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  • List of 14 Best Restaurants In Delhi

    By: Admin | In: Others | Last Updated: 2017-11-03

    List of 14 Best Restaurants In Delhi

    "People who are true foodies are the best people."
    So this means that the Delhiites are the best ones! Hell Yeah!

    The capital city of India is full of fun and gastronomes. In every nook and corner of the city, there's a high chance of spotting them and, at times, together. The people of Delhi adore munching different snacks. Due to the widest variety of the food available here, the capital city is the prominent choice for the foodies.

    Delhi has a sizable populace of the 'Human Herbivores breed, commonly known as vegetarian. This breed survives eating the food that contains a miscellany of fruits & vegetables, lentils, juices, bread, and everything else that doesn't contain the meat of animals. This breed loves to munch the vegetarian snacks, especially at restaurants that offer pure vegetarian food.

    Finding such restaurants isn't a tough job, you can easily find them after going through this small guide.

  • Kake Di Hatti

    Kake Di Hatti is one among the top restaurants in Delhi.

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    Outstanding naans, mouthwatering paranthas, taste bud seducing chole-bhature, kulchey, and much more food items that can bring water in your mouth are the highlights of Kake Di Hatti. Located near Fatehpuri Chowk, Kake Di Hatti is one among the top restaurants in Delhi. This Punjabi eatery offers the appetizing North Indian cuisine without making you splurge. Do not miss munching the bite of the delicious dishes served here.

    Must Try - Dal Makhni & Naan
    Price For Two- 400 INR approx

  • Veg Gulati

    Veg Gulati is one of the famous restaurant in New Delhi

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    Reckoned among the best eateries in New Delhi, Veg Gulati is a famous restaurant located at Pandara Road Market. This restaurant is known for serving the palatable vegetarian food items. People from the different corners of Delhi arrive at Veg Gulati to feast on the delectable dishes. It is a famous place for the gastronomes and gets flooded by them on weekend. A flying visit to this restaurant isn't a bad deal, guys.

    Must Try- Shahi Paneer, Naan, Dal Makhni
    Price For Two- 1300 INR

  • Govinda's

    Govinda's is one of the popular veg restaurants in delhi

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    Resting in the heart of ISKCON Temple in Delhi, Govinda's is the righteous place for the vegans out there. This restaurant offers the vegetarian food in an ample amount. Here, you can satisfy the hunger pangs by munching over the sumptuous vegetarian dishes and other snacks. Govinda's is bliss for those who are vegans and, nah, we aren't telling more. You should visit yourself to find out.

    Must Try - The Chhappan Bhog Buffet every Sunday
    Price For Two- 800 INR

  • Shake Square

    Shake Square is one of the famous restaurants in new delhi

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    And here's another frequented restaurant that never fails to impress its guests. Shake Square, popularly known as Keventer's, is a well-known food outlet in Delhi. It stands behind Wengers in the inner circle of Connaught Place. Easily accessible via Metro, it is a hub for the shake lovers. At Shake Square, you'll get to sip the best milkshakes in the town as they have a huge variety of the healthy milkshakes. Name it and you'll get it!

    Must Try- Each Milkshake is luscious
    Price For Two- 500 INR approx

  • Chache Di Hatti

    Chache Di Hatti is one of the best restaurants or food spot in delhi

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    Whilst hanging out in Kamla Nagar Market if you hanker to munch the fluffy Bhature served with the mild spicy chole and onions, head towards Chache Di Hatti. It is a famous shop that serves the undeniable chole bhature. This shop usually remains crowded with those who consider chole-bhature as an inseparable part of life. You can be one among them (what's wrong in pretending?)

    Must Try- Paneer Bhature & Chole Price For Two- 100 INR

  • Saravana Bhavan

    Saravana Bhavan is one of the best restaurants in new delhi

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    Saravana Bhawan is a blessing in disguise for those who adore eating the South Indian dishes. Known as the 'Present-day Bahubali' of South Indian restaurants, Saravan Bhavan is a gigantic chain of the South Indian vegetarian restaurants. It serves the luscious dishes that can make anyone drool over them. People wait to grab a table and enjoy a lip-smacking South Indian meal at Saravana Bhawan.

    Must Try- Everything till you are stuffed
    Price For Two- 1000-1200 INR

  • Indus Flavor

    Indus Flavor is one of the inexpensive restaurant or places to dine out in Delhi

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    If you're looking out for a pocket-friendly restaurant that serves pure vegetarian food around the North Campus of D.U and GTB Nagar, remember the name of Indus Flavor. One of the inexpensive places to dine out in Delhi, Indus Flavor is a remarkable food joint. It is the hang-out spot for the collegians as it serves the yummy dishes and other snacks at a pocket-friendly price. Each dish served by them exceeds the level of expectation in terms of taste.

    Must Try - Dal Makhni & Naan
    Price For Two-800 INR

  • Rajdhani

    Rajdhani is one of the famous restaurants in new delhi

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    Shout out to the Thali lovers! Whenever you feel like treating the taste buds with the authentic Rajasthani & Gujarati flavor, Rajdhani restaurant is the destination. Located in DLF Mall, Saket, Rajdhani Restaurant gives an opportunity to savor the flavors of finger-licking dishes that hail from Rajasthan & Gujarat. Make sure your tummy is empty because you'll be getting more than enough.

    Must Try - Maharaja Thali
    Price For Two- 1000 INR

  • Shree Banke Bihari Brajwasi Rasgulle Waala

    Shree Banke Bihari Brajwasi Rasgulle Waala is one of the popular food destination in delhi

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    Shree Banke Bihari Brajwasi Rasgulle Waala is here to satisfy the urge of grabbing a bite of sweet dishes. Located near the Spark Mall in Kamala Nagar, this is a well-known sweetmeat hotspot. All the mithai lovers can be spotted here satisfying their craving for a sweet dish. It is a shop where you can purchase appetizing sweets prepared in desi ghee.

    Must Try - Rasmalai, Rabdi, Rasgullay
    Price For Two - Depends on the price of sweet dish

  • Sattvik

    Sattvik is one of the popular veg restaurants in delhi

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    Calling it as "Paradise For Vegans" isn't wrong. As per its name, Sattvik is a restaurant known for serving Jain food. All dishes served here do not contain onion or garlic, yeah, you read that right. It is located in the renowned hangout destination in Saket called Select City Mall. The quality of the food is topnotch as it primarily contains the North Indian cuisine. Visit it and you'll not be disappointed.

    Must Try- Sattvik Special Thali
    Price For Two - 1500 INR

  • Naivedyam

    Naivedyam is one of the best restaurants in Delhi

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    A visit to HKV remains incomplete without eating some South Indian food at Naivedyam. Among the clubs, lounges, and bars, Naivedyam is a pure vegetarian restaurant that is a haven for the vegans. Having a calm ambiance, this place serves the authentic flavor of South India. The craving for the South Indian cuisine can be satisfied best at Naivedyam.

    Must Try - Utthapam and Dosa
    Price For Two - 1300 approx

  • Shraman - The Ashok

    Shraman is a renowned restaurant located in delhi

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    Name- Shraman. Location- The Ashok. Purpose- Satisfying the hunger of guests by serving them vegetarian food. Shraman is a renowned restaurant located in the 5-star hotel, The Ashok. It is known for its delightful vegetarian cuisine. They serve the fresh vegetarian food prepared under hygienic condition. Spending some good quality time while eating the food can be best relished at Shraman- The Ashok.

    Must Try- Marwari Thali and Dal Baati Churma
    Price For Two- 1800 INR

  • Bengali Sweet House

    Bengali Sweet House is one of the best restaurants in delhi

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    Bengali Sweet House- the name is enough to tell its fame. It is one of the most-visited joints in Delhi. Based in Connaught Place, it is thronged by locals frequently. This food joint serves as the best place for enjoying budgetary birthday treats as there are so many snacks and desserts served here. The yummylicious items prepared at Bengali Sweet House can make any food lover drool over them.

    Must Try - Tikki and desserts
    Price For Two- Depends upon the dessert

  • Shree Rathnam

    Shree Rathnam is one of the famous restaurants in delhi

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    Look out for the restaurant named Shree Rathnam in your locale. There's a probability to find one. Having its branches all over Delhi-NCR, Shree Rathnam is a restaurant known for its South Indian dishes. It is the appropriate place near you to dine out in Delhi with the family. The taste oozes from the dishes served here, so expect the authentic South Indian flavor at Shree Rathnam.

    Must Try - Butter Masala Dosa
    Price For Two - 550 INR

  • Finally, you went past some of the greatest restaurants and joints in the capital. All of the above-listed restaurants are known for the vegetarian food they serve. This, for sure, makes them stand apart from the other restaurants in Delhi. So, when are you people planning to visit them?

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