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  • General Packing Tips

    The very first task associated with Traveling is packing. Usually people take it easy and do it at the last minute, on other hand few of us get finicky about packing and make it a tedious task. Both the ways things do not get settled the way they should. So here we are with few useful tips that may help you for perfect packing.

  • Documents and Money

    • Collect all the important documents like passport, tickets, reservation slips etc. and keep them in a water resistant pouch. Check that pouch's locking system is working fine, otherwise papers may slip out of it.
    • Apart from regular travel documents also carry the medical record if any member of the group has a regular medicinal treatment.
    • The pouch carrying your documents should be placed handy so that it can be dragged out easily when needed.
    • Keep the scanned copied of important document so that in case of emergency they can serve the purpose.
    • Documents like bank cards traveler's cheque, credit cards etc. should split out in different pockets of bag or wallet, in order to be safer.
    • Each member of group should have money so that in case of emergency he/she may mange it. Also if one member's get his pocket picked, others have the money safe with them.

  • Clothes

    • First of all check for the climatic condition of the place you are going to visit. Now look at your wardrobe and pick out the dresses as per need.
    • Always try to select mix and match dresses, which can be combined with others and look different.
    • If you are going to visit coastal area, do not forget beachwear. Same ways keep cotton or woolen as per the weather of place you are going to visit.
    • Pick out light towels for travel as heavy towels do not dry easily.
    • Keep sufficient number of innerwear so that if you don't get laundry facility you can carry on with surplus pairs.
    • Set the dresses in pairs, so that you don't forget to take half dress and it will also help you to save time during travel.
    • Roll few dresses as this way they occupy less space. Also wrapping two trousers together will help in managing with less space.

  • Cosmetics

    • Keep multipurpose cosmetics; do not pack the entire vanity box.
    • Choose a vanity pouch that can be opened as box so that your things do not get jumbled and you can easily pick out the things.
    • Keep minimum shades of Lipsticks, nail paint etc. Keep few shades that match with various colors.
    • Always keep Sunscreen lotions, moisturizers, lip balm etc. that may protect your skin from harmful effects.
    • As far as possible take small packs of oil, shampoo, lotions etc. so that you don't need to carry big bottles. If small packs are not available, pour out these things in small bottles.
    • Toiletries Bag should be made of water resistant material.

  • First Aid Kit

    • A basic first aid kit is mandatory to keep during travel.
    • Keep all kinds of basic medicines.
    • If you have recently gone under specific treatment, keep the related prescriptions and papers.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Keep a torch; it serves as boon in time of emergencies.
    • Keep old newspapers and paper or plastic bags.
    • Keep the shoes in shoe bag or wrap them well in plastic bags.
    • Keep indoor games for kids, so that they enjoy the travel.
    • Keep few books if you enjoy reading.

  • Last but not the least, do the packing well in advance so you don't rush at eleventh hour. Preferably make a list of articles to be packed, this will ensure the tension free packing of all the necessary items.

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