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  • Explore The List Of The Best Street Foods In Mussoorie

    By: Palak Jain | In: Top Hill Station Destination | Last Updated: 2021-07-17

    Explore The List Of The Best Street Foods In Mussoorie- Local Delicacies With Traditional Taste

    Mussoorie is one of the most preferred destinations for visitors worldwide. Not just serenity, tranquillity, hills, and valleys are the attractions, but amazing local delicacies and street foods are yet another reasons that entice visitors all the more. A huge number of restaurants, hotels, food stalls, and cafes are serving the palates of visitors coming here to explore natures exquisiteness with varied types of cuisines.

    Anyone can enjoy the best food in Mussoorie from Indian, Chinese, and even European cuisines here in Mussoorie. So all the food lovers and travel enthusiasts, if you are planning your next trip to Mussoorie, this blog is for you. Well, all these dishes are easily available at the hotels in almost all the visiting places in Mussoorie. So the next time you are planning your trip to Mussoorie, dont forget to book Mussoorie holiday packages that offer you hotels near these markets.

  • The Traditional Food Of Mussoorie

    Although you can enjoy multiple cuisines here, the Kumaon and Garhwal food is the most exotic and flavourful varieties of food people love. Prepared with local ingredients, Kumaon and Garhwal cuisine is commonly found in almost all the best restaurants in Mussoorie. Many restaurants and food stalls specialize only in this kind of food variety. All these dishes are easily available at the hotels in almost all the visiting places in Mussoorie. So the next time you are planning your trip to Mussoorie, dont forget to book Mussoorie trip packages that offer you hotels near these markets.

    Here Is The List Of Traditional Food Of Mussoorie
    1: Phaanu
    2: Kali/Kappa
    3: Bhang Ki Chutney
    4: Chains
    5: Aloo Ke Gutkha
    6: Garhwal Ka Fanna
    7: Kabab
    8: Chilli Chicken
    9: Chicken and Pork Momos
    10: Omelets
    11: Chaats
    12: Cakes

  • Phaanu


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    Phaanu is one of the most loved sumptuous dishes that originated in Garhwal, however with the migration of people, and it grew its roots to Mussoorie. Delicious, the dish is prepared using lentils thats Gahat dal. People loved to eat this traditional dish with rice; this dish can also be enjoyed with Rotis.

  • Kali/Kappa

    Kali/Kappa In Mussoorie

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    This dish is a special Mussoorie food thats nothing but spinach curry. This warm and calming dish is commonly prepared in the winter season. It is quite popular at many vegetarian restaurants in Mussoorie made using a perfect blend of spinach and lai. Different people make it in diverse ways instead of spinach using fenugreek leaves. Kali is best served with plain jeera rice or can be enjoyed with steamed rice as well.

  • Bhang Ki Chutney

    Bhang Ki Chutney

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    Not exactly its a blend of bhang. It is a chutney made from hemp seeds with spices and served as a taste enhancer being tangier, a side dish along with the main cuisine in Mussoorie in almost all the restaurants in Mussoorie.

  • Chainsoo

    Chainsoo in Mussoorie

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    This is yet another lentils-based dish in Mussoorie, which you will love to have. It is prepared using a variety of dals mixed with locally made masala. The lentils are roasted first to give the dish a toasty, earthy flavor. The local spices that are used in the preparation leave an amazing aromacooked slowly, taking all the time it is best savored with rice or a chapatti.

  • Aloo Ke Gutkha

    Aloo Ke Gutkha

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    Aloo ke Gutke is a delicate dish in Mussoorie prepared using roasted dry spices and boiled Pahari small-sized potatoes. This dish is preferably made and eaten at festivals along with other special dishes as it is mildly spiced. Some of the best restaurants in Mussoorie serve it as well. Its best combination is with puris that are fried chapatti and Cucumber raita normally preferred by all natives.

  • Garhwal Ka Fanna

    Garhwal Ka Fanna

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    An alternative to rajma chawal, it consists of a perfect blend of different varieties of dal. Garhwal is known to serve all kinds of dal-based delicacies, and this is one of the best. People enjoy it with plain steamed rice, preferably.

  • Kabab

    Kabab In Mussoorie

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    Mall road is one of the best places to east kababs if you are a true-to-the-core, non-veg lover. Numerous street food vendors at mall road are selling some of the best flavors of kabab. These are served with a loaf of bread, naan, and chutney and hot fresh off the grillers.

  • Chilli Chicken

    Chilli Chicken

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    Although chili chicken is a popular Chinese dish, but nowadays a famous Mussoorie food, whether it is a roadside stall or the best and most visited restaurants in Mussoorie, you will find the savoring taste everywhere. The best thing you will enjoy while having chilly chicken is that it tastes good as snacks and compliments fried rice.

  • Chicken And Pork Momos

    Chicken And Pork Momos

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    Who is not a lover of momos, especially chicken momos, well everyone these days! Mussoorie soothes the taste buds offering the best quality, handmade, and freshly prepared chicken and pork momos. Steam dumplings are served with spicy red chili sauce. This variety is a gift by the Tibetan community to Mussoorie foods and flavors.

  • Chaats


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    In Mussoorie, not just delicious food varieties are winning heart, but the chaats are also sumptuous to have. You can find chaat stalls at almost all the market areas in Mussoorie selling different varieties of chats golgappas, Sev puri, sev batata puri, and many other chaat dishes.

  • Cakes

    To take care of the sweet tooth of traveler enthusiasts, The Landour Bakehouse and Emilys Bakery are there in Mussoorie. These shops have excellent offerings of cakes and pastries as Mussoorie specialty.

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  1. What is the best timing to visit Mussoorie?

    Summers are the best time to visit Mussoorie. April to June month is the best time to visit Mussoorie.

  2. What are the best places to visit in Mussoorie?

    Kempty Falls, Jharipani Falls, Mall road, Cloud\'s End, Jwala Devi Temple, Mussoorie Wax Museum.

  3. What are the best activities to do in Mussoorie?

    Skywalk, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Visit Wildlife Sanctuaries, Photography, Visit tourist places, Explore Local Markets.