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  • Five Fantastic Things To Do In Dublin

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    Dublin has marked its place in the list of Irelands most vibrant cities. It has earned a reputation due to its scenic charm and famous attractions such as world-famous city pubs, rich music, art, culture and its captivating places. Fortunately, the city also offers the tourists various free-entry places to be explored, where they get an opportunity to know about its history and culture. Some of these places include national museums, and a visit to the Presidents house.

    Here is a list of the must-visit places on your next stay in Dublin.

  • Shout In The Stand At Croke Park

    Shout In The Stand At Croke Park

    If you are a sports-lover, you can go to Croke Park to enjoy some sports. Croke Park is a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) stadium situated in Dublin. This stadium has been named after Archbishop Thomas Coke in order to honor him. Primarily, GAA has been hosting Gaelic games in this stadium since 1884. Games which are mainly played in this stadium are Gaelic football and hurling, but there are also other games which are played here such as Gaellic handball or rounders. Hurling and football are also played by women.

  • What About A Dance Night Out

    What About A Dance Night Out

    It's late evening. If you still feel energetic and want to shake your body to the beats of music, then going to a dance bar can be the best idea. There you can try different dance forms such as salsa, sambha, roller disco and so on. If youre not in the mood of dancing, dont worry you can relax there over some drinks and enjoy the dance of other people.

  • Take Part In St Patrick's Day Parade

    Take Part In St Patrick's Day Parade

    Saint Patrick's Day is a religious festival which is celebrated on 17 March the death date of Saint Patrick. This fest includes public parades in which people sing or dance. Some bands also perform in the parade. This parade brings great joy and enthusiasm. You will feel lucky to be a part of this parade.

  • Dont Forget To Visit The Dublin Castle

    Dont Forget To Visit The Dublin Castle

    Dublin Castle is said to be the heart of historical Dublin. Anglo-Normans had erected it in the early 1200's at the location of a 9th century Viking fort. Now, all the presidents of Ireland take an official oath in this castle. Records Tower is the only original remaining part of the castle, whereas most of it got destroyed in in a disastrous fire in 1684.

  • Get Mesmerized At The Science Gallery

    Get Mesmerized At The Science Gallery

    The Science Gallery belongs to the Science Centre situated at Trinity College. It is open for public. It boasts amazing exhibitions and art-science collection. The main aim of the Gallery is to conduct various activities such as exhibitions, workshops and so on. This Gallery draws thousands of visitors each year.

  • Conclusion

    From shouting at Croke Park to dancing in a bar, from taking part in St Patrick's Day parade to visiting the mesmerizing Dublin Castle; there are many attractions in Dublin waiting to embrace you. If you visit Dublin, it wont really disappoint you.

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