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  • Most Advanced Top Ten Cities in India

    Top 10 Cities of India

    Also known as, The Land of Diversity, India is a house of breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, rich history and mouth-watering cuisines. From the snow-covered hills of the Himalayas to the alluring beaches in Goa, the busy market streets of Delhi or the Marine Drive in Mumbai, the spicy street food in Kolkata or the Shahi Nawabi Biryani in Hyderabad, one can easily explore thousands of delicacies hidden in every lane of this incredible country.

    Being a developing country, India is infused with a blend of super-advanced as well as not-so-advanced cities. Some cities have incorporated the latest transformations of the world to keep up in the race of development, while others may take some more years to reach the same spot. This blog enlists the Top ten cities in India to keep you handy. Read on!

  • Hyderabad

    Hyderabad is the historic city of India

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    Being chosen as the map development center by the leading name Apple, Hyderabad is the second most preferred city by many international software and IT companies. The Hyderabad Technology Park in this city acts as an apt location for setting up headquarters here.

    • The City of Pearls yields a GDP of about 74 Billion USD.
    • You can find the greatest number of SEZ in Hyderabad and its suburbs.
    • Hyderabad is also known as the Genome Valley of India.
    • The city of Hyderabad is the capital of the newly formed state of Telangana and is being recognized for its growing pharmaceutical Industry in the world.
    • Hyderabad is the second most prominent IT city after Bengaluru.
    • It has the offices of Google, Amazon, IBM, and various other international companies.

  • Delhi

    Delhi is one of the most advanced city and also the capital of India

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    Crowned as the Nation Capital of the country, Delhi is a popular destination for numerous reasons. The lifeline of the city, the Delhi Metro, is a major step in making this city more developed.

    • The GDP of the capital city of India can be estimated to be 167 Billion USD.
    • Delhi is the operating point for the central government, is thus home to quasi-government employees, and has numerous govt. offices.
    • Delhi attracts the highest FDI for having the most lucrative retail market.
    • 80% of the Delhis GDP is a contribution of the Govt. Sector.
    • The major service sectors in Delhi can be named as Information Technology, hotels, banking, media, and tourism.
    • Over the years, Delhi has NCR attached to it now. Due to its urban expansion, the main towns and villages near the city are considered as the extension of the city. Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Rohtak are apt examples.

  • Kolkata

    Kolkata is the second largest city of India

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    Proudly boasting as one of the oldest cities and the former capital of the country, Kolkata is not much behind in the race of development. The city has witnessed a huge transformation in terms of economy as well as infrastructure over the years.

    • Kolkata is the Capital of West Bengal and the former capital of India, yielding a GDP of 150 Billion USD.
    • Kolkata is recognized as one of the main port cities of India and the commercial hub of North-East India.
    • The city has been able to get itself updated on the list of primary location preference of IT companies and BPOs.
    • ITC Limited, Allahabad Bank, and Uco Bank operate from a permanent head-office in this city.
    • The Current rate at which the IT sector is booming in Kolkata is 70%. Apart from this, there are several SEZ being set up resulting in rapid industrialization.

  • Mumbai

    Mumbai is the financial capital of India

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    Churning out thousands of blockbuster movies every year, the much-hyped Bollywood is located in this city of dreams. The fact that Mumbai houses the multi-billionaire Mukesh Ambani, major Bollywood Stars and many other well-known personalities is enough to state the extent of this citys development.

    • Mumbai tops the list of the most advanced cities in India. The ranking is done on various parameters, the most important of which is the GDP.
    • Mumbai has GDP score of 209 USD. We can all agree on the fact Mumbai is the most fashionable City of India, owing to its Fashion and entertainment industry.
    • Mumbai is also known as the trading capital of the country. The port city of Mumbai handles about 70% of the nations economies transactions.
    • The economic transaction of the city according to the latest statistics is 6%.
    • The city adds a 10% of factory employment, 30% of IT collections, 60% custom duty collection, 20% central excise tax collection, 40% of foreign trade collection, and 10 Billion USD in corporate taxes.
    • The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is the headquarters of NSE, BSE, RBI, and several other significant establishments. Mumbai is also the operating city for the 3 largest companies of India, namely; Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Group, and Aditya Birla Group.

  • Bangalore / Bengaluru

    Bangalore / Bengaluru is the IT hub of India

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    Bengaluru, also known as the IT Hub of India, is a preferred location by companies from across the globe for setting up their bases. This city is developing with each passing day and the time is not far away when this city would proudly house all the largest IT companies in the world.

    • With the turn of millennium Bengaluru gave rise to several IT companies in the country. Known as the Silicon Valley of India for the same reason.
    • This city with GDP produce of 83 Billion USD ranks in the top 10 most preferred places by entrepreneurs for business.
    • 35% of the nations IT professionals are employed in Bengaluru.
    • Majority of IT engineers that go abroad are from Bangalore.
    • Previously known as Bangalore, conducts 65% of the aviation related business in India.
    • The City has R&D and Engineering centers for big aviation companies like Boeing, Airbus, GE aviation etc.
    • Hindustan Aeronautics, the manufacturer of in-demand aircraft like Jaguar and Sukhoi 30, has its headquarters in Bangalore.

  • Chennai

    Chennai is one of the most advanced and planned city of India

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    Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is the largest education and economic center of South India. Based on a research conducted in 2011, this city is the second largest exporter of BPO services and information technology in the country.

    • The capital city of Tamil Nadu is the chief port city in south India.
    • Chennais GDP produce is 16 Billion USD.
    • The sectors currently booming in Chandigarh are automobiles, medical, tourism, financial services, hardware manufacturing, etc.
    • The city bags the title of the second largest exporter of IT services.
    • Chennai contributes a total of 50% of electronic equipment.
    • Also known as the Detroit of India, Chennai is home to headquarters of luxury car companies like Ford, Nissan, BMW, etc.

  • Ahmedabad

    Ahmedabad is one of the most growing city in India

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    Ahmedabad, with a population of about 7.8 million, was ranked third in the 2010 Forbes list of fastest growing cities of the decade. The increasing population has led to the construction of new housing and commercial spaces, making it more developed with each passing year.

    • Ahmedabad is considered as one of the liveliest cities of Gujarat with a GDP produce of 64 Billion USD.
    • Ahmedabad has some major companies operating within its periphery. To name a few: Adani Group, Nirma, Arvind Mills, Cadila, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals, etc.
    • Ahmedabad tops the rank chain in denim supply and gems and jewelry export.
    • With Mr. Narendra Modi at the helm, Ahmedabad is seeing a rapid growth and emergence as a financial hub in the western region of India.

  • Pune

    Pune is one of the most populous and advanced city in India

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    Pune, with its rich history, was treated as the economic base of Maharashtra in the past. With industries like automobile, manufacturing and information technology still flourishing in this city, Pune is said to be entitled to the age-old post for many years to come.

    • After Bombay, Pune is the city that receives the maximum footfall in Maharashtra. The city yields a GDP of 48 Billion USD.
    • Punes popularity has increased over the past decade because of the emergence of several IT and automobile offices.
    • With an investment from the World Bank, the Pune food cluster is set to establish food and vegetable processing units.
    • Pune is booming as the hub for German companies in India with over 250 German companies proceeding to set up in Pune. The city of Pune is the only hub for German companies in India since past 60 years.

  • Surat

    Surat is one of the fastest growing cities in India

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    Being the ninth largest agglomeration in India and the fourth fastest growing cities of the world, Surat has emerged as a highly developed city in the past few years. Surat is also enlisted to become a smart city under the Smart Cities Mission initiated by PM Narendra Modi.

    • The estimated GDP of Surat is 48 Billion USD.
    • Surat is popularly known as the Diamond Hub of the world.
    • Surat is a city where the 90% of worlds rough diamonds are cut and polish. For India, the percentage is as high as 99.9%.
    • 90% of the diamonds exports from India leave the country from Surat.
    • Surat is one of the chief textile competitors, with 380 plus dyeing and printing mills and 41,000 power looms.
    • Surat is the producer of 40% of India's artificial fabric.

  • Visakhapatnam

    Visakhapatnam is a port city and industrial center in the India

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    Located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, Vishakhapatnam or Vizag houses the oldest shipyard of the country. With the efforts of US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and Andhra Pradesh Government, this city is all set to emerge as the second San Francisco in the world.

    Vishakhapatnam is popularly known as Vizag

    • The GDP produce of the port city sums up to 26 Billion USD.
    • The countrys oldest shipyards and some of the biggest seaports are located in Visakhapatnam.
    • The major steel industries like GAIL, Vizag steel and Hindustan steel are also located in Vishakhapatnam.
    • Vishakhapatnam is rich in seafood. A majority of residents feed themselves with fishes like Tuna and earn their livelihood by fishing. A huge quantity and variety of dried fishes are exported from Vishakhapatnam.
    • Besides being a hub of the heavy steel industry, Vishakhapatnam is dwelling the IT industry as well.

  • India is ranked 7th in the world on the basis of GDP ranking. According to GDP based on PPP, India occupies the 3rd position. India is still developing and has a limited number of cities and towns that are very well developed. The above-mentioned list is informative and will turn out really helpful if you are planning to extend your business in other cities of the country.

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