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  • Popular Places To Celebrate Christmas In India

    Popular Places To Celebrate Christmas In India

    With the onset of winters, there comes the joy of celebrating Christmas. It is the time when Santa Claus comes to the town and people everywhere get engaged in the preparations for Christmas. The schools and educational institutes start preparing skits and practice choirs for singing carols while the workplaces are decorated resplendently. Christmas is celebrated differently in India as various colors of celebration are seen. Some places witness the traditional way of celebrating Xmas while some follow a blend of Indo-western culture. There are many places in the country where the festival of holy birth of Jesus is celebrated. Take a look.

  • Christmas in Chennai

    Chennai is the most popular place to visit in this Christmas

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    Chennai is another home to many churches in India and celebrates Christmas in a very decent manner. The day begins with special prayers followed by carols and gifts distribution. By the time when curtain of evening falls, there are musical events and small scale parties that are organized by some malls and churches in the city.

  • Christmas in Bangalore

    Bangalore is one of the amazing place to visit in Christmas

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    The I.T hub of India is not lagging behind in celebrating Xmas. The city celebrates Christmas with delight and gets loaded with tons of events in malls and clubs like DJ nights, Christmas parties, band concerts, cake baking competition and other activities for everyone to enjoy a blissful Christmas.

  • Christmas in New Delhi

    New Delhi is the popular place to visit in Christmas

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    Never forget Delhi because it embraces each festival affectionately. The charm of Christmas is worth witnessing in the capital city of India. All are drown in the celebrations in some or the other way. There are midnight masses that are organized by churches like Sacred Heart Church to celebrate the festival in a traditional way.

  • Christmas in Kolkata

    Enjoy one of the largest dedicated Christmas carnivals in Kolkata

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    Though Christmas is not a part of Bengali culture, still it is celebrated with a great pleasure. The streets are decorated and look like a present as the crowds can be seen wearing the Santa caps. The midnight mass at St. Pauls Cathedral and Christmas celebrations in Park Street parties are prime attractions during Christmas season in Kolkata.

  • Christmas in Mizoram

    Mizoram is one of the biggest Christmas celebrations place in India

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    Christmas in a major festival that is celebrated in Mizoram. The celebration and events start a week prior to Christmas. 25th December is dedicated to church services followed by evening feasts organized by churches. It is a tradition to share the merry with underprivileged and many locals visit orphanages, old age homes, animal shelters etc. on Xmas.

  • Christmas in Mumbai

    Mumbai is the amazing place to celebrate Christmas in India

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    What can be more soothing than celebrating a vivacious Christmas in Mumbai? It is among the places where warmth of Xmas can be greatly felt. The city shines like a necklace during night with illumination. The people gather for prayers and celebration include mock-tails, cakes and jive dances organized by locals.

  • Christmas in Daman and Diu

    Daman and Diu is one of the most popular place to visit in Christmas

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    Christmas in Daman & Diu is celebrated with euphoria. Having its ancient connection with Portuguese culture, a blend of Indo-Portuguese culture is seen here during Xmas celebrations. All the churches are ornamented beautifully with lights and organize the cultural Portuguese dance Corridinho. Everyone participates enthusiastically and lives the festival to its fullest.

  • Christmas brings bliss along with it. It is a period of merry making and spending a good quality time with nears and dears. All the churches look spectacular as they are decorated with elegance. The devotees and people offer their prayers on this auspicious day and then celebrate it. Majorly, the celebrations include dances, sumptuous delicacies, presents and a lot of enthusiasm. Different places have their own style of celebrating and that lures other people. So get ready and take a vacation tour to the places you read about, after all, youve been good all round the year. HO HO HO.

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