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  • Miscellaneous Travel Tips

    Miscellaneous Travel Tips

    Whenever we look for travel tips, the tips that we are bound to get are regarding health, luggage, air travel, train travel, road travel, what to eat, what not to eat etc. Other than these, there are a lot of other things as well which we need to keep in mind while travelling. They may sound unimportant, but sooner or later you realize that they are as important as anything else. These tips keep in mind the minutest details, taking care of which we can make our trip a successful and memorable one! We have put these tips in our miscellaneous section which is as important as the main, so just don't ignore them!

  • Hiding Valuables

    It is very necessary to hide your valuables when you are on a trip as they might get lost. Passport security socks are a great way to hide your valuables. They are available in all sizes and heights. For cash, passport, keys and other small valuables, a zipped pocket inside you clothes is a great idea.

  • A Bus Driver May be Better than a Concierge

    Make it a point to be friends with the bus drivers around. The public bus drivers can be of great help and provide with better suggestions than the concierges. These bus drivers are familiar with the local customs/secrets and can make your entire vacation a pleasant one.

  • Air Medical Transport May Not be Covered under Your Current Insurance

    When you have to travel more than 150 miles from home, it is advisable to have a yearly air medical transport membership. In case you are hospitalized, the expenses of getting you transported to a hospital in your home city might not be paid under your private insurance.

  • ATM Withdrawals

    Always use that ATM for withdrawing money which is located outside a bank and also make sure that the bank is open. Incase, your card gets stuck or something else happens, you can always go to the bank and solve it out.

  • Ask for a Discount

    Shopping at your trip, can be really expensive, if you don't act smart! Shopkeepers tend to ask for prices above than the actual price thinking of tourists as unaware of it. Also, if you opt for tour guides/operators, they have deals fixed with the shops for their own commission on whatever items you purchase. They intentionally take you to those shops. So, in order to save your money, be smart, bargain and ask for discounts while shopping. Bargains and discounts, always work effectively.

  • Declare Your Credit Cards

    Remember that in most countries, credit cards are considered as "Live Currency", so do remember to mention them, if asked by the customs officials. This will help you avoid trouble with countries that are strict with the rules of money importation.

  • Don't Keep All Cash in One Place

    Always keep your cash at different places such as in your suitcase, personal pockets, handbags, etc. In this way, even if you get robbed or loose something, you?ll still be left with something to carry on your trip.

  • Must Carry Things

    • Whenever you go for a trip, carry these things along with you so that you don?t have to face problems later on:
    • Food for the flight or train, sometimes the food that you get is awful.
    • If you are going to a city with tropical weather, carry tale board shorts.
    • Sunscreen is essential.
    • A photocopy of your travel guide, incase you loose the original one.
    • An extra debit card just in case you lose the first one.

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