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  • Camp Away In The Hills of Dharamshala And Make A Unforgettable Memory

    By: Palak Jain | In: Top Hill Station Destination | Last Updated: 2021-03-06

    Camp Away In The Hills of Dharamshala

    Who does go love going out on adventurous trips and surround themselves in the lap of beautiful nature? Dharamshala, as they say, is a picture-perfect place that is very efficient in offering you a peaceful getaway from your humdrum and monotonous lives.

    Dharamshala is the most popular as the holy residence of the Dalai Lama as well as the Tibetan Monks in exile. The place is booming with the rich Tibetan Culture and t is arguably the best place to learn and practice Buddhism. The city among the hills is beautifully adorned by the Deodar Cedar Trees. The mountains are like a cradle of lush green beauty and are a perfect attraction for enthusiasts and tourists throughout the year. All of this makes camping in Dharmashala an excellent idea. Thus if you are thinking of going off to Dharamshala for an exciting trip, TourTravelWorld will help you with the finest Dharamshala holiday package.

  • Here are some of the most popular sites for camps in Dharamshala

    Jungles of Dharamshala - Lose Yourself To The Jungles Of Dharamshala
    Off-road Camping - Time To Do Some Off-Roading
    Summer Camp in Dharamshala - Training Camp For Kids And Teenagers
    Kareri Lake Camps - Time To Get Adventurous
    Riverside Camping - Flow With The Beauty Of The Mountains Alongside The River
    Effusion Camping - When Camping Site Meets Luxury
    Hill Ventures - An amazing place for camping in Dharamshala

  • Camp Lungta Dharamshala

    Camp Lungta Dharamshala

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    Camp Lungta Dharamshala is one of the most popular camping sites as it offers the most luxury to all its visitors. The camping site is located at a very easily accessible location, at the foothills of the Dhauladars Camp, Lungta. The camping site offers all the facilities to its visitors including Swiss-Cottage tents added with private verandahs, restrooms attached to the cottages along with professionals for all the required services. It also offers various fun outdoor activities. But, most importantly, you can plan your special occasions like parties, weddings, or some other gatherings right here. Moreover, guided tours to the nearby places are also offered by the staff.

    Location: The camping site is located along Khanyara Road which is about 15km away from the airport.

    Facilities Available: The Camps offer facilities like 24*7 CCTV surveillance, completely fenced site for camping. You can make party arrangements as you want it.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 2000 per night and Camp Lungta Dharamshala is rated at 4.0. TourTravelWorld offers the most outstanding deals for an amazing getaway.

  • Jungles Of Dharamshala

    Jungles Of Dharamshala

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    The Jungles of Dharamshala offer a great spot for camping, especially for camping enthusiasts. The Dharamshala Jungle Camping is located deep inside the jungle, about 1.3km away from the main road and the site can only be reached by hiking from the road. With that, the adventures for your camping trip begin. The camping site offers various options that can efficiently meet all the specific needs of the tourists. This camping site makes up to be the most ideal one for families as it offers nature walks, several indoor as well as outdoor games, and so on.

    Location: It is located at a distance of 3km from ISBT Dharamshala.

    Facilities Available: Electricity with operational electrical appliances along with proper toilet facilities.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 1300 per night and it is rated at 5.0.

  • Off-Road Camping

    Off-Road Camping

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    Located about 1.5km away from the Dalai Lama Temple, you can experience off-road camping to its most real. If you want to do Summer Camp in Dharamshala, you can very easily opt for the amazing Camp Off-road. It offers the visitors a perfect blend of real forest life and modern amenities. The services offered by this camping site are extremely customer-friendly and are among the only few places which offer free parking to visitors.

    Location: Located near the Indunaag Temple, Dharamshala.

    Facilities Available: The most important of all, you get private parking. You can choose the kind of tent you want including Swiss tents, Alpine tents and you can even enjoy parties under the Moonlight.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 1492 per night and Camp Off-road is rated at 5.0.

  • Summer Camp In Dharamshala

    Summer Camp In Dharamshala

    The Summer camp in Dharamshala is the best camp for teenagers and kids between the age of twelve to fourteen. The camping trip lasts for about 8-9 days and it is the most trustworthy camping option to help kids grow and learn and improve new life skills. Camping here is filled with numerous activities like rock climbing outdoor survival which are not only adventurous but also help the kids evolve.

    Location: The Summer Camp is located at Nohal Tou, Dharamshala.

    Facilities Available: Trekking, free meals, free transport facilities, and camp outings.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 21,502 per child and the Camp is rated at 4.0.

  • Kareri Lake Camps

    If you wish to reside amidst the beauty of nature and extremely peaceful and relaxing ambiance, TourTravelWorld can offer you the finest experience via Kareri Lake Camps. Located near the DhaulaDhar Ranges, you can witness an outstanding view while resting in your comfortable dome tent. This ambiance will offer you a holiday worth remembering for life.

    Location: Located about 20km away from Dharamshala in a remote village of Kareri.

    Facilities Available: Doctor On Call, Caretakers, Electricity, Outdoor Sports.

    Prices: The cost of staying over her is about INR 2200.

  • Riverside Camping

    Riverside Camping

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    The Mounty 1095 Riverside Camping offers excellent sites for camping in Dharamshala along the riverside. They offer the most beautiful scenery in all of Dharmashala and trekking through the hills offers a blissful experience. The trek is conducted via Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, and the Kangra valley and it provides you with a stunning view of the Shivaliks as well as the Punjab plains. You can reside amidst the serenity, calm, and peace of nature in your tent along with the food offered here. Moreover, the campsite can be accessed very easily and the campers can experience the touch of nature up close and in person. Luxury, adventure, and serenity meet at Riverside Camping and TourTravelWorld ensures that you become a part of it.

    Location: Located along NH503, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

    Facilities Available: Free meals, Guides, Sleeping Bags.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 1300 per adult and the rating is about 4.0.

  • Effusion Camping

    Effusion Camping

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    Out of all the camping options, the Effusion Camping Site is an amazing option if you are in search of a luxurious site. With all the modern facilities like private parking, internet access through wifi, this site also offers the visitors a beautiful garden and takes the concept of camping to a whole new level. With modern amenities fused with the adventures of camping, the campsite is an excellent choice for all camping enthusiasts.

    Location: Located at Mat Mahrehar, The Dharmashala, Kangra.

    Facilities Available: Everything starting from CCTV surveillance, doctor on call, paid pickup and drops, free wifi, outstanding continental meals.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 1499 and the rating is about 4.8.

  • Hill Ventures

    Hill Ventures

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    If you want to have a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, Hill Ventures is an amazing place for you to go camping in Dharmashala. This camping site is spread over a wide array and it promises to offer you a vacation that will stay in your mind forever. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in the extreme beauty of the mountains, but you can also take part in some amazing adventurous activities. The stay at this site lasts for two days and one night and it offers you numerous tents for campers. Moreover, the well-lit campfires, music, and local food make the whole experience worthwhile. Moreover, the tents come well-equipped and good maintenance is done to them as well and with TourTravelWorld, you simply get the finest tour packages for Dharamshala.

    Location: Hill Ventures is located in a Salig which is near Tang Narwana, Dharamshala.

    Facilities Available: Tours conducted privately with tour guides, Tents are well-equipped, outstanding local meals.

    Prices And Rating: The cost for staying over her is about INR 1625 per adult and the rating is 4.0.

  • The place is so beautiful; you would end up feeling you are part of some movie scene. This surreal place calls for all the adventure lovers for a time out of their busy schedules and simply loses them in the serenity of nature.

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