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  • Fabulous Cottage List In Goa For Your Perfect Weekend Gateway

    By: Palak Jain | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2021-05-15

    Fabulous Cottage List In Goa For Your Perfect Weekend Gateway

    Visiting Goa with friends is one of the most wanted things to do on the to-do list. A visit to Goa with friends during the college days of the early years of work-life is one of the best memory one can hold. As said, being the smallest state of the country it has attracted a lot of tourists over time and hence the places to stay in Goa are no less. Having a tinge of the Portuguese touch, there are several cottages in Goa where the tourists can come and stay.

  • Best Cottages in Goa

    Almost all the people who visit Goa like to stay in cottages. This is because cottages give a very countryside raw feeling. This is one of the best cultures of Goa that makes many people want to go back to go again and again. If you are visiting Goa then make sure you feel that raw vibe which the cottage culture provides.
    Most people like to stay in cottages during their stay in Goa. The cottages are quite modern and the culture of staying in cottages is very famous. If you want to customize your trip and make varied memories of it then you have to contact them and they will acknowledge all Goa local tour packages.

    Some Of The Best Cottages Are As Follows:

    1. Little India Beach Cottage
    2. Palm Grove Cottages
    3. Beach Bay Cottage
    4. Leela Cottages
    5. Tiara Fiesta Beach Cottages
    6. Naga Cottages
    7. Cobo Cabana
    8. Agonda cottage

  • Little India Beach Cottage

    These cottages have six wooden cottages which are very well decorated and have that countryside vibe in them. They are very well decorated with all wooden furniture, wooden floor, and wooden roof all around. You can go for this cottage if you have a preference for beach cottages in Goa as this cottage lies very close to Baga Beach.

  • Palm Grove Cottages

    As the name suggests the Palm Grove cottages are surrounded by palm groves. Here you will feel that old-school post-colonial vibe. This place is ideal to spend time with your loved ones, especially with your partner. This cottage not only has living spaces but also has well-furnished and well-maintained areas like open spaces, libraries, and several other modern facilities. If you want something fabulous then you can surely go to this cottage.

  • Beach Bay Cottage

    All you can imagine about Goa is a fabulous beach culture, ukuleles, and a scene like Hawaii. Whatever it is Goa will give you all and if you feel like staying just around this beautiful vibe then Beach Bay Cottage is the correct place for you. They create an atmosphere that suits the mood and you want to stay there forever. If you are finding budget beach cottages in Goa then Beach Bay is the correct place for you.

  • Leela Cottages

    This is a luxury beach cottage in Goa and one of the top preferred places on this list. The old shacks that the cottages are designed in give a very humble feeling. Some of the beautiful decorative furniture is worth mentioning. The whole place has a beautiful ambiance.

  • Tiara Fiesta Beach Cottages

    This is not an ordinary beach cottage. Tiara Fiesta has its private beach and the guests can only visit those beaches. So if you want some solitude on the beach then you can make your plans to stay in Tiara Fiesta.

  • Naga Cottages

    This cottage comes under the cheap cottages in Goa which means you can land up in this cottage if you are thinking of visiting Goa with your friends or you know that you will not spend a lot of time in the cottages. Howsoever you have to be aware of the fact that although this is a categorized under cheap cottage you can rely on the excellent facilities of the Hotel and you can also find a lot of birds and squirrels in this cottage area.

  • Cobo Cabana

    If you want to spend some alone time with your partner and also go out of the hustle, the bustle of the city life then Cobo Cabana a cottage in North Goa is the place you want to go. This is situated on the outskirts of the city and will provide you with a cozy experience. The cottage is situated on the edge of the river Mandovi and has only two cottages with excellent facilities.

  • Agonda Cottage

    This is one of the eco-cottage in Goa and if you are a nature lover or an environmentalist then you have to stay in this beach cottage. Situated in the lap of nature this beach cottage is one of the most beautiful and serene cottages to be in.

    These are a few of the cottages that have to be listed in the fabulous cottage list. In the above list, you will find some of the best wooden cottages in Goa. The Little India Beach cottage is the most well-arranged and well-maintained wooden beach cottage of India and can also be the perfect one for couples.

  • Goa was a very prominent Portuguese colony for several years. if you visit Goa you will feel a Portuguese vibe. This is a very different feeling which can be felt in Chandannagore of West Bengal, Pondicherry, and also in Daman and Diu as well. Long after the British left India Goa was still a colony of the Portuguese. However, in the year 1961, the Indian army annexed Goa and it was formally a part of India. Due to this long Portuguese rule, Goa has had a long Portuguese influence always.
    You can easily take up the political map of Goa and locate the important points and locate your preferred cottage and then start planning accordingly. However, if you feel that it will to very difficult then you can surely contact TourTravelWorld and they will arrange the best trip of your life.

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