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  • Something More About Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

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    Something More About Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

    Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary- This is a popular name that a majority of the people has heard. It is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary that is entrenched on the outskirts of the capital city of India. The sanctuary is the residence to the exotic species of the fauna that includes feline predators like the panther, blackbuck, endangered black-nape hare, monkey, Brahmani eagle, hawk, a variety of the reptiles like the python and cobra, butterflies, and different fishes as well. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is visited by the tourists on a large scale.

    This alluring sanctuary is run and managed by the collaboration of Conservation Education Centre (CEC) and Natural History Society of Mumbai (NHS). These 2 organizations help the visitors by providing them with the necessary information related to the sanctuary. Heres a small pile of some more interesting and useful information about Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • The Best Time To Visit

    October to March is best time to visit Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

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    There is a specific period when the furry residents of the sanctuary welcome the new members in their families. This period runs between the months of October and March. The different species like the panther, monkey, wild cat, blackbuck etc. give birth to the young ones that make it the best time to visit the sanctuary. During the scorching summers, the wild animals cannot be spotted easily as the temperatures shoot up.

    The gates of the sanctuary are opened for the visitors from 7 AM in the morning during the summers and are closed at 8 PM. These timings are applicable throughout the summer season whereas they are shifted during the winters. The timings to visit the sanctuary during the winter season are from 8 AM to 6 PM.

  • The Entry Fee

    While a number of sanctuaries charge a minimal amount from their visitors, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary does not charge its visitors. This means an absolutely free entry for all! All the age-groups can enter the premises of the sanctuary without spending any money. However, if you are carrying the video-cameras then you might be charged with a minimal amount of fee.

  • The Attractions Of The Sanctuary

    Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous wildlife snew anctuary

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    Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is the home to a variety of the wild animals. If a person gets to know more about the specific animal then visiting the sanctuary becomes successful. The CEC organizes nature walks known as The Nature Trail that serves the goal to provide the visitors with the precise knowledge about the natural habitat of the wild animals. It also allows the visitors to know about the breeding season of the wild creatures.

    A special screening of the documentaries based on wildlife is also conducted for the young visitors of the sanctuary.
    The endangered species of the Nilgai and the blackbuck are also sheltered in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • How To Reach

    If you wish to visit Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary then it can be done without any hassle. The sanctuary is located in the region of Tughlakabad. It has a well-established network of the metro. One can board the metro train from their nearest metro station and de-board at Tughlakabad metro station (violet line). Also, different buses also ply to the route of Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Visiting the wildlife sanctuaries mean complete fun. An individual gets to know more about the lifestyle of the wild animals. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is such a place where one can see the exuberant animals, birds as well as the reptiles in a large number. This sanctuary is a right place to spend the one-day itinerary amid the beasts.

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