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    While going on a trip to a particular destination, we can opt to reach there by road, air or sea. If you opt to go by road i.e. by driving yourself, it may sound very exciting, but it involves a lot of other factors as well that one should be well aware of. The basic aim of long distance driving is to reach to the destination safely enjoying the way along. Reaching early should never be your focus because that can lead to mistakes which can cost your life.

    We present to you some of the main driving tips which you should keep in mind while going on trips to far off places.

  • Do Not Use Cruise Control

    Long distance driving can have a hypnotic and fatiguing effect. Cruise control emphasizes and enhances that effect. Especially if you are tired, cruise control's ability to stay at the same speed can quickly lull you into sleep. Your eyes can close at that critical moment when traffic slows down, and you're still driving at the same speed. Ultimately, you lose control of the car, and you have an accident waiting to happen. Drive the car on your own so you can speed up or stop as needed.

  • Avoid Heavy Food

    Don't eat heavy food during the trip as you are going to be sitting stationary for several hours at one stretch. Fast food in your stomach will give you a bloated and heavy feeling. Heavy and greasy food like double cheeseburger, French fries, pizza, fried chicken and biscuits will contribute to the desire to take a nap. Better to eat light food like salads, soup, fruit cups and juice during the trip to keep your head clear. Coffee or hot chocolate is always a safe bet for long distance driving.

  • Stop and Take Rest in a Safe Place

    Long distance driving demands frequent rest stops. Fatigue can overtake you quickly, especially if you only watch the road in front of you instead of taking in the scenery while you drive. Be aware of overall discomfort, muscle aches in the neck, arms and shoulders. These are the signs when your body needs a break. Stop in the refreshment area, walk around, clear your head, get some food, and then take a nap.

  • Listen to Fast, Upbeat Music or Talk and Laugh with Your Companions!

    This is not the time to listen to classical music or talk radio. Unless the topic is something that excites you, talk radio can lower your alertness. Instead, listen to upbeat music, especially anything that makes you want to sing along. Play music you haven't heard before, like Hip Hop, Salsa, or Reggae. If not music, just talk and laugh your heart out with your companions! That keeps you alert, fresh and aware. But beware, don't let the music or the talking distract you from driving which can actually lead to horrible ends.

  • Keep Yourself Well Informed

    Be well aware about the journey you are going to take up. Enquire everything about the entire course of your journey, the kind of roads, conditions, and so on. Keep a route map with yourself to be well aware about the directions that you have to take to reach to your destination. Keeping yourself well informed minimizes the chances of being mislead or falling into problems. Prepare yourself well according to the course you will go through, to have a hassle free journey.

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