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  • Exotic Resorts in Mussoorie To Offer A Perfect Laid Back Trip this 2021

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    Exotic Resorts in Mussoorie To Offer A Perfect Laid Back Trip this 2021

    Exceptional hideouts are controlled by special places. Not only do they start making your stay meaningful, but they also end up leaving you with lifetime memories. A great stay is a right and privilege for a hill station such as Mussoorie with pristine spots, panoramic views, and frightful bylanes. All this with spectacular Mussoorie hotels.rnrnTo stop the above, in Mussoorie, there are several homey resorts with the highly regarded distinction of being a perfect escape. These picturesque resorts have gained a reputation for a comfortable and comfortable stay for a long time. And, all in all, the location is one of Delhi's best weekend trips. Start your holiday in Mussoorie with Mussoorie travel packages from TourTravelWorld, where you can enjoy exciting promotions and offers.

  • Spectacular Resorts In Mussoorie

    Thinking about where to stay in Mussoorie?

    Here are a few of Mussoorie's most spectacular resorts, which look like they have been made directly from a work of art:

    1:JW Marriott: Walnut Grove Resort
    2:The Claridges: Nabha Residence
    3:Fortune Resort: Grace
    4:The Amber: Vermont Estate
    5: Rokeby Manor
    6: Kasmanda Palace
    7:PRIM Resorts
    8:Bulaakh Resort
    9:Phoenix Resort
    10:Surbee Resorts
    11:Saiva Hill Resort
    12:Brentwood Sanctuary Resort
    13:Rosa Green N Breeze
    14:Aamod Karma Vilas
    15:Club Mahindra Resort
    16:Royal Orchid - Fort Resort
    17:Cloud End - Forest Resort
    18:Dancing Leaves

  • JW Marriott - Walnut Grove Resort

    JW Marriott - Walnut Grove Resort

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    Enjoy the luxurious retreat in the Himalayan heart. In Mussoorie with a pool, above most of the majority of the JW Marriott - Walnut Grove Resort is listed. The resort has countless luxury rooms and suites, each with modern facilities and a stunning view. This is one of Mussoorie's major attractions and one of Mussoorie's lavish five-star resorts.

    Specialty: A fitness center along with a full-service spa.

  • The Claridges - Nabha Residence

    The Claridges - Nabha Residence

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    You would like to slip out of work and then go to the highlands now and then. The Claridges - Nabha Residence has been one of the top places to stay in Mussoorie which tends to make for a perfect place to hide. It's the perfect place to stay. This is one of Mussoorie's finest retreat resorts, and one of Mussoorie's most serene five-star resorts. The resort is ideal for those seeking peace.

    Specialty: Its Victorian Bar and full-day multi-cuisine restaurant.

  • Fortune Resort - Grace

    Fortune Resort - Grace

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    Fortune Resort - Grace is an architectural gem that sits comfortably in a pine-covered hillside overlooking the Doon Valley. Fortune Resort - Grace is among the few holiday resorts in Mussoorie near Mall Road. The resort has a calm country holiday glamour. It's one of Mussoorie's top destinations for a lavish break and probably one of Mussoorie's most popular resorts with a pool.

    Specialty: A recreation zone with a pool table, full-body treatment center and also it is among the few resorts in Mussoorie with a swimming pool.

  • The Amber - Vermont Estate

    The Amber - Vermont Estate

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    Amber Vermont Estate has also been renovated and designed as an old English cottage loaded with modern facilities, one of the very few luxury hotels in Mussoorie in the wonderful Himalayan town of Mussoorie. This is one of Mussoorie's major attractions with a swimming pool of great length. The resort offers customized service in one of the most memorable areas of Mussoorie so that your experience is worthwhile. It is a lavish retreat in one of the top destinations in Mussoorie.

    Specialty: Board games and a fabulous pool table

  • Rokeby Manor

    Rokeby Manor

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    Rokeby Manor's luxurious and charming suites were engineered in the Victorian style with a comfortable chimney and complex indoor woodworking. From your roof terrace, enjoy the picturesque view over the valley and chai garden. It is one of Mussoorie's best luxury hotels and one of Mussoorie's top destinations for a relaxing stay with your family and family. Besides, it is among the best resorts in Mussoorie with a pool.

    Specialty: The Lantern is a wonderful and pleasant restaurant on this property and it has a pool too.

  • Kasmanda Palace

    Kasmanda Palace

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    The glistening yellow-white villa is similar to the English-French architectural style. Kasmanda Palace was used by the British military as a health center and then as a school (one of the first in Mussoorie). Finally, it was the Kasmanda Royal Family's summer getaway and is now running in one of the most impressive places to stay in Mussoorie.

    Specialty: A Badminton Court and it's Magnolia Restaurant.

  • PRIM Resorts

    PRIM Resorts

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    In its huge area of 400 hectares of relatively uninhabited private jungle, the PRIM Resorts dignity itself. The resort, a true pleasure for nature lovers, boasts a lush green environment that is home to hundreds of bird species. PRIM Resorts are also among the best and most glamorous resorts in Mussoorie. Hope you bring your camera with you.

    Specialty: Lal Tibba, sunset point

  • Bulaakh Resort

    Bulaakh Resort

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    Bulaakh Resort, surrounded by mountains, is conveniently located near Mall Road's hectic business. It's easy to reach on the road. The rooms are light and airy, clean and stylish. They are well prepared with free toiletries, ventilators, heating, and more. The balcony overlooks Dehradun in a starry way. Also worth remembering is the local food produced by your in-house chef.

    Specialty: Deluxe Double Room, among the few resorts in Mussoorie near mall road

  • Phoenix Resort

    Phoenix Resort

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    For all those who are looking for a peaceful place in the middle of snow-clad mountains, this is a wonderland. Located on Near Rope Way, Mall Road, and Hackmons Compound, the ideal place to find a true hill station perspective for travelers. Phoenix Resort offers its patrons its in-house restaurant to enjoy a tasty meal and soft drinks.

    Specialty: its deluxe rooms and amenities

  • Surbee Resorts

    Surbee Resorts

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    Surbee Resorts would be found near JW Marriott. The fall of Campty is 20-25 minutes. The food is incredible, but the cost is a bit steep. However, it compensates for the quality of food. The rooms are tidy and well-kept and are fitted with balconies. The staff is friendly and welcoming and will leave you comfy.

    Specialty: Room service and the specialty restaurant

  • Saiva Hill Resort

    Saiva Hill Resort

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    The resort of Saiva Hill offers its guests a wonderful view. The food is bursting with flavors, whether Indian or European. Your black tea will be killed and your paranthas will die for it. Clean, luxurious, comfy rooms. You can spend a memorable time with the hotel staff that will help to show the entire city.

    Specialty: room service and other modern amenities

  • Brentwood Sanctuary Resort

    Brentwood Sanctuary Resort

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    Brentwood Sanctuary Resort would be found near Kempty Fall road. It is ideal for tourists looking for tranquillity and fun. It is located near the Quail Wildlife Sanctuary of Binog Mountain. The surrounding areas are calm. All holiday homes have the latest amenities. If you would like to do outdoor activities, the hotel can organize hiking, recalling, and archery for you.

    Specialty: Mini library and choice of different cuisines, along with a swimming pool.

  • Breeze Pink Green N Mussoorie provides a jogging circuit, massages, and restaurants at home. What else might you want, perhaps? Mall Road is 10 minutes drive away. Besides, Kempty Falls is only 20 km away, Dhanaulti Hill Station is 40 km away. Both Indian and BBQ are served. There seems to be a large pond where special events can be held.

    Specialty: Ironing Service, outdoor and indoor playing area for kids

    Rosa Green N Breeze

    Image Source :

    Rosa Green N Breeze

  • Aamod Karma Vilas

    Aamod Karma Vilas

    Image Source :

    The hotel is only 1 km from the busy Mall Road. The rooms are equipped and clean. The food is fantastic. In this place, there seems to be a lovely museum where you will have a look at the lovely artwork. The car park is limited and makes you prepared to request to book your parking place around the front desk before arriving at the hotel.

    Specialty: Breakfast in bed

  • Club Mahindra Resort

    Club Mahindra Resort

    Image Source :

    Would your window-view welcome you with frosty mountain elevations of the Himalayas Well, at least this Club Mahindra resort, which makes it a top choice among Mussoorie's finest resorts? This resort has everything from healthy mountain weather to delicious food in an excellent spot.

    Specialty: Hike to Lal Tibba

  • Royal Orchid - Fort Resort:

    Royal Orchid - Fort Resort:

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    The Royal Orchid Fort Resort, a royal diagnosis assured in The Queen of Hills, is a complete ode to modernist architecture. Situated in a lush green environment with sunny mountains and a massive Doon valley directly opposite Delhi, Fort Resort is well supported by train and by airways.

    Specialty: Duplex Rooms

  • Cloud End - Forest Resort

    Cloud End - Forest Resort

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    This 175-year-old building stands for the colonial royal reputation and offers its owners a host of the latest amenities. It is also one of Mussoorie's few hotels and resorts which allows the dead to taste the immaculate beauty of the countryside. The unscathed sun's rays on the white layer of snow are ideal to reside (exclusively in winter).

    Specialty: Horse riding, arrangements for pets

  • Dancing Leaves

    Dancing Leaves

    Image Source :

    See one of the most exciting resorts near mall road in Mussoorie. Here joyful tourists walk along the path that leads up to the sacral sites of Gangotri and Yamunotri and adventurous walks on the Himalayans.

    Specialty: Picturesque views

  • You are all prepared to choose your next stay, illustrated by glory and excellence? Start your holiday in Mussoorie with Mussoorie tour packages from TourTravelWorld, where you can enjoy exciting promotions and offers. You can adapt your trip to your needs and have a lifetime holiday in these resorts in Mussoorie.

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