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  • The Compelling Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

    By: Admin | In: Travel | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    The Compelling Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

    And when the aircraft entered the danger zone, it was the final flight because it was never seen again. Even its debris was never discovered.

    Such breaking news sends a chill down the spine when the world heard about the frequent similar cases that happened in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle, also known by the name of Devils Triangle, is the greatest unsolved mystery till date. It is a region of the massive Atlantic Ocean that lies between Florida, Bermuda Island, and, Puerto Rico. Initially, it was seen as a regular sea route and a fly zone, but slowly, frequent and unbelievable accidents began happening. The ships and aircraft lost communication and disappeared. At first, it was considered as an unfortunate accident but this continued further.

    Today, this triangular route is an unsolved mystery. Many scientists and meteorologists have stated that it is just the natural phenomenon that involves oceanic pressure and storms, but that doesnt justify or decode the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

  • The Discovery of The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

    Bermuda Triangle is one the biggest mysterious triangle

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    According to the sources, the first individual that survived and reported about the Bermuda Triangle was none other than the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus. His documents reveal the information what he saw while passing through the Bermuda Triangle. He compiled information that stated about his experience of horror. He wrote that his ship floated as the waters stood still under. All of a sudden, the violent storms and roaring waves emanated and bashed his ship. Columbus also mentioned the failure of his compass as its dial kept rotating under the huge ball of fire in the sky, which wasnt the sun.

  • Bermuda Triangle: You Shall Not Pass

    The Bermuda Triangle was a normal route from where many ships and airplanes passed. The flights and ships from Florida to Bermuda Island covered different journeys, but, the unusual phenomenon that exists in that area has transformed it into a no-fly zone. Numerous aircraft have been disappeared mysteriously. Also, sailing of the ships through the Bermuda Triangle has been stopped as a substantial number of ships sank as well. Thus, for avoiding any kind of mishap, the ships stopped sailing through this haunted route.

  • The Theories- Believe It Or Not!

    The unsolved mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated the scientists as well as meteorologists. After doing the consistent research extensively, they have come up with the possible reason that decodes its mystery.

    The Presence of The Methane Gas

    The scientists claim that the prime reason for accidents is the presence of the methane gas beneath the waters of Bermuda Triangle. Since the methane hydrates are present in profusion, they collide with each other and produce a monstrous force. This force is strong enough to gulp down a huge ship and drag down the speeding airplanes.

    Bombarding Hexagonal Clouds

    According to NASA, the unusual hexagonal clouds are the baddies that are responsible for causing accidents. It is said that these are cyclonic clouds and span a wider area and create air-bombs. The air-bomb produced by these clouds have a potential to knock down huge aircraft easily.

    On the other hand, some other theories that have also gathered the global attention like:-
    Invasion of aliens in the Bermuda Triangle
    Presence of a sea monster as some images went viral globally
    Formation of the electronic fog that swallows everything
    Time travel tunnel

  • Some Famous Accidents At The Bermuda Triangle

    Famous accidents at the Bermuda Triangle

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    In todays scenario, the Bermuda Triangle means death. Anyone that went closer to this area never returned back. The history has witnessed numerous accidents and heres a look at some unfortunate but popular accidents.

    The USS Cyclops Ship- The USS Cyclops Ship (USA) vanished mysteriously when the captain turned towards the Bermuda Triangle to cut the route short. The ship was carrying 700 soldiers and all of them died. This is claimed as the biggest lost in the history of US Navy.
    UFO Sightings- People claim that it might be the aliens that are behind the disappearance of aircraft.

    Bomber Torpedos of USA- In the year 1945, The United States sent 5 bomber torpedos under the name of Flight-19. Tragically, all 5 torpedos disappeared mysteriously. A search operation was launched and 2 rescue planes were sent. Unfortunately, no of them returned.
    TK-183- The Turkish flight TK- 183 received a close shave after the control room suspected some technical glitches in the plane when it was flying over the Bermuda Triangle.

  • The Time Travel Tunnel

    A pilot named Bruce Gernon claimed that he has been through that electronic fog over the Bermuda Triangle. He mentioned that his aircraft was captured in a mysterious fog and he wasnt able to communicate for 28 minutes. After escaping from the fog, he found himself flying near the Miami Beach! His claim stunned the world.

  • Whether you believe it or not, but the fact is true that the unsolved mystery of the Bermuda Triangle cannot be ignored. Till date, it has swallowed many lives and no debris had been discovered of any ship that sinks or an aircraft that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle.

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