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  • Delhi to Rishikesh Road Trip: A Journey of Adventure and Serenity

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2024-06-28

    Delhi to Rishikesh Road Trip: A Journey of Adventure and Serenity

    Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga Capital of the World and the hottest white river rafting site in India. It provides a variety of experiences that appeal to adventure seekers and spirituality. The pilgrimage town of Rishikesh is one of the most visited tourist attractions in northern India. Rishikesh tour packages draw millions of tourists annually from domestic and foreign travel.

    Why Travel From Delhi To Rishikesh By Road?

    Why not make your Delhi to Rishikesh by road travel as unforgettable as the destination if you plan a vacation? Take a taxi from Delhi to Rishikesh and enjoy a beautiful drive. Stop briefly at some of the lesser-known sites along the way to sample the local food at dhabas and restaurants.

  • Traveling From Delhi To Rishikesh By Car

    Road travel is the most popular mode of transportation due to the Delhi to Rishikesh distance and the road conditions. The route that connects the two towns goes past the revered city of Haridwar. Savor the breathtaking shift as you ride past Delhi's congested streets and skyscrapers and towards the immaculate hills of Rishikesh.

    Best Time To Take A Road Trip From Delhi To Rishikesh By Car

    Rishikesh benefits from a continental climate with good weather because of its position in the foothills of the Himalayas. Summertime highs of 35C are not exceeded, while winter lows are not lower than 8C. Because of this, the climate is perfect for exploring all year round.

    You may take a Delhi to Rishikesh bus during any of its two peak seasons. It depends on your holiday style and the activities you choose to partake in. If you plan to participate in adventure sports like river rafting, late September to November is seen to be the ideal time to visit Rishikesh.
    Between February and April, a lot of travelers come to the town for a laid-back getaway with friends or family. The weather is nice and it is the best time to visit Rishikesh and Haridwar.

    The religious tourism season in Rishikesh occurs during the wet months of July and August (the Savan festival). The city is too busy to take advantage of everything it has to offer. This is because most hotels and roadways are congested.

  • Delhi To Rishikesh Distance Via NH 334

    This is the quickest Delhi to Rishikesh route. It travels 235 kilometres and takes around 6 hours, from Delhi to Rishikesh. The beautiful route is made more enjoyable by the lovely scenery and the well-maintained road. If you go off early in the morning, you may make a stop at one of Meerut's Punjabi dhabas. You can have a hearty breakfast of ice lassi and parathas soaked in butter.

  • Delhi to Rishikesh Road Condition Via NH 334

    You should most likely anticipate tolls and typical Delhi to Rishikesh Uttarakhand traffic along this road. There won't be any particularly bad traffic. For a better understanding of road conditions, we advise you to check for real-time traffic updates and to follow maps.

  • Popular Sights/Monuments That You Will Encounter Along This Route

    Chhota Haridwar, Muradnagar
    Temple in Augarnath, Meerut
    Vahelna, Muzaffarnagar
    Solani Aqueduct & Reservoir, Roorkee
    Garhmukteshwar, Hapur
    Daku Ka Qila, Sultana Najibabad

  • Chhota Haridwar, Muradnagar

    Located on the banks of the Ganganahar River, Chhota Haridwar is designed to resemble the holy city of Haridwar. Ghats have been built on each side of the Gang Canal. This makes this area a popular choice for a classy picnic location. Take some time to enjoy the immaculate surroundings here.

  • Temple in Augarnath, Meerut

    This location is significant in Indian history in addition to its religious importance. It is said to have been the site of the first Indian freedom uprising in 1857. Please pay a visit to this memorial, which was erected in remembrance of the Indian freedom martyrs.

  • Vahelna, Muzaffarnagar

    Visit this charming village close to Muzaffarnagar to see the enormous statue of Lord Parshvanatha.It stands thirty-one feet tall. Admire the breathtaking architecture while taking in the rich greenery of the temple complex.

  • Solani Aqueduct & Reservoir, Roorkee

    Before continuing to Haridwar, make one more stop in the lovely town of Roorkee. After your lengthy drive, a small diversion to the massive Solani Reservoir will undoubtedly be a nice break.

  • Garhmukteshwar, Hapur

    If you enjoy history, visit this sacred landmark on the Ganges River's banks. Its beginnings may be traced to the Hastinapur kingdom's dominance over India thousands of years ago. See the hallowed Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple and Vedant Mandir, which the people consider to be places where wishes come true.

  • Daku Ka Qila, Sultana Najibabad

    This Najibabad fort has been abandoned and destroyed; the local kids now use it as a cricket pitch. It does, however, have an interesting history including the infamous Sultana Daku. It alerted the monarch before pillaging and taking over the fort.

  • Haridwar

    Be sure to take some time to see the holy city of Haridwar before the Rishikesh trip plan. See Subhash Ghat's Har Ki Pauri, and if you have time, go to the evening Ganga Aarti. You might also make a little diversion to Moti Bazar to buy trinkets.

  • Places To Eat Along This Route

    Jain Shikanji, Modinagar: Enjoy a quick drink at Modinagar's well-known Jain Shikanji. Savor a glass of their masala lemonade made in the Indian way. It's the ideal start to your steaming hot paratha break in Meerut.

    Papaji Daal Wale, Meerut: One of the several paratha shops in Meerut can satisfy your appetite. As an alternative, you may have Papaji Daal Wale's renowned chane ki daal. It is cooked overnight to give it its distinct, rich flavor.

    Pandit Ji Poori Wale, Haridwar: This welcoming eatery for families in Haridwar is known for its delicious pooris.

  • Restaurants Along This Route Include

    ShreeRathnam Restaurant, Hapur: ShreeRathnam offers exquisite South Indian cuisine. Families will love the place's atmosphere and mood.
    Panchwati Rasoi, Chandpur: Come here for fast food items including burgers, noodles, and pizza.
    Raghuwanshi Gujarati Bhojnalay, Haridwar: Order their delicious maharaja thali to savor the real Gujarati food.

  • Delhi to Rishikesh Via NH 9

    Delhi to Rishikesh distance Via NH 9

    This is a little longer path, Delhi to Rishikesh around 295 kilometers, to travel. If you travel to Rishikesh via Hapur and Chandpur, it might take up to seven hours.

    Delhi to Rishikesh Road Condition Via NH 9

    Although there isn't much traffic, you should anticipate some on weekends, holidays, and during any construction projects. As a result, pay close attention to real-time maps and traffic updates whenever you travel from Delhi to Rishikesh Volvo.

  • Explore Rishikesh Like a Local

    Rishikesh is a stunning example of a modern city combined with heritage. The varied array of services in this pilgrimage town appeals to adventure seekers, yoga devotees, spiritual individuals, and photographers alike. Allow us to guide you to the must-see locations and assist you in creating your schedule for a Rishikesh trip. Furthermore, you may maximize your vacation to Rishikesh by using our advice and recommendations.

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