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  • Not to Be Missed Tourist Places In Phuket

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-08-25

    Not to Be Missed Tourist Places In Phuket

    Phuket needs no formal introduction. It is a famous city in Thailand that stands among one of the righteous destinations for spending the holidays. Its fascinating landscapes, exquisite beaches, bustling markets, clubs etc. are simply irresistible.

    Holiday makers from the various parts of the world throng to Phuket for spending a great and an unforgettable holiday. The visitors, extensively, rabble to the beaches, restaurants, malls, and streets of the city whilst vacation. There is so much fun available that sometimes people tend to miss out the things to do in Phuket.

    To keep such issues at bay, do not forget to take a look at this small guide that comprises the list of the activities that you can enjoy in Phuket.

  • Phang Nga Bay

    Phang Nga Bay is a beauteous water body in Phuket

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    Phang Nga Bay is a beauteous water body that is renowned for its crystal clear waters. This enormous water body is known for its boat tours that allow witnessing the bewitching circumjacent and nearby islets. Those islets are an ideal spot for spending a romantic evening with your life partner. The adventurous sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, speed boating etc. can also be enjoyed at this bay.

  • Old Phuket Town

    Old Phuket Town is a famous tourist attraction in Phuket

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    Before the marvelous town of Phuket became a famous tourist attraction, this old town was a major trading route between India and China. Old Phuket Town forms a part of the city of Phuket and has a great historical significance. Even today, when tourists step out to stroll in the streets, the huge colonial buildings and mansions can be spotted. You can also take delight in treating the taste buds with the yummy street food available.

  • Bangla Road Nightlife

    Bangla Road is well known places in Phuket

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    You simply cannot miss an intriguing nightlife of Phuket. After the sun melts in the horizon and the sky wears the shimmering blanket of stars, it is the time for the night crawlers to hanker around the different bars and clubs. Bangla Road is the right place where you can enjoy like a party animal. DJs, tipple, and crazy heads around- think twice before skipping the fun at this site.

  • Big Buddha

    Big Buddha is one of the famous places in Phuket

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    Phuket isnt limited to the beaches. This city is an exquisite amalgamation of the culture and traditions as well. Visit Nakkerd Hills and there you can witness the gigantic statue of Lord Buddha. Having a height of 147 feet, the Big Buddha statue is carved entirely out of the white marble and is a major travel attraction in Phuket.

  • Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples

    Wat Chalong is one of the famous temple in Phuket

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    To evoke the inner peace, you should pay a visit to Wat Chalong. Formally known as Wat Chaithyararam, it is one among the beguiling 29 temple in Phuket. Constructed beautifully and housing the Buddhist relics, visiting this place is one of the top activities to do in Phuket. Remember to abide by the rules & regulations of these temples.

  • Simon Cabaret Show

    Simon Cabaret show is a must see attraction in Phuket

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    What else can be more pleasurable than watching the comely Thai dancers, adorned with colorful feathery attires dancing in front of you? Whilst holidaying in Phuket, you can spend a great evening watching Simon Cabaret Show. It is a must-see attraction, especially for the young guys that are searching the blingy fun in Phuket. And if youre with the family, make sure that no infant is beside you.

  • Spend a Day (or two) on Phi Phi Island

    Phi Phi Island is a well-known holiday attraction in Phuket

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    Surrounded by the Strait of Malacca, Phi Phi Island is a well-known holiday attraction in Phuket. Endowed with the serenity in its ambiance, this island resembles a painting of the nature on canvas. Phi Phi Island is a beguiling destination, especially for the newly married couples that arrive at the place for spending the honeymoon. Walking on the slushy shoreline and enjoying the meals at the beach is ethereal.

  • Phuket FantaSea Show

    Phuket FantaSea show is one of the famous

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    Infused with the modern-day technology, Phuket FantaSea Show is a traditional Thai cultural show. The intriguing performances of the animals and acrobats amaze the onlookers. The show takes place in an amphitheater that has a capacity of accommodating 3000 people. The shopping street is a must-visit spot in the locale from where one can collect the souvenirs.

  • Phuket Viewpoints

    Phuket Viewpoints is well known view point in phuket

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    Phuket is bestowed with the beauty of nature in profusion. There are certain viewpoints in Phuket from where people relish the astounding sites that provide calmness to eyes. The peach-colored sun melting in the horizon can be best sighted from Nai Harn Windmill Viewpoint and 3 Beaches Viewpoint. Experience the venture of rocking climbing and trekking can be relished at Rawai Beach and Yanui Beach.

  • Phuket is a bewitching holiday destination but people enjoy the common activities. The fun of relishing the different activities is an experience in itself and no doubts, it is memorable. After going through the above-listed places to visit in Phuket, you can easily immerse yourself in the euphoria.

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