company Garden

    Company Garden is one of the famous garden in Mussoorie

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    Tagged as one of the bonny travel goals, Company Garden is an arresting garden located in Mussoorie. With the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas, this garden is festooned with colorful flowers and the carpet of emerald green grass extensively. Company Garden serves as an appropriate location for enjoying a jovial time with family and friends. You can take delight in activities like boating in the lake located on the other side of the garden.

  • This small virtual tour of Mussoories flawless locations might have left you spellbound. You came across the tantalizing and serene attractions that wait for you with arms spread wide. Hopefully, the information you went through was fruitful to you and has given you an idea to visit ideal places for a picture perfect holiday.

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