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  • The Unforgettable Croatia!

    The Unforgettable Croatia!

    "A gourmets paradise, and the probably the finest destination to quench the thirst of a nature lover"

    The sight of them sapphire water springs running through the mid of the prepossessing ancient walled streets is what lures a myriad of visitors every year into the magical embrace of "Croatia". Been underrated from a series of decades, Croatia is slowly marking its territory as one of the Europes fastest growing tourist spot. From the gushing scenic beauty to its summertime sun, incredible bitters, colonial architecture, plush beaches, and luscious food, there isnt an end to the list if I go ahead mentioning the reason why one should visit Croatia, but when you visit there, make sure that you step on the best as you stroll in style through the strange land.

    What Follows are few tips that would definitely make your coming trip to Croatia, an affair to remember!

  • Weather In Croatia

    You find the climate you wish to experience in Croatia if you pick the place you are visiting judiciously. Croatia offers its visitors three different kinds of climate. One may find Mediterranean climate along the coast, continental in the interior while cold above 1200 m. The average temperature during summers remains to be 22oc while the average winter temperature in the country ranges from 5oC- 10oC.

  • Currency Case

    The country falls under the Europe union, but it doesnt use the euro as its currency. In fact, the country has its own currency "Kuna". As per the current rates, the value of One Croatian Kuna equals "0.15 USD". One can even pay his/her bills in euros; however, the exchange you will get will be in Kuna.

  • Oh! The sumptuous food

    We are watching Croatian wines and olive oil garnering fame over the world stage. Croatia holds a rich culinary history that even decades of an oppressive communist rule could not erode. The country blessed with the finest ingredients from land and sea would surely present you with an absolutely lip-smacking food experience, but breaking the initial reserve and getting invited to a true Croatians house would give you an insight into their unforgettable hospitality.

  • Stroll Like A Localite

    Move your gaze to the lush green mountains that surround the country (only if you could take time out from admiring the splendor of the glittering waters all around). While exploring the country, dont just follow the masses. The country treasures a wonderland filled with river canyons, rocky peaks, underground caves, dramatic waterfalls and picturesque scenic beauty and lakes. If you are an adventure freak, move to further inland and you may also find rocky biking and hike trails.

  • What To Shop?

    Croatia isnt one of the top places that come to your head while thinking of shopping, but there are many things for which Croatia is perhaps the best. Croatian artisan olive oil is considered to be the best in the whole world. Also, you may also look out for the Croatian design stores to get a souvenir or a memento for the relatives waiting for your arrival at home.

    As I made my way to my home, I realized that I and other visitors that have visited Croatia Tour shared the similar sentiment while leaving. Theres something about the country that keeps you asking for more and refuses to let go

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