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  • Not to Miss 13 Most Elegant Places to Visit In Rameswaram

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    Not to Miss 13 Most Elegant Places to Visit In Rameswaram

    Reckoned for the exquisite temples and celestial beaches, Rameswaram is a town located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a major pilgrimage seat amid the 4 dhams in Hinduism. For a majority of people, it is the place where you can visit the intricately carved ancient temple of Ramanathaswamy jyotirlinga, whereas, for others, it is a place that has a rich history engraved on ruins of temples and other monuments. Also, many see Rameswaram as a place where delectable South Indian cuisine can be tasted.

    As the summer holidays are approaching, you might be brainstorming to find out a place where you can spin memories. Um, what we say is allow us to be your guide for this summer vacation and take you through the unforgettable journey to Rameswaram. We assure you of..nah..lets begin with it. Well keep telling about each destination.

  • Ruined Temple/Church of Dhanushkodi

    Church of Dhanushkodi is one of the amazing places to visit in Rameswaram

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    Rameswaram is also a place to awake the sleeping explorer in you. Close to the beach of Dhanushkodi, there are ruins of the beauteous Hindu temples. Hundreds of tourists flock to this area to gather knowledge about the history of these ruined shrines and the presiding deities. These ruins tell the tale of events that were seen by them. Chuck the summer & monsoon season to visit this ethereal location in Dhanushkodi.

  • Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge

    Annai Indira Road Bridge is a unique bridge in Rameswaram

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    How would it feel if you travel a short distance on a narrow bridge surrounded by an enormous water body on all sides? We bet it will be jittery. Annai Indira Road Bridge is a unique bridge that is constructed amid the sea. This bridge is built 41 feet above the sea level and bridges the gap of 2 km. between Pamban Island and Indian mainland. Try out for a short ride on this bridge for a different experience.

  • Pamban Bridge

    Pamban Bridge is Indias lone railway line that is built over the humongous sea in Rameswaram

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    Constructed adjacent to AIGRB, Pamban Bridge is Indias lone railway line that is built over the humongous sea. It is the first railway link built on the water body between Pamban Island and Indian mainland. Pamban Bridge stands on 143 pillars, each weighing 100 tons. It also has a double leaf bascule section that is lifted for ships to pass. It is completely compelling to see the train speeding over this 2 km long bridge.

  • Dhanushkodi Beach

    Dhanushkodi Beach is one of the most popular beach in Rameswaram

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    A quaint land located between India and Sri Lanka, Dhanushkodi is a less inhabited place in Rameshwaram. It is famous for housing the beguiling Dhanushkodi Beach that is said to be formed by Lord Ramas bow. According to a legend, Lord Rama marked a spot using his bow to construct the bridge for carrying his troops to Sri Lanka. Moreover, the local dwellers claim that Dhanushkodi Beach is haunted. If youre dauntless then you may give a try (wink).

  • Ramanathaswamy Temple

    Ramanathaswamy temple is a magnificent temple in Rameswaram

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    Constructed as a Shivalinga by Lord Rama himself, Ramanathaswamy temple is truly an intriguing shrine located in Rameswaram. It is a jyotirlinga devoted to Lord Mahadeva and was constructed in the early 17th century. The tantalizing carvings of this shrine are simply praiseworthy. It is also known for having the longest corridor with a length of 197 meters and 1200 huge granite columns. Well, it cannot be missed at all.

  • Agnitheertham

    Agnitheertham is a well-known temple in Rameswaram

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    Agnitheertham is like Haridwar of South India. Thousands of enthusiastic devotees flock here every day and take a dip in the holy water to purify themselves. Agnitheertham is a well-known temple and it is said that to test Devi Sitas purity, Agni Deva was penalized by Mahadeva for touching a virtuous woman. To get rid of his sin, Agni Deva prayed to Lord Shiva and took numerous dips in the nearby kunda. Since then, the place was known by the name of Agnitheertham.

  • Hanuman Temple

    Temple of Hanuman is a major attraction in Rameswaram

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    While were talking about Lord Rama, we simply cannot forget his ardent devotee, Lord Hanuman. He is a major character in Ramayana and is worshiped in India extensively. Commonly known as Panchamukhi Hanuman, the temple of Hanuman is a major attraction in Rameswaram. It is devoted to Lord Hanuman with 5 faces and is visited by devotees on a large scale. Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days when special prayers are chanted by followers of Hanuman in Rameswaram.

  • Rama Setu (Adam's Bridge)

    Rama Setu is well known setu in Rameswaram

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    For the rest of the world, it may be Adams Bridge but for all Indians, it is the sacred Rama Setu. With its mention in the epic Ramayana, Rama Setu is a bridge constructed of the floating stones. The monkey army led by Lord Hanuman built this humongous bridge that connects India with northern coast of Sri Lanka. Today, thousands of people flock to witness the amazing bridge with floating stones on it.

  • Villoondi Tirtham

    Villoondi Tirtham is well known tourist site in Rameswaram

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    Another attraction located in Rameswaram is Villoondi Tirtham. Being a sacred temple and a well-known beach, it is flocked by numerous visitors on a large scale. Villoondi Tirtham is a sacred well and it is said that is was made by Lord Rama to quench the thirst of Devi Sita. A fascinating fact about this place is that the water drawn from this well is not saline despite being so close to the sea. Believe it or not, but it is a miracle!

  • Ariyaman Beach

    Ariyaman Beach is reckoned as a serene beach located in Rameswaram

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    Bored and tired? Want to rejuvenate yourself? Come and join us at Ariyaman Beach. Located on the other side of the Palk Strait, Ariyaman Beach is reckoned as a serene beach located in Rameswaram. The blue waters that kiss the virgin sands make this beach an ideal spot for the one-day itinerary. Tourists on an extensive scale are spotted here chumming around. Do give a visit at Ariyaman Beach.

  • Jada Tirtham

    Jada Tirtham is one of the most popular places in Rameswaram

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    Located on the way to the exquisite Dhanushkodi, Jada Tirtham is one more addition to our list. Frequented by tourists and devotees on a large scale, it is known as the place where Lord Rama and Laxmana washed their hair in order to purify their sin of killing the demon scholar Ravana. This kunda is festooned and swarmed by devotees on the pious occasion of Maha kumbha and Rama Navami.

  • Sea World Aquarium

    The Sea World Aquarium is one amid major attractions of Rameswaram

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    Since kids arent interested in visiting the ancient temples or places like that, you can take them to the Sea World Aquarium. It is the righteous place to uplift a low mood. The Sea World Aquarium is one amid major attractions of Rameswaram and is a residence of the exotic aquatic species of the marine creatures like the goldfish, parrot fish, sea horse, crab, and much more. Youll definitely enjoy there.

  • Kunthukal Beach

    Kunthukal Beach is our final destination in Rameswaram

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    Last but not the least, Kunthukal Beach is our final destination in Rameswaram. Located 12 kilometers away from the main city, it is a serene beach located near Kunthukal village. The slushy sand and tidy waves of the beach never fail to lure visitors. Taking a stroll at the beach during the sunset or sunrise is an ethereal experience. Do try it out during your holiday.

  • And our journey came to an end. As we promised, we stood concrete hard on our words and showed you some astounding places in Rameswaram. Whether it was the beautifully carved temple or the alluring beach, there are numerous destinations that can be a perfect travel goal this summer. So, gear up for Rameswaram to spend the summer vacations. And, what about us as the guide? We hope you liked our explanation as well (wink).

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