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  • The Famous Street Foods of Hyderabad

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    The Famous Street Foods of Hyderabad

    The cultured city of Hyderabad, which was once ruled by Nizams, still has that traditional essence in its food. The twin city, affluent in cultural heritage, still holds that ancient charm in its architecture and cuisine. Known for its splendour, affluence, and flavours of the Mughal and Nawabi gastronomies, Hyderabad also fosters customary South-Indian preparations.

    With sprawling cafes, malls and eateries, Hyderabad is a street foodies' paradise! The most famous Hyderabadi Biryani with its elaborate method of preparation has become synonymous with the city's cuisine that in fact has much more to offer. Other than providing a great gastronomical experience for spicy food lovers, the twin city houses an assortment of famous desserts such as Double Ka Meetha, Kheer, Falooda, and much more. Mellowing! So pals, loosen your belly, as we shall aboard to a mouthwatering journey of some famous Hyderabad street foods!

  • Hyderabadi Biriyani

    Hyderabadi Biriyani

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    Can ever a discussion about Biryani be completed without mentioning the honoured Hyderabadi Biryani? The most clichd Hyderabadi dish can be found at every corner of the city. This aromatic main course delight can treat your taste buds well! The elaborated preparation of this world famous delicacy is cooked with either mutton or chicken. Loaded with herbs and spices, this delicacy is extremely zestful.

  • Hyderabadi Haleem

    Hyderabadi Haleem is well famous dish of Hyderabad

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    This simple unctuous and nutritious Arabic dish, made from wheat, lentils and mutton is evolved as Hyderabadi Haleem by adding some traditional spices to it. It is generally cooked for long on a low flame. The stew can be commonly seen being sold by the vendors on Hyderabad's streets during the month of Ramadan. Cooked in a copper pot over the firewood, this aromatic main course delight coupled with naan (Indian bread) can never disappoint your taste buds.

  • Phirni

    Phirni is one of the most famous street food of Hyderabad

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    No matter how much you eat in the main course there is always a place for the desert in your heartahem ahem, I mean stomach! This delectable dessert is yet another Ramadan speciality that is one of the most famous street food of Hyderabad. Fragrant with rose essence and flavoured with cardamom, this milk and rice based Indian dessert is served in earthen bowls.

  • Boti Kebab

    Boti Kebab is one of the famous hyderabadi dish

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    Melting in your mouth, this grilled lamb that is intensely infused with garden-fresh herbs is sure to taste impeccable! Just the thought of it will make you drool! The smoking steam from the grills of Hyderabad streets will lure you to satiate your taste buds! So, don't skip to relish this exotic dish on your visit to Hyderabad.

  • Qubani Ka Meetha

    Qubani Ka Meetha is a traditional Hyderabadi sweet

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    A must in the wedding menus of Hyderabad, Qubani Ka Meetha is a traditional Hyderabadi sweet treat with dried apricots as the main ingredient. It is prepared as a thick Compote. Coupled with ice cream or just garnished with thick Malai (cream), this is again an authentic Hyderabadi dessert and a must try. I know you are feeling water in your mouth! Right?

  • Mirchi Ka Salan

    Mirchi ka Salan is one of the famous food in hyderabadi

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    A side dish served with Hyderabadi Biryani, the piquant taste of Mirchi ka Salan is sure to give the kick you so badly hanker for! The coconut paste that is added for a unique, refreshing flavour gives a balance to the curry. A delight for the spice lover, Mirchi ka Salan is will surely dribble your nose this time!

  • Hyderabadi Chicken 65

    Hyderabadi Chicken 65 is well famous chicken in Hyderabadi

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    Forget about your waistline if you want to try out this all-time favourite, spicy deep-fried starter. One of the classics of the cuisines of Hyderabad, the Hyderabadi Chicken 65 deserves a special mention, while talking about Hyderabad street food. A perfect start for a three-course-meal, the flavours of ginger, garlic, and chillies will surely set your mouth on fire. So, peeps appease your hunger of spicy food by gorging this scrumptious delicacy.

  • Pesarattu Dosa

    Pesarattu Dosa is one of the famous foods in Hyderabad

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    The name is literal if you know what Pesara and Attu mean! Attu means dosa (crepe) and Pesara means moong dal (green lentils), in Telugu. This one is endeared profusely by the locals and the tourists. Mainly served at the breakfast table, this crisp and nutritious dosa is mostly paired with a tangy ginger chutney. So, kick start your mornings with this healthy breakfast dish!

  • Lukhmi

    Lukhmi is one of the well known Hyderabadi food

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    Try this typical minced meat savoury that will perk up your hunger instantly. The oddly shaped flat patty prepared from the dough of yoghurt and flour stuffed with minced meat is a hot selling street food in Hyderabad. You will find this delicacy in every Hyderabadi wedding and prominent events. On your visit to the city of Nizams, don't forget to try out this appetizing culinary for a mellowing experience.

  • Double Ka Meetha

    Double Ka Meetha is one of the famous dish of Hyderabad

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    A hassle-free sweet prepared with the bread doused in saffron flavoured milk and baked perfect, Double ka Meetha is a treat for those having a compulsive sweet tooth. It is a derivation of double roti', which is an informal term for milk bread that also resembles Shahi Tukda in texture. I know you are already craving for this sinful indulgence!

  • Murgh do Pyaza

    Murgh do Pyaza is well known foods in Hyderabad

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    With an abundant amount of onion, this chicken recipe with the dual taste of sweet and spicy will itself drive you hungry. The thick curry of this savoury has a rich flavour of tomato and spices. Coupled with naan or roti (Indian bread), just a bite of this scrumptious recipe will give a blissful experience to your taste buds!

  • Keema Samosa

    Keema Samosa is one of the famous dish in Hyderabad

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    Bored of the same old potato stuffed Samosas? Try the famous monsoon delicacy that needs no elaborate description, as the name suggests for itself keema samosa'. Prepared with the minced meat and spices, I bet you will be short of any diet excuse to try these tempting samosas! On a rainy day, just grab a serving of Keema Samosa and relish it with a hot cup of Irani Chai. Wow, simply a treat to the soul!

  • Gosht Pasinde

    Gosht Pasinde is one of the most delectable foods in Hyderabad

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    Monday Blues? Don't worry; the thought of Gosht Pasinde stored in your refrigerator will cheer you up! Laden with the aroma and flavours of an array of spices, this classic Hyderabadi traditional mutton dish is prepared with shallow fried vegetables, mainly potatoes and French beans. Paired with Tandoori roti will definitely make it a complete meal. This exotic dish is one of the most delectable foods in Hyderabad.

  • Irani Chai

    Irani Chai is most famous tea in Hyderabad

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    After reading so much about the Hyderabad street foods, what could be more refreshing than a cuppa' Irani Chai! The Persians introduced this concoction of milk and tea leaves with a thick layer of cream. The taste of the famous Osmani biscuits doubles when dunked in the Irani Chai! Sitting in a caf of Hyderabad and savouring this aromatic Irani Chai can set any mood right!

  • As the taste of these Hyderabadi street foods is impeccable, so are their pocket-friendly prices! I bet you, these delicious preparations are sure to give you foodgasm!

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