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  • Explore Some of the Longest Roads in India

    By: Palak Jain | In: Others | Last Updated: 2019-11-18

    Explore Some of the Longest Roads in India

    India, being the seventh largest country in the world, witnesses the world's second largest road network after the USA. Can you believe it! The Indian road network covers a whopping distance of 5,472,144 kilometres. Connecting the utmost remote areas to the extravagant Metro cities, these roads have been phenomenal in boosting the Indian economy. The National Highways of India are the imperious marbles behind the construction of a far-flung transport network, tirelessly covering the 29 states of India.

    Well, a discussion about the Indian roads and highways would be half-done without giving an honorary mention of the Golden Quadrilateral (the fifth longest highway network in the world, connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai) and the Yamuna Expressway (India's longest six-lane network, connecting Greater Noida with Agra). These are some of the crowning accomplishments of the National Highways Authority of India. So, let's have a short ride around the Indian states accommodating the longest roads in India-

  • Uttar Pradesh

    Uttar pradesh is one of the second largest road network in India

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    Encompassing a mighty road network of 50,000kms, this state is an abode of 31 National Highways including NH 44, NH 11, NH 19, NH 28, and much more. The spic and span roads of this state connect its major industrial, rural, and cultural centres. Uttar Pradesh houses the second largest road network in India after Maharashtra. The roads of UP systematically connect the internal cities and link it with many far-reaching states like Kanyakumari, Rajasthan, Bihar, and much more.

  • Rajasthan

    The longest highway in Rajasthan is NH 15

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    Rajasthan, being the largest state in India with a total area of 342,329 sqkm, fits well in this list. Embracing a whopping length of 6,373 km of National Highways and a road network of 150,876 km, Rajasthan is well-connected with the east, west, north, and south of India. The longest highway in Rajasthan is NH 15, running from Punjab to Gujarat. This state embodies a four-lane highway, i.e. NH 8 (old numbering) running from New Delhi to Mumbai. This one majorly runs across Rajasthan.

  • Andhra Pradesh

    In Andhra Pradesh the longest Roads in India

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    Enveloped with several National Highways, State Highways, and District Roads, the state of Andhra Pradesh is stretched over a total span of 146,954km. It comprises of some of the longest highways in India like NH5 (longest one in the state), NH 7, NH 18, and much more. These highways and roadways are the backbones of the robust road network of Andhra Pradesh. Well, not only lengthy, these roads of India are rugged enough to bear the untiring flow of heavy-duty bucket of bolts.

  • Maharashtra

    Maharashtra is fortified with some of the busiest and longest National Highways

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    Being the third largest state in India, Maharashtra is fortified with some of the busiest and longest National Highways. Blest with the systematically planned and well-designed bridges, highways, and flyovers, the transport network of Maharashtra is a whopping affair of 265,000km. This state is the beholder of the massive Mumbai-Pune Expressway, NH 8, NH 3, NH 50, NH 9, NH 13, NH 16, etc. Phew! Not just this, the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra is crowned with one of the largest bridges in India, i.e. The Rajiv Gandhi Setu connecting Bandra and Worli.

  • Karnataka

    The state of Karnataka embraces a total of 14 National Highways

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    Endowed with some of the longest highways of India, the road map of Karnataka state witnesses a total area of 122,489km. The major cities of this state, including Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangalore, etc. are well-connected with the internal roads having a massive length of 2,090km. The state of Karnataka embraces a total of 14 National Highways and 114 State Highways, which cement it with the adjoining states.

  • Madhya Pradesh

    NH 3 is the longest highway in Madhya Pradesh

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    Madhya Pradesh is indeed the second largest state in India after Rajasthan. The longest highway in Madhya Pradesh is NH 3 running from Rajasthan to Maharashtra. Also known as the Heart of India', this state houses an expansive road network comprising of 20 National Highways sweeping over 4,676km. Acting as a strong bridge between the rural villages and sophisticated cities, the roadways of this state are truly the forte' of its groovy infrastructure. The far-reaching lengths of NH 7, NH 3, NH 26, NH 12, NH 69, NH 79, etc. connect this state to the boundaries of many other Indian states.

  • Tamil Nadu

    The longest and the busiest highway of Tamil Nadu is NH 45

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    This South Indian state witnesses a stupendous road network of 199,040km. The alive and kicking internal roads of Tamil Nadu conveniently connect the locals and the tourists with the temples, beaches, and gateways housed by it. The 25 National Highways and several State Highways stretch over an expanse of 14,257 km. The longest and the busiest highway of Tamil Nadu is NH 45, starting from Chennai and terminating in Theni. The immaculate roads of this state are well competent to handle the traffic during the peak hours.

  • Odisha

    Odisha is one of the largest road network in India

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    Stuffed with the enchanting mountains, thrilling wildlife sanctuaries, and bustling rivers, Odisha is one of the biggest states in India. The economy of this state is well boosted by the elongated roads, highways, and flyovers spanning over a whopping area of 155,820 sqkm. Embracing the colossal routes of NH 16, NH 20, NH 18, NH 353, NH 316, NH 26, NH 49, and much more, the road network of Odisha has been phenomenal in bridging the state with several parts of the country.

  • Bihar

    The longest highway in Bihar is NH 2

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    The extensive road network of Bihar comprises of 29 Nationa Highways and several State Highways, envelops a total length of 8,848km. The longest highway in Bihar is NH 2 stretching from Uttar Pradesh border to the border of Jharkhand. The total span of this highway itself is 1,465km, making it one of the longest highways of India. The cities of Bihar, like Patna, Vaishali, Deoghar, Kushinagar, etc. are well connected by the strong internal roadways.

  • Gujarat

    Gujarat is rated as one of the most booming states and 13 national highways

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    Gujarat is rated as one of the most booming states of the Western India. Its soaring road network embraces a total of 13 National Highways covering a stretch of 3,245km and 300 State Highway extending over a length of 19,761km. And this is not it, the state of Gujarat houses a plethora of district roads, sugarcane roads, and panchayat roads. The lengthiest highway in this state is NH 8A running from Ahmedabad to Narayan Sarovar spanning 618km.

  • Huh! We feel that the hair-raising facts about these elongated Indian roads have emphatically swayed your perspective towards the infrastructure of this colossal economy. Well, get out of your comfort zones and go for a long ride on any of them for an unforgettable experience.

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