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  • The Popular Festivals of Kerala

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    The Popular Festivals of Kerala

    The festive season in Kerala is truly a delightful period. The ambiance of the place gets filled with enthusiasm and joy. People live the festive day to the fullest and exchange gifts. All in all, such special moments cannot be described, they can just be lived.
    The state of Kerala is a complete package of fun. Right from the calm backwaters & coconut groves to the ancient shrines, one can witness different things there. It is a major reason that makes Kerala stand amid the top holiday destinations in South India.
    But Kerala is not about the romantic landscapes and the Ayurveda massage. There is more in the soil of this state that is amazing. It is none other than the celebration of the different festivals in a unique style. Whether it is the New Year or a harvest festival, the Keralites have a winsome way of celebrating it. What is unique about the most famous festivals in Kerala, read on to find out.

  • Onam

    Onam is one of the biggest harvest festivals of kerala

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    Onam is Kerala's biggest harvest festival. Celebrated extensively across the state, the people observe it with a great zest. It continues for ten days and throughout this period, the homes are bedecked beautifully with flowers. The celebrations also include the musical performances, dance, and other games. The celebration of Onam is a grand carnival and if you are in Kerala during this period, your trip can surely become memorable.

  • Makaravilakku Festival

    Makaravilakku Festival

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    Makaravilakku Festival is the Makar Sankranti of Kerala that falls on the same day it is observed in the whole of North India. It is a sacred fest that is observed all over Kerala, especially in the Sabarimala Hills. It is said that Lord Ayyappan appears in the form of a divine light to give darshan to his devotees. However, this myth was debunked previously as the light was nothing else but the rituals practiced by the forest tribals.

  • Christmas

    Christmas celebrated enthusiastically all across kerala

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    Christmas is the day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the prime religious figurine in Christianity. Each year, this festival falls on 25th December and is celebrated enthusiastically all across Kerala. On this day, the churches organize feasts for all and mass prayers are organized. Throughout the day, people visit the church and kneel before the Lord. They also adorn their houses by installing Christmas tree and presenting gifts to the children and the needy.

  • Attukal Pongala

    Attukal Pongal is one among the famous festivals of Kerala

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    Attukal Pongal is one among the famous festivals in Kerala. It is celebrated only by the women of Kerala in the capital city of Trivandrum. Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is the place where the womenfolk gathers and prepares Kheer that is offered to the Goddess Attukal Bhagavathy. This festival runs for the 10 days and this duration is indeed a jovial period.

  • Theyyam Festival

    Theyyam is a famous dance festival of Kerala

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    More than 800-years-old, Theyyam is a famous dance festival of Kerala. It is the most-awaited fest in the year after Onam because of its grandness. The people participate in it with a great zeal as it offers over 400 types of dances. The dancers gear up with shimmering attires and perform the traditional Theyyam in front of the main village shrine.

  • Thiruvathira

    Thiruvathira is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva, It has a huge significance in Kerala

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    Thiruvathira is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has a huge significance in Kerala. According to the legends, this festival marks the birthday of Lord Shiva. The people abstain from the rice-based dishes on this day and consume a miscellany of vegetables. It is one of the main festivals of Kerala and a special dance Thiruvathira is performed by the women. Calling it as the Kerala's Karva Chauth won't be wrong.

  • Thrissur Pooram

    Thrissur Pooram is a grand festival of Kerala

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    Defining vibrancy, Thrissur Pooram is a grand festival celebrated in "God's Own Country" Kerala. It is celebrated usually in the month of April/May. The 2 traditional groups namely Pramekkavu' and Thirumbavadi' demonstrate their grandiose through their ornamented elephants. The people gather on a large number to participate in the intriguing celebrations of Thrissur Pooram. The sight of elephants adorned with blingy attires is truly stunning.

  • Vishu

    Vishu is one of the popular festival of kerala

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    Vishu is an important festival that marks the beginning of the Malayali New Year. The first day of the Malayali New Year, known as Vishu, commences with the worship of Lord Vishnu. The special New Year aartis are conducted in all the temples. Vishukaineetam is a custom observed here where the elders give some coins or notes to the children, workers, and servants for their good luck.

  • And here is the final full-stop. You read about some of the main festivals that are celebrated all across Kerala with a great zeal. Undoubtedly, "God's Own Country" is an intriguing holiday destination in South India and the enjoyment doubles up during the festive season. Try planning a vacation during the festive season and witness the colorful side of Kerala.

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